Shadow and Ice

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A/N: Couldn't resist really. My take on the whole Draco/Veela thing, with a bit of twist. grins stupidly Well, its 3:30 in the morning, what do you expect? I hope you enjoy!

Harry stretched out in the long grass by the lake, paws flexing in the small amount of happiness coursing through him.

It was the first day of Easter holidays, and Harry took advantage of this little fact full force, by changing into his animagus form and running the grounds, getting damp in the process from the early morning dew.

Ron and Hermione had gone back to the burrow for the few days of break, offering to take Harry along, but since their engagement, he found it harder and harder to stomach their ungodly sweetness. It wasn't that he was unhappy with them, he was ecstatic, but he couldn't help but feel lonely, wishing that for himself.

He laid his head down between his paws with a slight huff. Such dreary thoughts on a beautiful morning.

Still new to his animagus form, he was slightly shocked when he felt the presence of another. Although they were as quiet as a mouse, he knew that whomever or whatever it was was closing the distance at a leisurely pace. He turned his head slightly, not bothering to lift it, and watched a white tiger with silver stripes and eyes come closer.


At this, Harry's head shot up and he looked around, hackles rising and ears pricked.

'You do know that animagus can talk to each other, even if only by thoughts?' The voice, or rather tiger, from what Harry could gather, said, sounding quite amused.

'How?' Harry thought, confused.

'Dunno.' The tiger came to a stop next to him and stared down imploringly, 'Would it be terribly rude of me to ask your name?'

'Not at all, but I will not give it. Not even in times of peace. No one is to know my identity, unless I can trust them wholeheartedly.' Harry replied.

'Ah, well, same for me.' The tiger nodded at the patch of grass next to Harry, 'May I?'

'Of course.'

The tiger lay down gracefully, but kept his head up, 'Is there anything I can call you?'

'Shadow.' Harry replied, giving out the nickname that only Ron, Hermione, and Remus knew of.

'Shadow.' The tiger tilted his head in greeting, 'You may call me Ice if you wish.'

'Ice.' Harry replied, tilting his head in the same manner.

'So Shadow, I take it you are a student here?'


Ice tilted his head curiously, 'Pardon?'

'That would be yes, but I won't give away anymore. It would be too easy for you to discover me.' Harry replied.

'How foolish of me.' Ice replied.

The aristocratic way Ice was talking made Harry wonder. It sounded oddly familiar, but could not find himself to place it, 'Are you out here to enjoy this wonderful weather also?'

'That and to get away from the awaking of my dorm and house mates. It's quite the circus and one I wish to not participate in.' Ice replied, baring his teeth in annoyance.

Harry watched him closely, eyeing the taught neck muscles as they jumped with Ice's body movements. /He is certainly graceful, and definitely beautiful. For an animal that is,/ he quickly added.

'Your form is very becoming. Your name suits you.' Harry said.

'Thank you. It was a shock to my system when I discovered my animal, but they say it's similar to a wand. . .'

'The animal chooses the wizard.' The both intoned together, having had that little fact pounded quite nicely into their heads.

Ice chuckled, 'Ah, I see you've heard those words before.'

Harry rolled his eyes, 'Of course.'

Ice stared at Harry as if contemplating something, 'If you ever get bored I know of a way we can communicate without knowing of each others identities.'

'How's that?'

Ice smirked as best he could in cat form, 'How does a little kiss sound to you?'


This time it was Ice who rolled his eyes, 'It's similar to a bond. Well, actually it's the start of a bond. The first step happens when two willing animagus kiss while in animal form. It's discreet.'

'How the hell do two cats kiss?' As shocked as Harry was, he was definitely intrigued.

'Like this.' Ice stretched out his neck and licked Harry from the underside of his snout, up over his nose, and up to the top of his head. Ice then nibbled on Harry's ears before pulling away, 'That, my dear shadow, was an animal kiss.'

Harry scrunched up his nose, 'Okay.' He leaned over and did the same to Ice. As he did so, he shivered slightly, and saw that Ice had a weird gleam in his eyes.

'Are. . .' Ice swallowed, 'Are you male or female?'


'Me too. Look I have to go. I'll talk to you in a bit.' Ice stood up and nipped at Harry's ear again, gently, causing Harry to purr. 'Ooh, sensitive spot.'

If Harry could blush, he would have, 'I thought you were leaving?'

Ice's mouth dropped open in a cat grin, tongue lolling out of his mouth, 'Yep! C-ya!' With those parting words, he turned tail and ran up to the castle, disappearing from view at the top of the hill.

Harry heaved a sigh. Ice was nice. And he had to admit; with his friends gone it was nice to have someone to talk to.