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Unprepared Twilight

Chapter 6

Kagome screamed barely missing the blue lightening singeing the spot where she should have been standing. Well that is, if, Miroku hadn't shoved her off the path.

"Ka..gome" he gasped. It sounded like he had run from camp sensing her danger. Sango followed appearing quickly behind him from the trees. She looked slightly flushed and her clothing was askew.

"Miroku you bastard! Where are you? No why are you going-"she stopped seeing Kagome. Looking further ahead she saw a tall beauty in the forest.

He was a tall demon, slender like a willow swaying in the wind; even so he protrayed emmense power. As if, the bolt he had sent at Kagome wasn't proof enough.

Miroku unleashed his prayer beads "Wind Tunnel!" A deep sonorous laugh reached his ears. Startled Miroku looked into dank emerald orbs.

"Pain," the cerulean haired demon uttered. Miroku looked in horror as his wind tunnel began to enlarge. He hurriedly tried to cover it with his prayer beads. Which didn't stop the spreading.

"What have you done!" cried Miroku.
Kagome looked shocked at the scene, Miroku was rapidly trying to cover his wind tunnel, the prayer beads seeming to have lost their effectiveness.

While the demon stood in the full blast of Miroku's vortex but was not pulled in.

Kagome had always thought of the vortex as something comparable to a black hole she had learned about science class. How could I or possibly anyone else defeat something with such power to deny a black hole of its prey? Kagome gasped when she looked at his aura, it appeared to be a black phoenix, the sapphire locks swayed as it turned and sought her with green eyes.

"Afraid are you." he stated suddenly appearing behind her. Kagome stumbling out of her reverie was shocked at the sudden breath behind her.

"But, you're not as normal as you appear at first glance. In fact your aura is quite tantalizing. So pure" he whispered lips almost touching her ear.

Kagome shuddered, The hell, she thought I don't give a damn I need to do something to help Miroku; I need to get this demon away. Maybe that will break his spell. After she jabbed her elbow behind her, she sped forward into the trees.

The beast gave her a five second start. So I will have some fun tonight, won't I? He had easily read Kagome's eyes, as she turned from despair to determination, and then easily dodged her attack. Yes I think I will humor her, besides her pink aura, how beautiful it will look tainted. Smiling he remembered, there are many ways to taint a soul, death is only one of them. He sent a sharp bolt of blue lightning at Miroku who was now struggling with half an arm while trying to get Sango away.

"Leave Damnit!"

"I can't!" she yelled at him.

"Sango, if you love me, leave me!" he kissed he roughly on the mouth.

"Dam me to hell take my staff and go!" and he shoved her away giving him her staff.

Sango hesitated looking at the staff, I loved him and I'm damned if I would leave him.

She look up, Bastard, he ran while I was off guard, which way did he go?! He can't die on me; I'll kill him myself. That lecherous son of a... Inuyasha! When in the hell did he show up?

Realizing her last thought, needed to be spoken (A/N:I'm annoyed with this sentence but I cant figure how to voice it better)

She yelled, "When in hell, Inuyasha! Where the hell were you?! Comon! We need to find Miroku at once!" She repeated, yelling to his figure up in the trees.

"Woman, where is Kagome?"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHERE IS KAGOME? SHE WAS HERE WITH US WHEN THAT THING ATTACKED. NOW WE NEED TO HELP MIROKU!!" she shouted exasperatedly looked infuriated into the tree, but Inuyasha was gone. Weeping, alone, she headed into the forest after her love.

Sesshomaru was thinking about how wasn't worried he was about Kagome. She's a human. Besides, I want to see this strong aura I have been sensing. He had heard her scream, which, had lead him to find the monk and his woman. The man had run off before this Sesshomaru decided to make his presence known. He was surprised that the woman would mistake him as his half brother. But he did not argue, only listened, and when she had no useful information; he left her weeping to herself.

Sesshomaru followed the trail of fear that Kagome left behind heading deeper into the forest.

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