Chapter 2: The Man, the Mirror and the Fight

Ryo opened the crisps and picked a few out, stuffing them into his mouth before walking up the T-junction and passing the phone box. He shuffled his bag back up his shoulder and turn left to head up to Yamanose, but before he did he heard a call from behind him...

"Go away!" he heard the female voice say. He heard a deep cackle and foot steps getting closer – and faster. He heard the rhythm of the feet and jumped behind the nearest wall as a teenage girl ran by, followed by two guys - Enoki and his chum! He didn't pay attention to the girl who kept on running, but he jumped from behind the wall and picked up a grey rock from the road.

He looked at his target and clenched his fist. A moving target was not easy to hit with a small stone. But, Ryo threw it with all his might and it seemed like it hit Enoki's head before he had even let go. The thug was writhing on the floor in pain. "We meet again!" grunted Ryo as he picked up Enoki by his collar – he felt a sharp pain eat into his flesh on his right side. His companion had kicked him.

"Ugh," groaned Ryo as he clutched his side. Enoki nodded to his friend and they started to kick Ryo's stomach – brutally beating him to pulp. The girl turned and saw Ryo getting kicked in – it was Nozomi!

She called out to Enoki, "hey, fat idiot!" Enoki stopped and tilted his head like a dog.

"What'cho say?" he cried? He stopped his foot in mid-kick and gave chase again. Nozomi turned on her heels and ran up to Sakura Peak. She reached the fence at the top, but the padlock was locked.

"Oh no!" she whispered. She shook and punched the door as Enoki and his friend walked up to her.

"Hey babe. Wanna go for a party?" he laughed as he clasped her shoulder.

"Get off me!" she cried as she shook free and ran through the gap in between the thugs. She dropped her books half way down the hill and ran round the corner – she noticed Ryo was gone! "No!!" she whailed as she ran on.

Ryo saw her run past Abe's store and sat in wait of the thugs. They rounded the corner and Ryo jumped out from behind the construction site. He charged at Enoki with all his might, elbowing the running enemy in the solar- plexus. He flew through the air and smashed into the tele-phone box. He lay crumped in front of it.

His companion pulled out a night stick and took his stance. Ryo ran at him with a kick to the stomach which missed and followed up with a right hook to the side-stepping fighter – he dodged that too. They engaged each other, dodging the other enemies kicks and punch's until Ryo managed to palm his nose. The younger fighter staggered before Ryo ran at him again. He dodged once more, before trailing his Stick in mid-air, catching Ryo just under the eye. Blood poured from the gash and Ryo fell, clutching his cheek bone.

"AGH!" he cried as the blood dripped down to his mouth. The fighter approached him and put his Night Stick away before pulling his leg back. Ryo grinned. The leg came flying at his face, but Ryo caught it before contact catching him off balance. He swung one leg around, making the foe trip while spinning up with the other which smacked him in the face.

He twirled round and round before hitting the ground face first. Ryo heard the crack of the enemy's nose breaking. "Hmph," nodded Ryo. He gathered his breath and went to collect his bag before grabbing Enoki and realising he was out cold.

"Damn," he said as he went for the smaller guy. He grabbed his coat and made him look into his eyes. "Never do that again – or you'll be like him next time!" he grunted, nodding in Enoki's direction.

"Y-y-yes....Ryo!! Yes!" he cried before Ryo let go of the coat of the mangled face boy. He stood and turned for Abe's store again, going to get some bandages.

On his way out, Nozomi stood at the entrance. She took the pack of plasters from Ryo and opened them, removing a bandage. She carefully removed it's sticky packing at placed it diagonally on Ryo's cut. Ryo smiled.

"Thankyou for saving me Ryo!" she said as she hugged him. Ryo's eyes widened. He did nothing, knowing it was just a "thanks!" hug. He nodded and replied with: "any decent fighter would of done it. It was the right thing to do – no honourable Karate practicioner would have let them hurt a woman."

Nozomi laughed before shaking her head playfully and walking off home. He pocketed the bandages and headed home, through the heavy snow...

Remember, this is just the first part of this chapter! Hope you liked it!!