Shadow and Ice

Chapter six

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'W-what the hell? Malfoy?' Harry was shocked. He could honestly say that he had no clue that his new friend was the same guy he had been crushing on for the last year. That thought, though, didn't explain why Draco was suddenly revealing his secret.

Draco gave a sad smile, "You can transform back. I do know who you are. This might be easier to talk about in person." Draco paused at this, and, sensing that Harry might need a little more to believe him, added, "Harry."

Harry transformed but stayed slumped on the ground by the door, his mouth open in shock, "How?" was the only word he managed to extract from the whirl of thoughts in his head. It wasn't what he wanted to ask, but the one word could be taken so many ways, he figured he'd get something answered.

Draco dropped into one of the chairs and poured out the tea. Harry scrambled up and dropped opposite of Draco, gulping down the tea when it was placed in front of him.

"Well, first things first, I suppose. You have heard that I am part Veela, yes?"

Harry shrugged, "It's going around, common knowledge."

Draco nodded. So far things were going half way decent, he only hoped that they stayed along that vein, "Well, I found my mate."

"So, what," Harry frowned, "You're suddenly not allowed to hang out with me? Er, not that we hung out...well, we did but, not in human form and I thought that you liked me, so what does having your mate have to do with me?"

"Harry, you're rambling." Draco said, a chuckle escaping him. He had no idea that Harry rambled. It was endearing.

Harry shrugged even as a blush climbed up his neck. Rambling like that was certainly a first for him.

"Besides, you're wrong. I don't have my mate yet. In fact, they don't even know that they are yet." He watched as Harry's mouth opened and shut as he tried to figure out what was going on. Draco realized that he was talking in circles, but he didn't want to scare the piss out of Harry. Of course, with the thoughts that were probably rolling around Harry's head, Draco's attempt were probably moot point. With a sigh he decided to just lay all his cards on the table, "You are my mate."

"ME?!" Harry squeaked, the blush now coloring his cheekbones, "But..."

"Are you going to be okay with this? I mean, I can't change anything, but we don't have to do anything about it. The bond's been moved forward enough that I'm not going to suddenly drop dead or something."

Harry stared at him, eyes wide behind his silver framed glassed, "I need to think about this." He voice was still rather squeaky and he bit his lip after speaking. Clearing his throat he continued, "Look, I...Just let me think, please? I'm not going to run off. I promise." With that, Harry stood with a grimace of a smile and left, leaving Draco alone with the cooling tea.

He sighed and stood as well, heading back to the common room. Blaise should have been back from his study date with Neville by now, and he could use some comforting. He didn't really think that Harry was going to turn him down, but his Veela side was crying in loss already.

Stepping through the wall, his eyes landed on his dark skinned cousin. Blaise was sprawled out on one of the Divans, a sheet of parchment in one hand and a glass of something in the other. Draco had to snort. That position was so...Malfoyish that it was comical, "So, I told...him."

Blaise raised gold eyes to meet Draco's silver and raised an eyebrow, "Him?"

"Him." Draco said with nod. He pushed Blaise's booted feet off of the Divan and plopped down, ignoring the gapping looks coming from some of his other house mates. Dammit, his love life was in limbo, not that they knew that, he could be as ungraceful as he damn well pleased.

Blaise sat up and set his glass on the table, "Is that all you're going to tell me?"

Draco shrugged, "I can't say much more, because there isn't much more."

"How did he take it?"

"Well, the good news is he didn't turn me down flat."

"And the bad?"

"He didn't say yes either. Merlin, Blaise, if he did, do you think I'd be here right now?!" Draco exclaimed, fists clenched in frustration.

Blaise raised his hands, "Sorry. You going to tell me who? Maybe we can form a battle plan."

Draco looked at his cousin, "Battle plan?"

"Well, you could always woo him, and don't think I noticed how you totally ignored telling me who. I will get it out of you." Blaise replied.

"Woo him." Draco leaned back into the divan, "Look, he just said he needed to think about it. I don't want to scare him off or anything."

"It's Potter isn't it?"

Blaise's inquiry wasn't any louder then a whisper, but Draco looked around anyway, to see if anyone might have heard. He didn't want any rumors going around before Harry decided. That would not help his case, "How the hell do you figure that?" Draco asked, turning his attention back to Blaise.

"You don't want to scare him. He's always been the only one you had that sort of consideration towards, even when you didn't get along. I'm also not stupid. What I just mentioned plus the lack of names being used sort of pointed towards him."

Draco huffed, "You are too damned observant for your own bloody good."

Blaise grinned, his teeth gleaming, "Why, thank you. I intend to take that as a compliment so as not to hurt my feelings."

"You always do."

"True, true." Blaise said with a nod.

Harry crammed his hands into his jean pockets as he strolled along the fifth floor. How was it possible that he turned out to be the mate of the one guy he thought he could never have for that very reason? The only reason he didn't completely jump the guy was because he didn't just have himself to worry about in this.

Ron and Hermione were going to get some sort of flack from this as well as the rest of his dorm mates. Draco may be on their side for the war, but that didn't mean everyone liked or even trusted him. On the plus side to that, being Draco's mate could actually change that. The downside being that they thought Draco was going to corrupt him, mate or not.

He came to a stop outside of the DADA office and smiled as he heard aggravated mumbling from behind the wooden door. He knocked and waited for the growled, "Enter." Before opening the door and stepping through.

The DADA teacher for that year was again, none other the Remus Lupin. He knew the trouble the headmaster had gone through to convince Remus to come back, for he had been part of the plan. Harry had definitely learned the most under the werewolf and they made sure that Remus had known that. It also helped that Snape had apologized and that McGonagell had written out survey letters to all the parents that went out with school lists. Most had come back with an enthused 'yes' to the kind man coming back. While others didn't mind, they wanted to know what procedures were in place to keep the werewolf from their children during full moons. The only ones who said no and argued the point were mainly Slytherin parents, but they were definitely the minority.

He had also found out that year that Remus was seeing his godfather, and in fact, had been since they were in school. He remembered them telling him about they fight they had when Remus had refused to become the Potters secret keeper, and how that they hadn't had a chance to make up before Sirius had been sent to Azkaban. There hadn't been a dry eye in the room that night.

"Harry? Is something wrong?"

Harry was dragged from his musings by Remus' voice. He smiled slightly at his pseudo-godfather, "Do you mind? You sounded pretty busy, I could come back or something..." He trailed off as Remus laughed.

"Have a seat. I was growling at Sirius, actually. The bastard sent me off this morning without my snacks and half my kit unpacked."

Harry snickered. The full moon was less then two days away and Remus sweet tooth during that time was well known. Sirius usually remembered to send the man off with a bag of healthier sweets as well as a few candies, but apparently..."What the hell did you do to make him forget?"

Remus blushed, "You probably don't want to know." He cleared his throat, "What's up? And tea? I was just about to conjure a pot."

"Sure." Harry shrugged, "And, well, I just found out something...interesting."

Remus tapped his wand on a serving tray that sat next to his desk, even as he raised a tawny eyebrow at Harry, "Really? How interesting?"

Harry watched the pot and cups blink into existence. He accepted the cup Remus handed him and began playing with the spoon that was lying in the saucer, "Uh, well, it involves Draco Malfoy."

"Well, this should be interesting." Remus murmured, dropping his own spoon onto the saucer and turned his full attention to Harry.

This action caused Harry to laugh, "Oh wow, Sirius wasn't lying. You are a gossip whore."

Remus managed to look affronted, even though his own lips were twitching in humor, "Is that actually the word he used?"

"Yeah. Said you were really bad in school too."

"Humph." Remus decided to ignore this for a moment, "So? What about the youngest Malfoy?"

Harry's grin disappeared as he remembered why he was here, "Remus, I'm Draco's mate!"


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