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Chapter 4: The terror of it all

Jou immediately got up. He couldn't believe this! It was just his luck to be thrown onto his arch-enemy himself. The oh-so great and powerfull Seto Kaiba. Without saying a word, he ran for it. This was going too far! It was bad enough Kaiba knew, but to just come to his home and mock him was just too much. "Jou, wait!" he heard Kaiba yell. But he didn't want to stop. He couldn't talk about it because he was way too embarassed, and thus, he wouldn't. he heard kaiba swear and then realized how the sound of fast footsteps was approaching rapidly. "Oh, crap oh, crap, CRAP!" Jou thought. This couldn't be happening. Kaiba was too fast for him. And then it happened. Kaiba grabbed him by the arm, layed his other hand on Jou's shoulder and turned him around. "Would you just listen to me?" he asked firmly. Jou shook his head. "I'd really rather not" Jou tried to get his arm back but to no avail. He was weakened and kaiba was his strong self again. "But you will" Kaiba responded and dragged Jou with him.

Jou struggled hard, but his luck was completely washed away. "Would you calm down already?" kaiba hissed. But Jou didn't listen. Whatever the reason, he didn't want to go with Kaiba. Who knew what evil the CEO had planned, what he was going to do with him. Tears started to stream down Jou's face. "Please, just let go!" he wailed. Kaiba glanced at him and Jou thought he saw a trace of pity in his eyes, but he took it as his imagination and continued to struggle. But this batlle could not be won and even though Jou was not a quitter, his wounds were starting to ache terribly because of his struggling. This couldn't be healthy. Finally, he stopped his fight and just let Kaiba lead him to what seemed to be a limo. "Now, that's a good boy." Kaiba said. Jou growled. No matter what, kaiba wouldn't stop mocking him. Out of rage, he bit Kaiba fiercely in his arm, hoping he would let go.

But, he didn't.

Calmly, the brunette turned to Jou and stared at him with serious eyes. "Could you stop that, NOW!" he said fiercely. Jou didn't know what it was, but something in kaiba's voice made him obey. After Jou released Kaiba, the CEO opened the door of the limo and pushed Jou semi-roughly into it. Then, he came to sit next to him and locked the doors. "Home." He told the driver, and the car started. The driver never questioned the strange boy, nor the state he was in, as if this was a common thing.

Soon, they arrived at a grand mansion. A palace no less. Jou – even though he found this all to be beatifull and glamorous – could no longer keep his eyes open. "Try to stay awake a bit longer" said Kaiba, but Jou couldn't. He felt tired, weak and mostly drained. He didn't know if he fell asleep, or if he fell unconcious. But he did see the vail of darkness return to cover up his sight, his hearing, smelle and taste, and most importantly, his aching bruises and cuts. His broken bones, and throbbing infections. All dissapeared once more into the sweet dark, while he was starting to thrust his very life to the once found very evil CEO.

He really thrusted him, and thus he slept.