This was written quite a fw months ago, left stale there. I suppose it is not that detailed, but with future chapters I will try to improve my writing...

Chapter 2

Without even bothering to wait for Elvira's return, Andunë and Legolas had planned to start off on the journey on the next day. Andunë seemed to have lost her curiousity about Elvira, ever since she overheard the truth about her past. She fumbled with her clothes, unsure of what she really was to do, and then started staring at the mess she just made. She sighed, sitting down and calming herself. When Andunë finally DID gather her things, she went to the stables to fetch her horse, Nimrod. Nimrod seemed awake and very ready for an adventure. Andunë stroked Nimrod's cream-coloured body. Nimrod was probably the only living creature that Andunë felt she could trust now.

Andunë let Nimrod out, after feeding her some carrots and hay. Nimrod looked contented, and trotted slowly next to her mistress.

Sitting on a rock, Andunë waited for Legolas below his talan. His horse, Hasufel, was waiting for him beside Andunë as well, his reins tied to the tree trunk.

At long last, Legolas emerged from his talan, swiftly descending the rope ladder. The two siblings set off towards the South, approaching their father. "Be safe on the journey, my children." Thranduil said.

"Hannon le, father." Legolas replied.

"Andunë, you will fo well to learn from your brother." Thranduil continued.

"Yes my lord." Andunë answered absent-mindedly. After realising her mistake, Andunë quickly said, "Yes father!"

After the brief family reunion, they were to officially set off, and a rush of unwillingness swept over Andunë. She had lived in Mirkwood for more than a thousand years till now, and could not bear to leave the place.

Andunë and Legolas mounted their horses, which slowly trotted south of the forest. The birds sang, and little pools of light were playing amongst the trees. Legolas noticed that Andunë was unusually quiet, and an invisible wall seemed to have come between them. But he spoke none of it, for he sensed that Andunë wanted some peace.

The Sun rose even higher in the afternoon, and Andunë and Legolas stopped at a clearing for a rest. They had a drink and some lembas bread, but the silence still haunted them. Legolas was beginning to suspect that Andunë had found out about her true identity, after hearing Andunë address father wrongly. He still did not bring anything up, for he was wary of making a mistake.

They then set off again, at a faster pace, in hopes of reaching the next village by nightfall. During the ride, Legolas finally spoke. "What matter is keeping you so silent?" he asked.

"I have said before, that it is of no concern of yours." Andunë replied, not looking at Legolas.

"What then, would you consider a concern of mine?" Legolas asked.

Andunë made no reply, and carried on riding silently, urging Nimrod to go faster.

"You know about father, do you not?" Legolas' smooth voice boomed. He had gotten rather angry at Andunë for keeping to herself.

"I do not know what you are talking about." Andunë answered, her voice quavering.

"You know what I speak of. Why else had you called father 'my lord'?" Legolas asked.

"It was a slip of my mind!" Andunë cried out. She rode on even faster, to avoid any more questioning.

"Why do you lie to your brother?" Legolas then asked, more gently this time.

"We are not of blood relation." Andunë replied, starting to sob.

"There, you have confessed it." Legolas said. "But you cannot change because of what you call blood ties. I am still a brother to you, am I not?"

Andunë stopped Nimrod, then turned to face Legolas. "I am tired, my brother. Mayhaps we should speak of this matter again when the chance arises."

"Then I shall respect your decision, Andunë." Legolas replied. They then rode on in silence again.

The afternoon was waning, as evening took over, and the blazing sun started to set. Lights of gold played on the treetops as the branches swayed.

"I cannot see the nearest village." Andunë said in a worried tone. "Perhaps we have gone far too east!"

Legolas placed a hand on Andunë's shoulder reassuringly. "We are on track. Do not worry. We will soon reach the village."

But on and on they went, and no sign of a village came into view.

"Are you certain about nearing the village, Legolas?" Andunë asked.

"Yes, it should not be far, but somehow, this is taking a rather long time." Legolas replied.

"We should ride on faster." Andunë said, urging Nimrod to go faster. Legolas followed along. It was hard to travel, being only guided by the light of the stars.

When Andunë thought she was going to fall asleep from the drowsiness, Legolas shook her awake, and gestured for her to look before her.

They had reached the village!