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Saving Private Potter

Chapter 1

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Harry and Ginny were walking around the lake at Hogwarts. It was there last night at Hogwarts before heading home for summer. Harry was in his 7th year, Ginny in her 6th. As they reached the far end of the lake the stopped and sat down on a bench looking across the still waters. The stars were reflecting off of the water as if it were a mirror. They knew that there romance would have to go on hold for a year as Harry would not be going to Hogwarts again next year as he was graduating.

Harry was torn up inside about not seeing the first true love in his life for a year. Except on the holidays when they would see each other at the Borrow. But he had a plan to make tonight really special. He had been thinking about proposing to her for the longest time, and had decided that now was the time to do it.

"Gin," said Harry.

"Yes," said Ginny in a far-off voice.

Harry got down on one knee in front of her.

"Would you...Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

At this Ginny snapped out her dazed look.

"What?" she asked.

"Will you marry me?" asked Harry a little worried that she might say no.

"Oh Harry, I would love to."

Harry pulled out a box with a ring in it and slipped the ring onto her finger.

He then got of the ground, and they kissed. They stood there kissing for what seemed like an eternity never wanting to break apart. They finally did though for lack of air.

"Harry lets go inside," said Ginny

"Fine, love."

They walked hand in hand to the castle. When they reached the doors to the Great Hall Harry broke there comfortable silence.

"I really don't want to go in there yet," he said.

"Then let's go to the common room then."

They walked up to the common room and had to wait for the fat lady to come into the portrait so that they could enter. It was around five minutes later that she finally came around.


"Sassafras," said Harry.

The portrait swung open granting them access to the room. They walked in and looked at each other. They could see the wanting in each others eyes, caused by the deep emotions for each other.

"Harry," said Ginny

"Yes, Gin?"

"Let's go up to your room."

"You sure?"

"Well, we could stay down here, but people will be coming back from dinner soon."

"Touché. Let's go to my room, then."

Neither was really thinking much any more; each just wanting to demonstrate how much they loved the other. They walked up the steps and entered the seventh year boys' dormitory. Ginny went and sat on Harry's bed. He soon joined her, and soon they were locked in a deep passionate kiss. A few minutes later Harry broke the kiss.

"What's wrong?" said Ginny

"Nothing Gin: just giving us some privacy," said Harry, as he pulled out his wand and charmed the curtains so that they wouldn't open.

"Now where were we?"

"You were about to make sweet passionate love to me."

"Are you sure about that?"

"The most positive I have ever been in my life."

They proceeded to make love. (A/N: I see no reason to write a description)

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