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Flashbacks of an Unforgotten Promise

Chapter One: Past and Present


"Oi Sano!!!" A boy cried out to the other child, stressing the –no of her name. "You're so slow! You can't even catch me!" the boy teased as he ran further into the forest.

It was autumn that time, dry and crisp leaves everywhere and the smell of maple can be sniffed if you stop and take time to smell its aroma.

The young girl panted heavily as she came face-to-face with the raven- haired boy, pouting cutely as if she had been cheated in a game. "Sachi, you are so unfair! Why am I always it!" the 5-year-old girl said as she ballooned her face, once more pouting. "And stop calling me Sano! It's a boy's name!" The young girl added as her hair flew with the wind together with some dry leaves in a circular motion, which surrounded her.

The boy grinned widely as his little playmate watched him with hawk eyes, putting his folded arms to his nape. "It's not my fault if you are so slow... Sa-NO!"

The boy smiled feeling superior after insulting the girl, who was busy taking off the dried flower petals that had stuck themselves in her pink hair. The boy continually watched her, struggling to take off a single petal off her entangled hair, blushing a bit for some reason he didn't know why.

"Tag! You're it, again!" the boy said as he gently patted the girl's shoulder, urging her to follow him. The silence had been too long for him to bear.

"Ah!!! Not again!" the girl said as she sped up to catch the boy, dried leaves now sticking on her hair.

"Nah... nah.... Nah... nah.. nah.." the boy teased, humming a tune, as he looked behind him for any sign of a pink-haired girl following him but unfortunately he found none.

The boy worriedly turned around to look for the girl and spotted her sitting on a pile of autumn leaves, one of her legs folded beneath her thighs and the other erected diagonally in front of her.

"Sano-chan! Daijobu?" the boy ran to his comrade nervously, hoping the girl was alright. It might be his fault.

"Daijobu..." the girl replied, a lone tear aching to fall from her eyes. The boy helped her up to her feet, taking off the dry leaves that pasted itself on the girl's hair, sniffing the perfume on it as he did.

"Gomen Sano-chan... Are you hurt?" He asked, as he faced the girl with worried eyes.

"I'm okay..." the girl assured the young lad then smiled mischievously.

"Tag! Now you're it!" the girl said as she patted the boy's chest, running away from him swiftly, smiling at the trick she had played on the boy.

"Ah..! That's unfair!" Sachi said pouting, running after the girl, hurriedly. He was not to be cheated by a girl. No Siree..

Sano smiled.

Sachi's birthday, in the same location

Sachi and Sano sat side by side on a swing, swinging it swiftly with the wind pushing it lightly.

"Why do you have to leave Sano-chan?" the boy asked, his eyes sad all of the sudden.

"Because my mom and dad wants to." The girl replied, obviously looking for a much better reason than what she could think of.

Silence. (Autumn leaves fall)

Sachi frowned as he fingered a brown plastic ring, which he found in a box of cereal his mom bought for him. Today was his birthday and he wanted to surprise Sano with something special instead of expecting something for himself. It was that ring. He held it in his small palms, rolling it every now and then. Sano does not know that today's my birthday... She should not know or else she might get sad because she would be leaving today. Sachi thought as he swung the swing a little stronger.

The Swing continued to move in slow motion.

"Sano..." the boy said, breaking the emanating silence in their secret place.

"Nani?" the girl asked her sad eyes aching to cry.

The boy held the ring in his right hand, taking the girl's right hand with his left.. "You have to promise that you will come back."

Sano stirred at Sachi's strong yet gentle grip of her wrist.

"And when you come back we will play here again and then you'd never leave again." Sachi said, as he handed her the brown ring.

Sano stared at the plastic ring with sad eyes. "Is this for me?" Sano asked as she held it in her little soft hand.

Sachi nodded.

"Arigato..." Sano said as she wore the ring in her left hand's ring finger, smiling gratefully at Sachi.

Sachi smiled sadly as he watched his playmate walk away from him, not even saying goodbye, simply staring at the autumn leaves they used to pile when they were bored. Then...

"Sachi!" Sano cried her back still facing Sachi, from a pretty far distance.

Sachi followed the trail of the voice by his gaze.

"I will come back!" Sano said as she faced her lifetime best friend, the wind covering her face with her short hair because of her fast twist. She continued running to him swiftly, raising her smallest right hand finger and as if on cue Sachi did the same, running to Sano and raising his right pinky.

"IT'S A PROMISE!" They both said as their pinkies intertwined each other, smiling at each other. One. Last. Time.

After 6 years...

We see a group of three aspiring ninjas introduce themselves to their late sensei. Two boys, one girl.

"My name is Haruno Sakura and my interest is..." Sakura said blushing as she intentionally looked at Sasuke with glistening eyes, with Sasuke ignoring her irritably.

"A promise will always be a promise... forgotten or not... It will remain...to
be... A promise... "

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