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Flashbacks of an Unforgotten Promise

Chapter 4: The Flashback of the Unforgotten Promise

Sakura stood in the exact place where she said goodbye to her childhood best enemy and friend, her hair swung as the wind blew a soft hum to her face.


"It's a promise!" Two children chanted in unison as the same autumn scent enveloped their secret place.

End of Flashback

Sachi... I've never forgotten about our promise... Sakura thought as her whole body limped. I was just too engrossed with another person... Gomen... Sakura thought as her head bowed, her eyes watching the pile of autumn leaves scatter around.


Sakura's head jerked up as she heard the monotonous thuds going to her direction, her eyes widened with fear. Who could that... Who could that be? Sakura muttered she reached for her pocket, clutching the kunai-s she had with her.


Sasuke brushed the willow branches aside, panting a bit as he entered the narrow opening, catching a kunai before it reached his face.

"Who's there?!" Sasuke shrieked as he scanned his surroundings, finding a girl looking at him shockingly, dropping the rest of her kunai-s on the ground, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Sakura..." Sasuke muttered as the wind gushed before him, filling the whole place with a romantic aroma. "What are you doing here?" Sasuke finished as he watched the girl pick up her weapons.

"Sasuke... I was... I..." Sakura stuttered as she held her weapons in her little hands, which were positioned in the level of her chest.

The bird chirped wildly from the swing, flying it's way to one of the surrounding trees.

Sasuke stared at her coldly, as the wind blew his black bangs off his face. "Sakura Haruno kuh..."

Sakura watched the boy lisp her name as a fragment of a memory appeared on their minds.


"What happened to you...?" A five-year old boy asked a little girl who was sprawling on the ground, her eyes watering as she covered her forehead with her pink strands.

"HEY! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" the boy cried louder as he knelt before the crying girl, silently shunning her pink locks away from her face.

"It's... my forehead..." The girl said between her sobs, her green orbs meeting with dark ones.

"What's wrong with it?" the boy asked as he looked at the green-eyed girl's forehead, looking for some oddities.

"They make fun of me... because it's too big..." the girl said as she folded her arms atop her knees, hiding her said liability.

"I think it's cool!" the boy chirped a smile slid through his mouth as the degraded girl flinched. "They say that if you have a wide forehead, you are smart. I want a large forehead too!"

The girl raised her head to meet the boy's warm gaze, a soft curve lining in her mouth, somehow assuring the boy that that cheered her up.

The boy smiled triumphantly, his hands on his hips. "By the way, what's your name?" The boy asked coyly, a blush forming on his cheeks all of the sudden.

"Sakura..." Pause. "Sakura Haruno."

"Sa... Ano?" the boy asked as he looked at the girl quizzically.

"Sakura Haruno!"

"You're name is too long!" The boy said outspokenly while an idea formed in his head. "That's right! You will be Sano!"

"Sano? Eh! But that's a boy's name!!!" the girl retorted as she brushed herself off the ground.

"I'll introduce myself now! You may call me Uchicha Sasuke!" the boy declared proudly as he watched the girl brainstorm about something, he didn't know what.

"If I'm Sano... then you would be..." Pause. "SACHI!!!"

"Sachi? That's an ugly name! My name is Uchicha Sasuke!"

The girl smiled jubilantly... "That's set then... Nice meeting you, Sachi- chan!"

End of Flashback

Sakura's eyes widened as she watched the raven-haired boy's identity revealed itself on her mind, Sasuke gazing back at her coldly.

Sakura held her other hand near her chest as her heartbeat gonged louder every minute. She tried to open her mouth but no words were heard.


Sakura watched as Sasuke stepped closer to her direction. Sakura tried to move, if possible away from him but her feet remained glued on the same ground, unmoving.

Sasuke stopped a few inches away from Sakura, his face plain emotionless as he stared at the pink-haired jounin.

Sakura looked away as Sasuke bore his eyes on her own, her hands clasped tightly, so tight that it turned white.


Sakura continued holding onto her hands when she felt a hand gently pull it away from her own grasp.

Sasuke... She thought as she faced him, watching him as he held her right hand with his left, careful not to hurt it.

"You're cold." Sasuke said as he held her hand.

Sakura's eyes freely moved around, ending up watching the ground, her head downcasted as well.

"You've kept it."

"Huh?" Sakura murmured as she faced the boy, who was looking at the brown plastic ring that she was wearing on her right index finger.


The Swing continued to move in slow motion.

"Sano..." the boy said, breaking the emanating silence in their secret place.

"Nani?" the girl asked her sad eyes aching to cry.

The boy held the ring in his right hand, taking the girl's right hand with his left.. "You have to promise that you will come back."

Sano stirred at Sachi's strong yet gentle grip of her wrist.

"And when you come back we will play here again and then you'd never leave again." Sachi said, as he handed her the brown ring.

Sano stared at the plastic ring with sad eyes. "Is this for me?" Sano asked as she held it in her little soft hand.

Sachi nodded.

"Arigato..." Sano said as she wore the ring in her left hand's ring finger, smiling gratefully at Sachi.

Sachi smiled sadly as he watched his playmate walk away from him, not even saying goodbye, simply staring at the autumn leaves they used to pile when they were bored. Then...

"Sachi!" Sano cried her back still facing Sachi, from a pretty far distance.

Sachi followed the trail of the voice by his gaze.

"I will come back!" Sano said as she faced her lifetime best friend, the wind covering her face with her short hair because of her fast twist. She continued running to him swiftly, raising her smallest right hand finger and as if on cue Sachi did the same, running to Sano and raising his right pinky.

"IT'S A PROMISE!" They both said as their pinkies intertwined each other, smiling at each other.


"Nani Sachi-chan?" the girl asked as their hands fell on their sides.

"When you come back..." the boy started, a blush forming on his face.

"What?" the girl asked, expectantly waiting for the boy's answer.

"When you come back... When you come back..."

The girl looked at her best friend, her eyes worried, concerned about what troubles him.

"What's wrong Sachi-chan...?" the girl asked, as if comforting him with her words, her hand patting his left shoulder softly.

"Listen to me!" the boy shrieked all of the sudden, facing Sano, his blush redder than the darkest hue of red. "When you come back... I will marry you!" the boy said as he looked at the girl firmly, shocking the girl immensely.

"Then you'd never go away again..." the boy said as he watched the girl's expression, not really knowing what it means.

End of Flashback

The wind blew the autumn leaves, twirling it around the two strangers as they looked silently at each other's eyes.

The bird, which was perching on the swing, leapt in the air quietly, landing on an invisible figure hiding behind a tree.

The figure smiled as the bird perched on her delicate index finger.

"Sasuke... I hope you're happy now... You'll never be alone now... Be true to your oath... Be happy... You deserve it." the woman said as she visibly made herself known to the young robin resting on her fingers, her white robe swaying just as her black hair danced with the wind.

"Be happy, my son... Be happy..."

"It is a promise... It is fulfilled..."


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