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7 Years later.

Harry and Ginny Potter stood on platform 9 ¾ with their two children Christopher Harold Potter 7, and Lilly Elizabeth Potter 5 . They stood there idly talking with each other waiting, along with all the other families for the train to arrive. The oldest Potter child, James was currently attending Hogwarts.

James was in Ravenclaw, and he loved it. He was a rather intelligent young boy for his age. He was top in the second year class, and more surprising then anything about him was that Professor Snape loved to have him in class even though he was a Potter. He kept pushing James to study potions. James seemed to have inherited a natural ability with potions, which was Snape tolerated him in such a manner. James had a few friends in the school, and had been successful in avoiding the lime light of being a Potter by being shy and quite.

Harry after having taken a break from doing work spent most of his time raising the children. Ginny having become an important healer at St. Mungos didn't have the time to be a full time parent. This worked out though because Harry had no intention of going out into the mainstream workforce in the Wizarding world. Because he knew that people would hire him regardless of ability, only because he was the boy who lived. That notion did not appeal to him so he became a writer, under an assumed pen name so that people wouldn't just buy his books because he wrote them.

Harry had already written several books that had become best sellers. One of them was a scientific look at werewolves. Where he looked in the biological life of a werewolf and why they should be treated like normal people. Another book was a comparison of the Muggle world to the Wizarding world and who has made more progress. Then there was his book growing up Muggle, which was about growing up a Muggle then trying to integrate into Wizarding society.

Ginny had become the head of pediatrics in the hospital. She worked long and hard hours and loved it. She had been treating children for allsorts of problems and had even invented a new cure to certain curses. What she loved even more about the job was that she would meet up with a lot of her former class mates in the hospital who had had children. Ginny loved to catch up with them on what they had been doing since graduating Hogwarts, and they wanted to know what living with Harry was like.

Christopher or Chris as everyone called him had been born 9 months after Harry had returned to normal time. Everyone had been excited over it about it, but no one bar Harry and Ginny was more exited then James. James loved his new brother and they worked great together. When his sister Lily had arrived he had been excited again. One would almost think that he was desperate for company except that he had numerous amounts of cousins. Ron and Hermione had four children together. The most resent two being twins. Hermione had threatened Ron that if he ever got her pregnant again she would kill him. Everyone agreed.

Harry would often times find himself thinking about the passing of Albus Dumbledore. The greatest wizard of the day had died from old age, after retiring from Hogwarts. At his funeral everyone noticed that one of his many quotes was on the tome stone. " Death is but the next great adventure." everyone who had ever known Albus alive assumed that Albus would be having one hell of an adventure.

Harry was pulled from his thoughts by a tugging on his pants. He looked down to see his daughter trying to get his attention. "Daddy, the train will be here soon!" she said ever happy to see the red engine. Harry lifted her up onto his hip so that she could see the oncoming train. When the train arrived they quickly located James. Harry put Lily down and took the trunk from James. "How was you year at Hogwarts?" asked Harry.

" You would not believe that the Defense teacher was one of the most….craziest people that I have ever meet." said James. "well how about you tell us at dinner." said Ginny. With that Harry picked up the trunk again and they left the platform to go home together.

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