Harry Potter

And the

Green Flame Torch

James awoke with a start and sat straight up in bed with a frown on his face. It had been quite sometime since he had the feeling that there was a subtle yet strange shift in the air somewhere near him, a feeling he only got when Lily had returned from a visit with her relatives in the Elven Realm. Knowing however, that Lily had somehow lost her stone many years ago, James shook off the strange feeling and climbed out of bed. No one else had ever been able to transcend in to the Elven Realm for many years, so the feeling was pushed aside as he quickly dressed and went downstairs, finding that he was more than a bit anxious to see if the stranger had held to his word and returned.

"Morning." Harry said softly as he turned from the stove and began to set the table with the food that he had prepared, while pausing every now and then to sip from his coffee cup.

"You didn't have to do all of this." James said as he joined Harry at the table and reached for the steaming cup of coffee.

"However it is much appreciated." He added after taking a drink from the cup.

"It was no trouble." Harry said as they both begin to eat.

James took the opportunity while he was eating to thoroughly look over the young man seated across from him trying desperately to figure out why he not only seemed to trust him, but felt a connection to him as well.

Searching his mind, James struggled to recognized any one he might of met that resembled the six foot three young man, with dark raves hair that hung just past his shoulders that was so dark in color that when the light hit it just right, it seemed almost a blue color. Every move that the stranger made was graceful and confident. However the shape of his eyes, reminded James strongly of his wife and there was something about his nose and mouth that also seemed familiar, yet James found himself unable to figure out why.

"Have you had enough time to figure a few things out?" Harry finally asked breaking the silence that surrounded them.

"Maybe." James said not at all sure that he could yet fully trust the young man sitting across from him.

"A friend of mine once told me that a person's eyes are a window to their soul." Harry said as he leaned forward and locked his eyes with his father's.

"When I look into your eyes, I see someone who desperately needs and depends on others to motivate and support himself. I see self doubt and a lack of confidence in your ability to forgive and accept others. I see a man that puts on a front for everyone including himself." Harry stated so softly that James struggled to hear the words.

"I see someone desperate to prove himself worthy of being a pureblooded wizard; someone who just because another was bored would humiliate another student for fun. Someone who let the power of being put into the office of minister destroy everything he had held near and dear." Harry continued until James tore his eyes angrily away and started to reach for his wand.

"How dare you! You know nothing about me!" James grated out angrily ignoring the fact that everything the young man said was true, however unable to accept hearing the truth.

"Maybe I was wrong about you." Harry sighed as he rose to his feet and cleared the table with a wave of his hand.

"Tom Riddle plans on attacking at midnight, the small muggle town of Oakwood it's located just north of Godric's Hollow. I gave you a warning before and it was ignored, are you going to ignore me a second time?" Harry asked softly as he tilted his head slightly as if listening to something only he could hear.

"How do I know this is not some kind of trap?" James asked.

"You don't." Harry stated simply.

"The question is; are you ready to stop hiding and take your life back? Or will you continue as you are, hurt and full of anger that will destroy what little you have left? The choice is yours." Harry said softly as he watched his father struggle internally with the choice he had just been confronted with.

"Well?" Harry prompted as he broke the tense silence that filled the air.

"Why should I listen to you? Why should I even trust you?" James asked as he narrowed his eyes.

"You shouldn't listen to me or trust me for that matter." Harry said thoughtfully.

"However if you just need a reason, maybe the fact that I am your son and I care about what happens to you will be good enough." Harry said softly as he watched his father carefully, hoping to catch of glimpse of his reaction.

It only took the mention of Harry's name to send James slumping in shock back into his chair as all at once everything seemed to make perfect sense.

Unfortunately before either of them could speak, a huge explosion rocked the very foundation of the house, knocking them both to the floor.

"What the..." Harry gasped as he looked up just in time to see the ceiling begin to give way and grabbed his father and dove under the table.

"The wards have just fallen." James stated as another explosion rocked the house.

"We have to get out of here." James choked out, coughing as dust and plaster filled the air.

"Look out." Harry shouted just as a jet of red light came flying in their direction and he shoved James out of the way.

"Come out Potter! I know your in here." Lucious Malfoy called out as he stepped over a fallen beam and into the kitchen.

"Damn you Malfoy!" Harry called out as he burst out of his hiding place and began throwing curses at the death eater, causing him to dive back around the corner and out of sight.

"Potter my master will reward me greatly when I take your head on a platter to him." Malfoy called out as he blindly began throwing curses.

"In your dreams Malfoy." Harry stated as he suddenly appeared directly behind the elder Malfoy, drawing his fist back just as the man spun around.

"Bastard." Harry mumbled to himself as he let his fist fly and smiled as his fist connected solidly with the white haired man's jaw, laying him out cold and then spun on his heel and took out the other death eater that had been trying to sneak up behind him.

"It seems as if Baby Potter has grown up." Bellatrix drawled as she sent several curses flying in Harry's direction.

"Bella I wish I could say it's a pleasure, but we both know that would be a lie." Harry drawled as he ducked her curses and returned a few of his own.

"You brat." Bella screamed as one of the curses hit its mark and her robes began to burn and she began to flail wildly trying to put them out.

"I'm wounded surely you can come up with something better than that." Harry stated as he began to bait the witch. Smiling as he threw several more insults at her and watching as she became more and more flustered.

"How is this for you, you little bastard." Bella screamed as she sent the killing curse straight at Harry and then watched in horror as the beam of green light suddenly stopped in mid air and reversed its direction. Frozen in shock, the green light hit Bella straight in the chest and she fell dead to the floor.

Harry stood staring at the fallen death eater for several long moments before he waved his hand and sent them to the foyer of the ministry.

"How did you do that?" James asked shoving his shaking hands into his pockets as he stared at Harry in amazement.

"Would you believe me if I told you I had no idea?" Harry asked as he turned to face his father.

"You just stopped a killing curse in mid air and you have no idea how you did it?" James asked in disbelief.

"That's about right." Harry sighed as he caught the look in his father's eyes and knew that he didn't believe him.

"Believe it or not, sometimes things just happen and I don't always know why." Harry said as he turned away to hide the hurt in his eyes.

"What do you mean things happen?" James asked curiously.

"It means no matter how hard that I try to avoid it, trouble finds me and shit happens." Harry grated out, trying not to show his anger, knowing that while he had been gone, his father had done nothing to try and find out about Harry or his life.

"You owe me a quarter, young man." Destiny smirked as she suddenly appeared before Harry in flowing white robe with her hand held out.

"Here's a fifty pound note, because I am far from finished." Harry growled angrily as he suddenly disappeared.

Harry reappeared on the front lawn of the one place he could truly feel at home. Trilling softly as he caught sight of two baby phoenix's playing in the distance, Harry found his bad mood quickly fading as several brightly colored phoenixes's suddenly appeared before him.

"Phoenix Master, it is good to see you have finally returned home." A bright white phoenix with golden tips on his wings trilled as Harry started up the front steps.

"How are you Angel?" Harry trilled back to the phoenix as he placed his palm against the door and it swung open.

"Things are well, master." Angel trilled as he hovered in the air next to Harry.

"Angel, I need to be alone." Harry said as he slowly sank to the floor with his head in his hands to hide the tears on his cheeks.

Angel paused for a moment before he trilled softly and then flew away wishing that just for once, the child man that was his master could catch just a small break in life.

Destiny's kind smile faded into a scorn as she spun around to face James Potter.

"Why is it so hard to just simply embrace your child and tell him that you love him and are glad that he is home safely?" Destiny demanded to know.

"All Harry has ever wanted was a family to love him as much as he loved them, unfortunately, no matter how many gods have deemed that Harry has suffered so much that all of them are compelled to help in any way that they can, it seems that you and the rest of those that he cares so deeply for, that he is willing to sacrifice his life for without hesitation, are determined to make him suffer even more for the self centeredness that you all have shown in the past." Destiny stated as her hair turned from snow white to a flaming red.

"What the hell are you talking about?" James demanded not at all enjoying the way he was being lectured like a five year old.

"I am talking about you James Harold Potter and your inability to accept anyone that you deem below your self. I am talking about the way you hurt others for entertainment. I am talking about the way your father is more worried about his position in life than showing kindness to a child who so desperately needs it. If Albus or anyone else had just taken a few moments of their time every now and then to show a bit kindness to Tom Riddle, then he would not be the dark lord that he is today. The wizarding world would be living in peace and your child would not have to suffer as he has. It is the fault of your family and friends that this has happened. The result is that your child now must clean up the mess that you all have created. Harry must now taint the pureness of his heart by killing the Dark Lord. He is the one that must pay for your family's mistakes." Destiny stated angrily.

"That killing curse was meant for you James Potter, your son the one you keep rejecting saved your life. Just as he has saved numerous others, if you and everyone else keep pushing that child away and continuously causing him pain, the next time I promise that it will find its mark despite the powers that your son now has." Destiny warned before disappearing within a burst of flames that left a black scorch mark on the already damaged floor.