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Usagi and Mamoru stood on an outlook over the ocean, watching the last golden-red rays of light fade from the sky.

"Do you...love me?" Usagi asked, tentatively. She held her breath, waiting for the answer.


Usagi whipped around and threw herself on him, grasping his arm tightly. "Really?" She gazed up at him, and he looked down at her, meeting her eyes.


Cursing silently, she asked, "Like how?"

Smiling, he asked, "Why so suddenly?"

"Onegai, like how?" Usagi's hold on his arm tightened.

He sighed. "Let's see..." he lowered his eyes, thinking." I feel wonderful when I am with you." He turned his eyes back to her.

Her face darkened and went into a dreadful look as she sighed.

With the moon in the background, Mamoru turned Usagi to him, going to kiss her, though she stopped him puzzling Mamoru.

"Why have you stopped me?" Mamoru asked.

"Mamoru I want you to know I loved you with all my heart but now I gave it to someone else" she said pulling out her brooch.

"Usa-ko what are you doing?" he said as a tear began to fall down her delicate face.

"Gomen-nasai Mamoru, MOON ETERNAL MAKE-UP!" she yelled, a bright light flashed and she was suddenly enveloped in feathers.

When she was done transforming a portal suddenly appeared. Mamoru still in shock just stared at Usagi. "Always remember that I will love you as a friend" she said tearfully, stepping into the portal.

The portal brought her back in time, to the morning that the Starlights were leaving with their princess. She saw her past self in denial choosing the starlight she has come to love or her prince. "Why does this have to be so damn hard!" Usagi screamed in frustration.

Eternal Sailor Moon just looked at her for a while then started walking toward her.

"I shouldn't keep Seiya for myself. I'll just pretend that I never knew he loved me!" Usagi said crying into her sleeve.

"NO!" Eternal Sailor Moon which made Usagi jump.

"Who are you?" Usagi asked.

"I'm your future self actually I'm from tonight's future" she giggled.

"And why are you here?"

"To tell you that tonight, before the starlights leave, please talk to Seiya. You know you love him. He will stay with you if you just ask him. JUST TELL HIM FOR KAMI-SAMA'S SAKE!" she practically screamed. Usagi just sat there staring at her trying to sink in the information that was just told to her.

"Now pick up the phone and ask to talk to him before they leave. Hai?" Eternal Sailor Moon asked. Usagi shook her head yes.

"Well good, now I'll just leave" she said turning around to go into the portal she came in.

Usagi then picked up the phone and called Seiya.

"Mushi-mushi" a masculine voice answered.

"Mushi-mushi Taiki-san may I speak to Seiya?" she asked.

"Um Hai" he said handing the phone over to Seiya who was just sitting down on the couch.

"Who is it, Taiki?" asked Seiya with his hand over the reciever.

"Usagi!" Mouthed Taiki.

Seiya smiled and began to speak "Ohayo, odango" he said in a cheerful voice.

"Ohayo Seiya-ku. Can you please meet me at the 'Fruit Parlor' in about twenty minutes so that we can spend some time together before we go?" Usagi asked.

"Hai, I would like that. I'll see you in twenty Ja Ne"

After he hung up the phone he grabbed his raincoat. He was about to put on his coat when Kakyuu walked into the room, crying.

"Princess, what is wrong" Seiya asked putting his jacket down to go comfort Kakyuu.

He sat her down on the couch with him when she said "Seiya," she started with tears in her eyes, "If someone, or something, causes you to want to stay on earth... Just know that I would let you," she cried letting her final tears shed.

Usagi looked frantically for her long blue raincoat. She finally found it at the bottom of the downstairs closet. While putting her jacket on she grabbed her umbrella and headed out the door. Usagi said to herself, 'Kami- sama please let the rain stop before the Starlights and their Princess return home' just thinking of the starlights made her just want to break down and cry, but she had to talk to Seiya.

As Seiya was walking the words that his Princess had spoken rang clearly in his mind 'if someone or something caused you to want to stay on earth... Just know that I would let you'.

"Why would she say 'if someone was to cause you'?" he thought out loud. Before he knew it, he was at the entrance of the Fruit Parlor. As he closed his umbrella he saw Usagi looking out the window deep in thought.

"Oi, odango!"

Seiya said and sat down in the booth. Usagi's train of thought broke then she looked at Seiya who was smiling in the seat across from her. "Seiya" she said looking deep on his eyes. Seiya could sense there was something wrong with Usagi "Odango what's wrong?" he said sliding over the booth to go comfort her. "Seiya I don't want you to leave" she said weeping into his chest. "Odango I don't want to leave either but now you have Mamoru back" just saying that name made Seiya sneer. "Seiya I...I...I...I have something to tell you" she said as he wiped a tear away. "And what is that" he asked looking deep into her eyes. "I don't want you to leave because I...um...l...lo...lov...love you Seiya" she said shyly. Seiya needed time to get used to what she just said. Did Usagi the girl who just saved the universe, the girl he has had an undying love for just say that she loved him?

"Um...nani?" he said in a hushed voice. "Seiya I love you and it took me till this morning to realize that I can't live without you" she said finally letting the world off her shoulders. "Usagi do you really mean it?" Seiya asked again smiling to himself. "Hai, aishiteru" she said capturing his lips finally. 'I think this is what Kakyuu was talking about. She knew this was going to happen' he thought as they departed. "We'll wait till tonight to tell the others" Seiya said as there foreheads touched. Usagi smiled and nodded in agreement.

Later that day Usagi told Mamoru the wrong time so that she wouldn't have to go through a fight. She said they would be leaving at six o'clock but it really was five.

Usagi was just putting on her shoes when she heard the doorbell ring. She was very giddy. She knew it was Seiya. When she opened the door Seiya took her into a hug and kissed her lightly. "Are you ready to go" he said sticking his arm out to escort her to the limo. "Hai" she smiled sweetly wrapping her arm around his.

Once they got to the lime Seiya opened it for her. As she slid in she saw Minako and Ami with Yaten and Taiki. "I take it Kakyuu is already there" she said but she didn't notice the person up by the drivers window. "Iie I'm right here she said leaning over to smile at Usagi. Usagi blushed then leaned back into the seat.

Once they got there they met with Luna, Artemis, Makoto, and Rei. They all then proceeded up to the school's rooftop.

When they got up there Usagi said "well i'm happy that the rain stopped" they all nodded in agreement.

They all went to the middle of the roof as some of them thought they were saying their final goodbyes.

"Well now it's time for us to go" Kakyuu said not noticing the six people who were staring at the ground. "Please visit us anytime" Rei said noticing Minako, Ami, Usagi, Taiki, Yaten, and Seiya just staring at the ground. "Hai, your welcome anytime you want" also noticing the mood.

"Well I think there is something you guys want to tell us" Kakyuu said turning to her starlights.

"Well princess" Taiki started. "You know how you said if someone or something causes me to want to stay on earth you allow me to? Well I've decided to stay here with Mizuno-san" he said walking over to Ami and hugging her.

"Umm...........princess? I also to have decided to stay with someone I love" Yaten said going over to Minako.

Everyone but one has spook up that they wanted to stay on earth but the famous Seiya Kou. "I'm sorry princess but I have also decided to stay" Seiya finally spook up.

Everyone wondered 'why is Seiya staying, Mamoru is back'.

Then suddenly Seiya walked over to Usagi and kissed her lightly on the lips which caused everyone to be in total shock.

"I thought that you were in love with Mamoru Usagi. WHEN DID THIS ALL HAPPEN!" Luna practically screamed.

"Well today I finally decided well actually my future self decided for me that Seiya is the one I love and not Mamoru. Before I went to talk to Seiya about this Setsuna decided to talk to me. She said that something will happen to make Seiya Prince of Earth" she smiled watching everyone's jaw drop.

"Wait hole on a second how did your future self decide that you love Seiya?" Makoto asked still in complete shock.

"Well if you must know I was in a big mess this morning over Seiya and Mamoru. At first I was just going to pretend I didn't notice that Seiya loved me and just stay with Mamoru because Seiya had his duty as a starlight then my future self came and told me not to that Seiya would stay if asked" she explained to Makoto.

"Oh" Makoto said back.

"Well I ought to be going now sayonara Princess Serenity and her court and also my starlight remember to at least try to visit me every year" she said giving each of them a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Hai" they said bowing as she stepped back to leave for Kinmoku. In a blink of an eye she was gone.

"So what do we do now?" Usagi asked holding on to Seiya. "Maybe we could............." Rei's sentence was stopped by the sound of the roof entrance door opening.

"Usagi how could you! You said they we're leaving at six. When I went to your house at five to take you out before they left but your mom said you had left to go say goodbye to friends who were leaving at five!" he yelled grabbing her arm and walking her to the edge of the roof.

"Mamoru let go of me!" Usagi screamed as his grip on her arm tightened.

"Iie you lying cheating bitch!" he screamed back. "Let go of her bastard!" Seiya yelled punching Mamoru in the face.

"Go away this doesn't concern you!" he yelled back punching Seiya in the gut knocking him to the ground.

"SEIYA!" Usagi yelled as Yaten and Taiki ran to him then headed toward Mamoru who was about to throw Usagi off the roof. "Well bitch since you lied you deserve to die" before Mamoru could do anything Usagi was pried out of his arms and now Yaten had a hold of Mamoru. "Oi jackass listen I think it's you who deserves to die" he said pushing Mamoru off the edge.

Usagi ran over to Seiya who was just getting up. "Oh Seiya arigoto" she said smiling sweetly helping him get up. "Now I know what Setsuna meant by I would have a better future with you" she said kissing him. "Aishiteru odango" Seiya said smiling. "Aishiteru Seiya-Chan" Usagi said as they kissed once more. Everyone was happy that now Usagi and Seiya we're finally together and going to live happilly ever after


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