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Author's Note: Welcome all, to Legends of the DigiDestined. This is my attempt of telling a story about the first group of DigiDestined, the ones that started it all. Yes, the ones before the Adventures and 02 team; the ones which are mentioned briefly in Digimon Adventures. This is a big project of mine, (even bigger than Vengeance) and will cover a large number of plot, origins, characters, various twists and turns, and even more. As you can see, this story is regularly updated, and will continue to do so as long as the time permits it for me to do so. So sit back, relax, grab a popcorn, and enjoy.


The presence of another world, or an alternate dimension always had been a hot topic for discussion for many. Some were believers, some kept an open mind, and there were those who were ignorant and unbelievers. Little did they know; there indeed was an alternate world other than Earth. A world made out by a combination of computer data and the hopes and dreams of the people of Earth. A world existed since the very first introduction of the computers.

The said world was known as the Digital World.

The Digital World was a home to creatures known as the Digital Monsters, or Digimon in short. Hatched from Digi-eggs, Digimon were peaceful creatures in nature. They were made of data, but once they hatched they became living creatures of flesh and blood. How did these happen, nobody could point it out. These beings were very different from those from Earth in terms of growing up. Instead of aging, the Digimon's way of growing were by a unique way called Digivolution. They began from the Digi-egg level, and would progress into Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega levels, with Mega being the strongest possible Digivolutionary form any Digimon could achieve.

Digimon were classified into three types, which were called vaccine, data and virus. Most vaccine Digimon were known to be trustworthy, brave and basically, every fine characteristics which could be listed down. Virus types were those who were prone into mischief and rebellious, while Data types were a blend of both, making them the neutral groups of Digimon.

As time flowed quicker in the Digital World compared to Earth, a few centuries had already passed since the beginning of the world. In some parts of the world, great civilizations were achieved whereas in other parts nature was left alone.

Despite their differences, the Digimon all lived together in harmony for many centuries. However, that was about to change with the arrival of a force that could threaten the peace and balance of the Digital World.



Chapter 01 – The Beginning


The place was void of all living creatures. In fact, it looked like an outer space minus the planets and stars, although specs of lights could be seen twinkling from a far against a dark maroon and blue universal background. This was actually a dimension which had a doorway towards the Digital World.

Shouts could be heard and the sounds of metals hitting each other broke the deathly silence that usually prevailed around this area.

"Transcendent Sword!"

"Crimson Lightning!"

A tall, humanoid figure clad in white armor and crimson cape was seen soaring towards the endless sky. Its height reached twenty meter high, and the ends of its hands were shaped with the head of a metallic blue wolf on the right while the left hand housed the head which bore the design of the metallic head of a silver-orange dinosaur warrior. It was a digimon, who went by the name of Omnimon.

"Do you not realize, Omnimon, that your effort to prevent me from entering the Digital World is futile?"

Omnimon's opponent was a yellow and blue bulb-looking being, also a digimon. It had ten chains dangling out from random places of its bulb body, each chain had a metallic claw on its end. On top of the bulb there was a humanoid man-like being standing on top of it. It was dressed in black, and the cape was crimson in the inside. The upper portion of its face was covered by a helmet which exposed only the eyes, which were glinting maliciously. The torso of this manlike being was connected with the huge bulb by its somewhat deformed lower extremities which shaped like long thick wires.

"Apocalymon, you are a being of darkness! As the guardian appointed to guard the gates between here and the Digital World, I will do everything I can to stop you from crossing the Wall of Fire and bring evil into our world!"

"Your world?" Apocalymon snarled incredulously. "I am a Digimon too. What right do you have to deny me of living a life on the Digital World?"

"A being of darkness such as the likes of you has no place inside the Digital World!"

"I am merely created from all the Digimon's sorrows and energies lost during the digivolving process. And I am determined to share that sorrow with all the Digimon there so they will suffer the same fate as me!" Apocalymon's tone was death-cold now as he let out an evil yet sorrowful laugh.

"All the more reason for me to stop you, Apocalymon," Omnimon retorted.

Not far from the battlezone where Omnimon and Apocalymon were facing each other were two silver towers standing on a twenty meter square red metallic platform. Periodically, thin wall of orange flames shot out from the platform towards the endless sky, which was followed by another wall of bluish white fire from the two silver towers. This was the Wall of Fire, the gateway between the Universe dimension and the Digital World.

"Never that I thought a being of light could be this foolish!" Apocalymon shouted angrily, and raised one of his chain appendages. The claw grew larger and took on a shape of a cannon. "Giga Cannon!" Red laser beam shot out from the cannon, making its way towards Omnimon.

Omnimon quickly reacted by using his right hand, where a missile suddenly came out from the wolf-like hand of his. "Supreme Cannon!" he roared, and white laser beam. The two attacks collided, canceling each other as the forces from both sides were equally strong. Omnimon however was sent hurling backward due to the impact, while Apocalymon barely moved an inch. It was clear now who was the stronger fighter.

"It is evident that I am more superior to you, Omnimon, even though you supposedly are made of two powerful Mega Digimon!" Apocalymon said triumphantly.

Omnimon did not reply. "It is now or never! I have to do whatever it takes to stop him!" he muttered silently. He looked down at his white armor, which had cuts and scorch marks all over. The battle between him and Apocalymon had been going on for the whole day without stop. Approximately eighteen hours to be precise, and Omnimon was beginning to feel tired. So far he had only managed to cut out four out of Apocalymon's ten claw-chains. Despite that Apocalymon did not show any signs of injury or weakness.

"You are weakening, Omnimon. You should have known better to take on an experienced digimon like me."

Not replying, Omnimon raised his sword-hand slowly towards the sky and cried out, "Omnimon Mode Change..."

Pure white aura suddenly erupted from the sword and changed into silver-blue energy ray which swirled around his body, beginning from the tip of the sword and heading towards the feet. As the energy ray spiraled around him, Omnimon felt reenergized and his body began to grow larger and bulkier. All the scorch marks on his white armor disappeared, and his injuries were magically healed. The result was a more magnificent-looking Omnimon, which stood majestically in front of Apocalymon.

"Transcendence Mode!"

Apocalymon could feel the new increasing powers of Omnimon. "What have you done, Omnimon!" he demanded.

Omnimon looked up. "Behold my highest digivolutionary mode, Omnimon in Transcendence Mode! Thanks to the powers of the five sovereigns of the Digital World I am now fully healed and ready for another round of battle with you."

"Transcendence Mode?" Apocalymon asked incredulously. "It is unheard of!"

"So are you," Omnimon replied boldly. His sword shot out from his left hand. "Transcendent Sword!" He loomed towards Apocalymon with unrivalled speed and cut another four of the chains, leaving only two of them still hanging in mid-air.

Apocalymon let out a sickening howl. "You will pay for this Omnimon!" The two remaining claw-chains then took on the shape of the snouts of a metallic dragon and Apocalymon roared, "River of Power!"

Two streams of yellow energy beam shot from the snouts but Omnimon simply blocked the attacks with his sword. Then, he placed a careful aim towards the two remaining claws and pointed his cannon-hand towards them.

"Supreme Cannon!" A single blue energy beam instantly engulfed the claws and destroyed them completely. Omnimon retracted the cannon and readied his sword again.

"Transcendent Sword!" This time, he was aiming to severe Apocalymon's humanly torso and separated it from his bulb body.

However, Apocalymon still had a few last tricks up his sleeve. "Darkness Zone!" Hundreds of energy beams shot from the hollow parts of the bulb where the chain-claws used to be at, showering Omnimon with the needle-shaped beams. It was unexpected; Omnimon had thought that Apocalymon had lost all of his ways of attacking. He was hurled back instantly, but his new armor, made out from the strongest metal in the Digital World and engrafted with holy powers, protected him from the attacks.

"This is not over yet, Omnimon! If I cannot make it into the Digital World, then my legion of darkness will! Come out, my children!"

Omnimon's heart raced wildly as he realized what Apocalymon was about to do.

"No!" he cried out, but it was too late. Apocalymon began to move away from Omnimon and the Wall of Fire. From the ten hollow spots on his bulb ten spirit-like beings crawled out. Each of them had glowing crimson eyes and their features were like the shadows of Apocalymon's humanoid body.

The ten spirits zoomed towards Omnimon and attacked simultaneously, sending out a huge swarm of bats towards him before the holy warrior could even defend himself. Each bat exploded upon contact with his body, and Omnimon only managed to swipe a few of them away.

Suddenly Omnimon realized that the bats had not only injured him, but somehow had drained him of his powers. The spirits attacked him continuously, and Omnimon struggled to break free. In his dire attempt to escape, Omnimon focused his energy towards his cannon-arm and bellowed, "Supreme Cannon!"

The attack did the trick, as the blast coming from the cannon engulfed the three nearest spirits, destroying them completely. The remaining seven spirits immediately ran away from Omnimon, afraid that they would suffer the same fate.

Apocalymon however, remained calm. "You are losing power, Omnimon."

True enough, Omnimon let a loud scream before returning back to his earlier Omnimon's form. He had lost his powers to maintain his Transcendence Mode due to the attack from the spirits.

"I still have enough of me to eradicate you out of this dimension!"

"Such determination! It is a shame, really, for me to destroy you. With you at my side, we could dominate the Digital World together."

"I would sooner die than joining you."

"Then so be it! My children, do it now!"

The spirits obeyed and attacked again by sending another huge swarm of bats towards Omnimon. The holy digimon however was prepared this time around, and blasted the bats away with his cannon while slashing some of them away from him with his sword. He did this repeatedly, but after the bats were cleared he saw that the spirits were zooming towards the Wall of Fire.

"No! I have to stop them!" Omnimon said as he chased the spirits away. They were getting closer and closer towards the gate, and Omnimon realized that there was only one thing he could do to stop them. He aimed his cannon-arm towards the Wall of Fire and...

"Not so fast!" Apocalymon roared and hurled his bulb body towards Omnimon. Omnimon evaded, but the well-aimed Supreme Cannon had missed its target and hit only one of the two silver towers on the platform.

As one of the silver towers collapsed onto the platform, the other one began to malfunction as well. However it still sustained the gateway and the spirits had managed to enter it one by one. Apocalymon shifted his attention towards Omnimon with a look of grim satisfaction.

"I might not make it into the Digital World, but my legions of darkness will spread my sorrow and hatred throughout your precious world until it is engulfed by evil. Neither of the Digimon there will have the privilege of seeing the light. Darkness will prevail!"

Omnimon was stunned. He had tried to stop them, but the spirits had escaped into the Digital World. Lamenting himself, Omnimon felt an intense anger burning through his every veins. To him, it was his fault that the Apocalymon's legions of darkness had escaped.

Apocalymon seemed to be enjoying Omnimon's condition right now.

"Every battle has to end, Omnimon. And today I declare that for the first time ever, darkness triumphs against the power of light!" Apocalymon said loudly. "And now to finish up everything in sight..."

Omnimon's mind instantly reverted back to its former alert state.

"Goodbye, Omnimon," Apocalymon said slowly before crying out, "Total... ANNIHILATION!"