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Silver Eyes

"And I see you standing there

Wanting more from me

And all I can do Is try..."

Nelly Furtado

Chapter 1 – A vision of the past and present

Early morning, Ginevra Weasley walked along the clean and expensive floors of the Moretti Clinic, the best and most expensive medical clinic in wizarding England.

In half an hour the first patients would start arriving, but Ginny liked to arrive to early, to have everything in order to start working. Changing her suitcase to her left hand, she raised her right one to wipe her forehead. It was middle summer, and the weather was extremely hot, even inside the marble corridors. Good thing she had put her long red hair in a perfect bun, or she would be frying beneath her large mane of curly hair. Stopping in front of a door, she read the plaque on it...

'Healer Ginevra Weasley
Specialized in Motor Rehabilitation'

Everything felt so wrong to her... This clinic was not where she had envisioned herself, when she graduated from Wizarding College. Only rich people came here, and that's where Ginny's problems started. Her dream, when she chose her career, was to work with people who truly needed her help, because they couldn't afford medical assistance... A big part of that dream was to work with children, but everything changed even before it could start. What destroyed her dreams? We'll get to that...

Entering her office, Ginny placed her suitcase on the big desk, and looked around her. Everything in this clinic was extremely expensive, tidied, clean and... impersonal. It made her feel melancholic and unhappy, to say the truth.

Now, let me explain why is she so unhappy...

Ginny had finished Hogwarts 6 years ago and after a few weeks of pondering, she decided what career she wanted to follow... She wanted to help people recover from their handicaps after the violent Final War, against Voldemort.

The War had lasted months, and when Harry finally destroyed Voldemort, many children were orphan, and some of them had lost more than their families... They had lost their innocence, their childhood... Some had lost their mental capacities and some had lost their body members.

How could she not feel a big desire to hep those people in need?

'Well, look where I am now... I don't belong here!' she thought sadly, sitting behind her desk. "How am I still here after a whole year?"

"Because you love me?" a male voice came from the doorway, making her jump in surprise. "Good morning, Ginevra dear..."

Trying to stabilize her breathing again, Ginny watched the handsome blond man walk across her office in her direction, his attractive body beautifully covered in a black suit and blue tie, matching his deep blue eyes.

"Good morning, Carlo..." she smiled, standing up to give him a soft kiss on his lips. "You're looking good!"

"Of course, darling! I must be at my top all the time..." he winked sexily, making her weeks go weak. His smile always had that effect on her.

"So, what are you doing here, today? I thought you weren't coming to work today!" Ginny asked, sitting back on her chair.

"I'm not working today, but I have a meeting with my Father... I came by to tell you that tonight we have a dinner party at the Fashionable Hotel, at 7:30 pm. Make sure you're there on time, ok?" Carlo said, looking at her with a scowl. "What are you wearing?" Ginny looked at her outfit. She was wearing a black skirt that barely touched her knees, a red top and black high-heeled sandals... There was nothing wrong with that, but Carlo always thought there was.

"You really need to learn how to dress, darling! How can I have you by my side if you don't have a taste for fashion?" he asked, folding his arms in front of his wide chest.

"Carlo, I'm ok like this... It's so hot out there!" Ginny complained, bored. "You always make that speech that I don't look good, and I don't like it..."

"Darling, look at me! Is there anything wrong with my look?" Carlo asked, placing his arms away from his body, for her to see better.

"Carlo, if you love me, you'll accept plain old me! I've accepted you, your rich friends and your boring parties... Just try to accept me as I am!" Ginny said, furious, studying her patients' files.

"See you there at 7:30 pm... Don't forget!" was all he said, as he left her office.

"Damn you, Carlo Moretti!" Ginny yelled, throwing the file she was reading against the closed door.

Ginny had met Carlo at college, and on their final year, they started dating.

Carlo was a very attractive man, son of extremely wealthy people, the heir of the Moretti Empire, and a successful Healer. Why he chose Ginny to be his girlfriend? Yes, she asked herself that question often, and always came to the same conclusion... Because she was the Minister of Magic's daughter.

After they both ended their graduations, a year ago, Carlo convinced Ginny to leave her job at an orphanage, and join his family's clinic. She didn't want to, but he said that he couldn't have his future wife working in such a poor place.

Happy that he thought of her as his wife, she had agreed to come to this bloody clinic. He made her change her visual, buying her extremely expensive clothes and made her take classes on how to behave in parties and social events.

Once again, Ginny found herself feeling disgusted with her behaviour. How could she leave her ambitions to join a bunch of snob rich people, that made up diseases just to go to the Moretti clinic and say in front of everyone that they usually went there? In Carlo's world, everyone lived of appearances.

She really liked Carlo, but she didn't love him... And apparently, he didn't love her back. Yes, he was gentle and caring when he wanted to, and this happened on rare occasions.

Sighing, Ginny tried to calm herself and prepared to attend her patients of that morning.

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