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Chapter 5

Long locks of silver blended with navy hair off the white satin sheets covering two bodies. A pair of midnight blue eyes fluttered open to see the sleeping form of his beautiful wife, Neo Queen Serenity. "I can't believe it has been five years my sweet" he said gently pushing a lock of silver that was by her eye. "Yes I can't believe it either" she said grabbing his hand before he brought it back to himself. "Good morning odango" he said gently placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Good morning Seiya" she breathed back.

Seiya got out of bed and headed for the clothes drawers. He said throwing a dress at serenity "here quickly change before the kids come". She quickly put it on and soon enough Umi, Kayato, and Yumito came running into the room.

Umi was the youngest and only girl. At two and a half years old she has blonde hair with silver highlights and it's pulled up into two small odangoes. Kayato was the second to oldest at three years old. He has aqua hair with the shine of silver. The last one was Yumito. He was the oldest at four years old and was exactly like his father looks and all.

"Oka-san Yumito keeps making fun of my hair" Umi cried. "Yumito apologize to your sister her hair is lovely" Serenity demanded. "Sorry Umi that you have to look like oka-san with two stupid odangoes" Yumito laughed. "And what is that suppose to mean" Serenity glared. "Calm down hunny it's true you know" Seiya watched the anger rise in Serenity. "I'll give you two five seconds to run as fast as you could" and before she could say anything else they were gone.

"Are planned work Oto-san" Yumito smiled as he ran as fast as he could because he heard five really loud. "Hai, now follow me to the west wing and don't slow down" he warned.

They ran across the palace in tell they ran in to a huge golden doorway. Usagi was out of breath in tell she finally caught up with Seiya and Yumito. "You two are in a…" she stuttered as she came into view of the golden arch way. "Seiya what's this?" "Happy Anniversary Odango" he planted a soft kiss on her lips and led her through the doorway.

As soon as they stepped through the doorway Serenity smelled the fresh air of the moon. She then noticed all the Sailor Scouts with there husbands and wives. Princess Venus and Prince Healer stood there with there child Hoshi. Venus kept on holding her stomach knowing there was another on the way. Next to them stood Princess Mercury and Prince Maker holding there newborn son Takaki. Next to them were newly wedded Princess Jupiter and Ayato with Jupiter's step-daughter Maimi. Ayato wasn't able to become a prince since he has no royal blood in him.

On the other side of them were Princess Rei and Priest Yuuichirou with four year old Yoshi. By them were Princess Neptune and Princess Uranus. Then there stood Princess Saturn and her boyfriend Shingo. The last one there was Pluto and her family. It seems to us that she had a family in at the time gate. She got married to Prince Pluton, the time gate holder of the Rayon galaxy, and they had twins. They were named after Usagi and Seiya. Last but not least were Princess Kakyuu and her husband King Titan. She hasn't had kids yet but it is said she's expecting.

"Happy Anniversary Serenity and Seiya" they all chimed. "Minna!" Serenity cried.

"Arigoto Seiya I finally got my happy ending" she said taking him in a breath-taking kiss.


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