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Inuyasha: Damn, another Kag/Sess fic, I don't want to read this! Why am I even here?

Sesshomaru: Because I would kill you otherwise, brother.

Inuyasha: Where the hell did you come from?!

Sesshormaru: ... there...

Tigs: There you are Sessy! puts him back into a jar in her pocket

Inuyasha: bwahahhah, you in a jar, caught by a woman no less!

Tigs: Vermin, do not mock what you do not understand. grounds her heels into his back and puts him in a titanium box with no air holes

sweat drops Yes, now on with the story!

Unprepared Twilight

Chapter 1

Kagome leaded against the oak sighing. Her wet black hair glimmered as it hung limply to her shoulder blades. Tonight, she thought, was perfect, the stars blinked in the horizon and petals fell off of the trees around her.

"Now if only Inuyasha would get the right idea of atmosphere..." she said aloud.

"Kagome?" a voice cut in.

"Sango is that you?" she breathed airily.

"Yes, what are you doing, we were worried when you wandered away from the group..."

"I took a bath and I deiced to wait here for my hair to dry," Kagome said shaking her head slightly.

Sango shivered "Aren't you cold? I am, it may be spring but it's still chilly out Kagome. "She looked at the girl tenderly, "Why don't you tell him?"

"Hmm, who what?" Kagome mused, "Well, I..." she blushed considerably pink. "I don't think I should be the one to ask him. He should ask me, he says he has a bond with that other... well... me I guess, so shouldn't I be happy either way he chooses. It's really me I mean..." she whispered watching the clouds roll in.

She is so unhappy, why does she torturer herself? The poor girl, I can't blame her either but Kikyou is evil now she can't love Inuyasha because she lives only to hate him. This time Sango sighed and pick up the disregarded brush and combed Kagome's hair straight. "Lean on me." she ordered.

Complying Kagome leaned back to feel gentle tugs on her hair as Sango combed though it. Affectionately Sango pulled it up into a bun and pinned pieces of it to stick up in a French twist. Kagome filled with pride and respect for her friend as she fixed her hair. I had taught her that style a few weeks ago. Sango was greatly appreciated when they had gone to town with her hair in the same style. The men all turned their heads as she passed, and of course Miroku couldn't resist groping her ass which seem to increase by a threefold. Kagome smiled inwardly at that, even though her friend's protests Kagome could tell that Sango would want to be groped by any other man. Yet, she was also afraid to explain her feelings too. But on that day Miroku had let something slip. He couldn't relax around Sango. Upon noticing that Sango had heard him, Miroku blushed, something highly uncharacteristic for him. Next he began to stutter, Sango couldn't help but smile into his eyes, and sauntered up to him. Placing a hand on the back of his head she kissed him. Kagome laughed slightly aloud, where was her chance to kiss Inuyasha? She had never thought she could love someone so brutal and unkind. Of course he did save her life constantly and every time when he was human he would utter a word of kindness. But did he love her? Kagome, Kikyou... are we the same? Why do I exist without my complete soul? Does he realize he loves a dead doll that feeds on others? Her breathing quickened, and a soft sob escaped her lips, "How can he love him?" she whispered as a lone tear traced her cheek.

Sango looked down to Kagome's face, "Its ok," she murmured, and embraced the girl.

Sesshomaru looked on from the trees. Of course he had seen it all. My brother is an idiot, he complimented him, wait... the word bastard suits him better. Masking his presence from his hanyou brother wasn't a problem. He only had to worry about Kagome, but luckily she was emotionally to worried to keep up any of her guards. All the better, He thought, I can admire her beauty much closer than usual. His mask slipped momentarily as he looked inwardly confused, why does my mind think like this? Of course she isn't ugly but by my standards she is a...a child, no... only a girl. Not a woman... not at all. He gazed at her figure, the miko aura swirled around her in a pink phoenix although currently blue in the center, fading to purple then pink on the very tips. This was Kagome's colors when she became sad or depressed. Sesshomaru could only feel pity for the girl, as he walked off changing into a large white dog. He silently padded away towards the hills that Inuyasha and Kagome were camped near. Tomorrow, he considered, I'll pay my dear brother a visit, I haven't tried to take his sword from him for a while now. His senses then were hit with another wave of sadness from the girl. Sesshomaru instincts took over and he found himself howling into a starry sky.

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Looks at the titanium box as it struggles.