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A bright future

For the lovers ensnared.

Seras slowly roused from her sleep, feeling too comfortable to want to move. Cracking an eye, she saw the last rays of the setting sun shine behind the window's heavy curtain. Her mouth opened in a yawn, when a confusing thought suddenly came to her. Her room had no such window, nor did she ever remember waking to something lying on her hip. Cautiously turning her head, she looked at what was holding her. A gloved hand lay over her hip, with another wrapped under her. She swung her head up, only to meet with the amused face of Alucard.

Then Seras realized she wasn't lying in her bed, nor even in her own room. This was her master's bedroom, and her body was being held tightly to his chest. With a faint blush rising to her face, she vainly struggled to be free of his grasp.

"Uncomfortable, Seras?" Alucard whispered in her ear, making the blond freeze in her attempts to escape.

Seras' blush deepened as she felt his breath on the back of her neck, but she made no more attempts to free herself. Alucard's hands began tracing small circles on her hips, which she suddenly noticed were without damage.

"You've learned to regenerate your clothing" he said, noticing her puzzled expression. "You entertained me quite well last night" her master spoke, nuzzling her hair. "Perhaps I shall reward you later." Seras quietly whimpered as she felt him move away from her, making Alucard chuckle. "But before we depart to Romania, there are a few people for us to see."

Alucard disappeared as Seras rose from the bed. Probably to arrange for a boat she supposed, preparing the coffin beside the bed for their journey. Her master returned within an hour, a mysteriously pleased grin on his face. Not wishing to pry, and knowing well he would answer only in his own time, she didn't ask the reason for his amusement. And with their transportation taken care of and their coffin sent to the boat, Alucard and Seras traveled to the Hellsing mansion.

"Enrico Maxwell, supposed dead after the fall of Iscariot" Integra said, a cigar nestled between her fingers. The two vampires now stood before the leader of Hellsing, with Seras making her report. After all, the young vampire had been a member of a Hellsing squad, if only for a short period. Though the report was a revised version of the truth, at Alucard's insistence.

"Who better to produce a vampiric chip?" Walter said, nodding his head. "The Vatican had extensive knowledge of vampires, and had even created half vampires with the establishment of the regenerators."

"By the way, has either of you seen Commander Burns?" Integra suddenly asked, looking to Alucard. "He hasn't shown for duty yet."

"If the report is done, then we bid you farewell, Miss Hellsing" Alucard said, bowing. "Our deal with Hellsing is over." Thus avoiding the question, the master vampire wrapped an arm around Seras and disappeared from the office.

The young fledgling was surprised and happy to see where Alucard had taken her. The couple stood in front of the small mansion of Helena, the doors opening in an inviting way. They entered the small home, finding the child vampire sitting in her customary chair. She greeted her guests, then turned her attention to Seras.

"I see you have grown much since we last met" she said, giving the fledgling vampire a smile.

"Yes, thanks to you and Master Alucard" Seras acknowledged, returning a smile of her own.

Alucard stepped forward, kneeling before the small vampire.

"Another parting, old friend" he said, grinning.

"Then your mission was successful?" she asked. Receiving a nod from both of them, she curtsied. "Then I bid you a good journey and a long life together" Helena spoke, as she watched Alucard rise to his feet.

Alucard bowed and Seras waved a final farewell, as they both disappeared in a dark portal. They appeared on the port docks, watching as the coffin was put aboard the ship. Transporting themselves into the ship, they phased through the tightly wrapped coffin. During the trip, Seras snuggled up to Alucard's chest. This time not because she was cold, but because she wanted to.

After a few days, the vampires arrived at their destination, quickly dropped off by a very nervous delivery company before the walls of the castle. When the cart had driven away, they emerged from the bed. London had its perks, but Seras for one was glad to have returned to her master's home. And the surroundings were as if they'd never left. The castle still stood with its lofty ceilings and cobblestone halls. A little dustier than when they had left the keep, but still in standing condition.

Seras looked up at the sky, watching as birds soared overhead. What freedom they have she thought with joy. But a sudden thought came to her, dampening her spirits. She turned to her master, who had noticed the change in mood.

"Master, is what Maxwell said true? Do I have to kill you in order to be free?" Seras asked, a serious tone to her voice.

Seras watched as Alucard removed his sunglasses. Her master had rarely taken them off since they left the castle, at the very beginning of their adventure.

"My blood, not my life, will set you free, though fledglings have been known to kill their masters as a right of initiation." He suddenly returned her serious expression with one of his own. "I have a question for you, Seras. Why did you return to Romania?" he asked, cupping her chin in his hands. He brought her face up so she was looking into his eyes.

Seras appeared to be pondering her answer. She looked up to the night sky, admiring the brilliant stars. A habit she had acquired from Alucard. There are so many, I could get lost in them she thought. Slowly turning to Alucard, her face seemed to relax.

"I came back in the hopes of finding something I'd lost. I was so peaceful here" she answered, giving Alucard a small smile. "And I couldn't find such a feeling anywhere else."

Pleased with the answer and seeing the sky lighten in the east, Alucard replaced his glasses and guided Seras to the catacombs, eventually coming before the blood-engraved door. The young vampire suddenly remembered the question she'd wanted to ask since her eyes first fell upon the symbol. Catching a hold of her master's sleeve, she pointed to the massive wooden portal.

"Master, what is the blood on the door?"

"Alucard" he said.

"What?" Seras asked, confusion written on her face.

"Call me Alucard" her master answered, smiling.

"Alucard" Seras whispered, liking the way the name slid off her tongue. "But you still haven't answered my question" she said, unperturbed by his distraction.

Alucard silently looked at his child for a moment, then a small smile crept across his face.

"Do you remember in the novel Dracula that van Hellsing was supposed to have destroyed me?"

"Yes" she acknowledged, nodding her head.

"Merely a trick I created" he said, chuckling. "The fools were so relieved to find the eucharist burn gone from Mina's forehead that none bothered with my body any longer. After they'd gone, I managed to drag my battered corpse into my castle and down into the catacombs, where I slept. But unbeknownst to his compatriots, Van Hellsing had returned and discovered my body missing. With the traditional methods of slaying vampires useless against me, he returned to my castle and sealed me in the room where my coffin still lies."

Alucard chuckled, remembering the old man's pointless efforts.

"He must have hoped the spell would last for eternity, but nothing in this world does." Alucard's grin faltered slightly, but Seras squeezed his arm to comfort him. He smiled at his fledgling and continued. "Fortunately, I was able to break the seals after fifty years. Too late to take vengeance on the ones who had tried to destroy me, but I relished my freedom in other ways."

Seras knew he meant the destruction of the Iscariot organization, but a question still nagged at her.

"Was he terrified of you that much, Alucard?" Seras asked curiously.

"Van Hellsing's pride was injured because he could not destroy me" Alucard said with a smirk. "And what better way to hide the reality than to hide the failure? He may have also heard rumors that vampires could have offspring, and feared I would do so."

"Can vampires have children?" Seras asked, her eyes widening in surprise.

Alucard gave her a mischievous grin as he suddenly took her into his arms. He nuzzled her hair affectionately, letting his hands travel to her waist.

"Would you like to find out?" Alucard whispered into Seras' ear, nipping at her.

Seras shivered at his tender touches, his mouth brushing against her neck. Her only response was to shorten the distance between their bodies to a few inches. Reaching up, she removed the dark glasses and looked into her master's ruby red eyes. The same eyes he had given her. Suddenly she was pulled up, their lips meeting in a lustful kiss. Seras opened her mouth to his, allowing their tongues to slide against each other.

"Be gentle, okay" Seras said shyly, pulling back from the kiss. "This is my first time."

Alucard merely smiled, enveloping her lips in another passionate kiss. Pulling his hands free from the gloves, he let the pieces of cloth drop to the ground. Bare skin touched the shimmering sleekness of her hips, as he slid his hands under her short shirt, causing Seras to moan into the kiss. He brushed his hands along her sides, finally resting them on her hips.

Alucard and his new bride lay in each other's arms, enjoying the lasting warmth of their lovemaking. Both could sense the new life growing within Seras' womb, becoming stronger with each passing moment.

The End

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