Me and My Evil Clone

Chapter 5

Turning Of The Clones

The clones had finally got all the fluids out of their head and where now thinking back a bit. They had figured out that the others where them and that Dr. CooKoo was the enemy. They had also remembered that the Dr. was making more of them. Now was their time for action, Todd's kicked down a wall. The wall turned out to be a giant door.

"I believe you are our creator." said Lance's clone as he advanced.

"Stay away from me." said Dr. CooKoo, holding a sword out.

This is where it got really violent. Kurt's took the sword and shoved it into a box that closed the door back up. That left the X-men, B-hood, and Acylots locked out from the Dr. and the clones. All they heard was screaming from the Doctor. After about 20 minutes of standing their in fear the door opened again.

"Oh my god." said Kitty, running to Lance.

"Here." said John's clone, lowering a platform that The three kidnapped humans where on.

Amanda ran over to Kurt, Duncan just hid behind Todd and Kelley hid behind a statue. On the back wall of the lab was the headless corpse of the doctor. Some of the clones had blood on them, they where al crying. They had multiplied from before. Each of them had two and most of them where not that clothed. A few didn't have limbs they should have had, like an arm or a hand.

"Oh my god." was all any of them could say.

"I think we should do something to help them. After all they are us." whispered Lance to Scott.

"I agree." said Scott, as he watched the clones.

The group went over to their clones, that where pretty frightened right now. After sometime, they had managed to get clothes for them and some body parts. The most disturbing thing was putting the parts on. Most of the girls had left the room, some guys as well. In the end Lance, Todd, Wanda, Scott, and Jean where left putting on the body parts.

"Thank you all, but we need to get away from here. We do not wish to bother you any longer, yo." said Todd's clone, they had noticed most of their clones thought like them.

"Your no bother really." said Rogue, as she talked to hers.

"We where not meant to be here. We need to get away from here. From the knowledge I learned from your brain cells, there is a planet in space." said Kurt's.

"Yah. Ohm wait what do we call you all." said Kurt, as he thought about it.

They had decided to give them names. Scott's was named Scooter and Slim, and Jean's where Janet and Jenny. Kurt's had the names Kyle and Klick and Todd's where Tony and Tuck. Wanda's where Wendy and Wilma and Rogue's where Raven and Ren. Bobby's where Brett and Brad and John's where Jack and Jason. Remy's where Rex and Russ and Pitor's where Paul and Pistol and Pietro's where Peter and Prince. Thats some of the names that they had given their clones.

"Well I guess this is good bye." said Scott's as they all jumped on the giant duck.

It was now obvious that Tony and Tuck shared the same fear as Todd. It took a while to convince them to get on the duck. In the end all the clones where on the duck and in a small wooden wagon attached to the duck. Then the clones flew off to outer space to protect planets and such as. They all lived kind of happily ever after.

{The End}

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