Chapter 20 - Try

Have you ever felt the rain fall down on your face? Have you ever felt how it tickles your cheeks as the raindrops slide along your skin, the way it brushes your lips and you lick them, feeling the tasteless water with a smile? The feeling of your soul being purified, by simply getting soaked into your bones, and enjoying it?

Well, that innocent happiness was taking over Ginny right now... She had never expected to hear all those truths, and still she felt as if they had finally satisfied her curiosity, her need to understand everything around her.

Thomas' past was now a reality with faces, the sweet face of Neville and the pug face of Pansy... Yes, she was the mother of that gorgeous child and Neville had loved her, but still, Ginny couldn't bring herself to like the Slytherin girl that had made her life miserable back at Hogwarts.

The reason why Draco kept pushing her away was now explained as well... He had feared her reaction to the secrets he was hiding... He had cared enough for her, to hide the bad things about him he didn't want her to see, but now she knew, and if possible, she loved him more for telling her what he felt. Draco was a very strong man with an even stronger personality, but that day, he had cried in her arms, and showed her that he could actually feel and cry like everyone else.

Ginny had Draco's love, and he had asked her to remain by his side, and she was ready for that mission. They had agreed on not getting married for now, as they needed to get to know each other. They needed to find out more about the other, if they wanted a successful life together ahead of them, and they were both thrilled with the new project of having a Weasley and a Malfoy living under the same roof, night and day...

It was with a heavy trunk and a light heart that Ginny, Thomas and Draco took a Portkey to return to England, her true home.

When the three of them materialised in the Manor's huge hall, Ginny gasped in shock. She had never seen the house so full of light! All around her, every single surface was shining with light coming from huge windows on top of the entrance door and candles floating above their heads.

"Draco? Have you redecorated the house?" Ginny asked, noticing his mischievous grin.

"Maybe..." he chuckled, and Thomas laughed openly, not bothering to hide his amusement.

"Boys? What have you done while I was away?" she asked, her voice full of suspicion. As none of them answered, Ginny slowly walked to the first set of doors that led to the magnificent living room. When she opened the doors, she nearly fainted in shock. "D... Draco? What's going on?"

Ginny just couldn't believe it... The living room was full of hospital beds, ten at least, and the bed sheets had little animated cartoons jumping around, in all sort of colours. There were stuffed toys neatly arranged on shelves along the walls, the floor was carpeted to keep the room warmer and there was a small bathrobe at the end of each bed, some blue and some pink.

All this could only mean one thing... this was a paediatric infirmary! Ginny kept on studying the room with a surprised, yet smiling face, while Draco watched her with a smile of his own.

"So, what do you think of the new décor?" he teased, standing behind her with his arms surrounding her waist.

Ginny turned around in his arms and gave him a gentle peck on his lips.

"Right now, I need to know what's going on... Is this the project Hermione was talking about in her letter?" Ginny asked, standing back from his arms to walk around the infirmary, Thomas by her side, playing with some toys he had found on the shelves.

"Yes... She helped us with the paper work at the Ministry. That one is unstoppable when she's around important documents and books, is she not?" Draco said, and surprisingly there wasn't hate or disgust in his voice as he talked about one of Ginny's best friends. "Your father gave us his full support and guaranteed that this new Hospital became an extension of St. Mungos, and it's going to be fully dedicated to children."

"A Paediatric Hospital... A public one at that! This is wonderful!" she laughed happily, sitting on one of the comfortable beds. "How did you manage all this in only a few months?"

"Oh, actually, the idea wasn't mine... I had a huge help from Thomas!" Draco smiled, sitting next to her, holding her hands in his, as they both watched the boy play on the carpeted floor with miniature Quidditch figures, that actually flew around his head, trying to score chocolate Quaffles in his mouth.

"Thomas?" she mumbled, a little confused.

"Yes... We were plotting a way to have you back in our lives and he suggested I made one of your dreams come true. I had a wonderful chat with Luna, and POP, this idea came to our heads and we didn't loose anytime to put it in action!" he explained, gesturing to the room. "The whole house has been transformed into a Hospital. We have surgery rooms, many more infirmaries like this one, dozens of bathrooms prepared for handicapped children and adults, we have installed an elevator to allow a better access to upper levels, there's a ward only for Maternity, we have another ward for physically handicapped children as well, complete with two big gyms where they can work on getting better. And that's were you'll be working from now on..."

Ginny's mouth was hanging open with all of his descriptions. The old Malfoy Manor had been in the family for centuries, it had a long past of Dark Arts and now... after centuries of history, it was being transformed into a Hospital, to actually help children! Unable to stop her tears, Ginny jumped in Draco's arms and hugged him strongly, happiness flowing through her whole body.

"Thank you...." she whispered against his ear, her voice full of emotion.

"Hey, you deserve this and much more... And, we'll be working together! I'm the Director of this Hospital, I've already hired the staff, prepared the stocks with food, hygiene products, surgery utensils, décor, toys, everything... All we need to do now, is start working!" he replied, looking deep into her eyes. "Are you ready to work, Healer Weasley?"

"I was born ready, Director Malfoy!" she laughed, kissing him passionately. "Oh, by the way, where are you living now?"

"That's the other surprise..." he smirked, kissing her softly and then called Thomas over her shoulder. "Come on kid, we have one more surprise to show to her!"

Thomas slowly stood on his feet and picked up the now motionless toys, placing them back on the shelve. If only all kids were like him, uh?

The three of them walked back to the hall and stopped next to Ginny's trunk. Draco made a new Portkey using a small quill and they were transported to their new location.

Ginny still had her eyes squeezed shut, waiting for the dizziness of travelling with a Portkey to go away, but she could feel the cold wind around her, making her long hair fly around her head and her robes to cling to her body. Finally daring to open her eyes, Ginny found herself surprised for the second time that night.

There, in front of her was a beautiful Italian villa, with only the ground level floor, so that meant no staircases for Thomas, there were several balconies surrounded by beautiful rosebushes and other colourful plants, the house was painted in white, and the windows allowed the candle light to illuminate the garden where they stood.

Everything was perfect... Draco had done a wonderful job on both the Hospital and the house as well. It was evident that he wanted to prove her how much he truly cared for her, and although she didn't need all those things to know that, she still felt proud and happy that he did them.

"Draco? Are we in England at all?" she asked, turning around to face him, noticing that Thomas was in his arms, his blond head resting on Draco's shoulder, almost asleep.

"Yes, we are very close to Malfoy Manor... I had this house built last month, knowing you would love it. Hermione and Luna gave wonderful ideas about your tastes in house décor..." Draco grinned, one hand supporting Thomas' body against his chest, while the other hand gently rubbed the boy's back, just like a real daddy would do.

"It's gorgeous, Draco... Both the house and the two of you together like that! You'll be a great father, you know?" she asked, stepping closer to them, caressing Thomas' face and gently kissing Draco's cold lips.

"I hope so, Gin... Come, lets go inside." he smiled, leading the way to the house double front doors, then he turned around to face her. "Welcome to Villa del Amore..."

Ginny smiled and walked in her new home, with her new family.


"Thomas, be careful!" Ginny called from her towel, watching as her son and her nephew had fun jumping the small waves that hit the sand.

After returning to England with Draco and Thomas eight months ago, Ginny had started working furiously. She had never felt so complete as she felt now, and she owed all that to Draco and her whole family's support and love. After all those months working non-stop, both Ginny and Draco agreed on spending some nice vacations in a far away country, and since Ginny had promised Thomas to take him back to Positano beaches, there they were, lying on the sand, enjoying the scalding sun and warm Mediterranean sea.

Hermione and Harry had married after Ginny returned to England, and last month Hermione gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy, with his father's black hair of course. Harry was always grinning foolishly, always showing pictures of his baby to everyone he knew.

Ginny was the next woman in the line to give birth... She was now 6 months pregnant and her belly still didn't show much, probably because she was carrying a little girl inside of her... A delicate flower that she loved already.

Draco had been so ecstatic the day she gave him the good news... All he could do was laugh and hug Ginny, almost making her get sick several times in the process. They were making plans of marrying as soon as their little girl was born, and then Ginny and Draco would adopt Thomas as their legal son.

Thomas... he had been so happy with the baby news. It really was important to have his acceptance on this, because he would have a big role to play in 3 months, as his sister's protector.

"Gin, I'm going to have a swim with Ron, but I'll keep an eye on the kids, ok? You can follow Draco's example and have a nap..." Luna whispered, making Ginny wake up from her thoughts.

Ron and Luna had joined Ginny and Draco on this small vacation, and Sean was having a lot of fun with Thomas, both boys spending their days playing in the wet sand, with the sea waves washing their warm bodies.

"Thank you, Luna... I don't understand how he can sleep so much! He slept the whole night..." Ginny smiled, watching Draco sleeping on the towel next to hers, lying on his back.

"Probably you've tired him..." Luna giggled, getting a horrified look from Ron.

"Oh, come on Ron... As if this baby got inside of me by miracle!" Ginny laughed, kissing her brother's cheek.

"I know, but I didn't want to hear details..." he whined, standing up and pulling Luna up with his arms. "We'll be right back!"

Ginny smiled, watching the couple jump their way to the wet sand, because the dry sand was scalding their feet. When they got there, they held the kids in their arms and entered the sea, having fun splashing water.

Ginny laid on her side on her towel, facing a sleeping Draco.

'Merlin, he's gorgeous...' she sighed, running her eyes from the tip of his head until she reached his toes. There wasn't a single flaw in his physical appearance, and everyone would agree with her on that. But they wouldn't agree with her about his personality. Many people, correction, a lot of people considered him a cold bastard. Well, she had been one of those persons some time ago, but now that she had found the real Draco, under all those layers of superiority complex, sneers, and general nastiness.

He was a wonderful father for Thomas. They usually spent hours flying on their broomsticks in the garden, they had long talks, and played with some toys, and every night Draco insisted that they read a bedtime story to the boy. Draco was trying to do everything right, he was trying to succeed where his parents had failed. Ginny was sure he would succeed with their girl as well.

With a light touch, Ginny ran her fingers over his face, his tender lips and then over his jaw. Draco stirred slightly, but did not wake up. Holding back a giggle, Ginny touched his neck and then his soft warm chest, running her nails over one of his nipples. Once again, Draco stirred and made a small groan at the back of his throat, but his eyes did not open.

'You can't fool me, Draco... I know you're awake!' Ginny thought with an evil smile, running her hand over his stomach, his belly button and lower. Watching his lips form a smile Ginny grinned and slipped a few fingers under the beach trunks' elastic, but still left her hand out.

When she didn't kept on moving her hand in those gentle caresses like he had been waiting for, Draco opened his silver eyes and stared at her with a pout in his lips.

"Why did you stop, you tease?" he complained, looking down at her hand on his waistline.

"You were having fun, weren't you? Well, this was just a lesson... You were pretending to be asleep just to have me keep on touching you! Besides, everyone is staring at my wondering fingers. Quite a few women are drooling all over the sight of you!" she teased, removing her hand from his skin and placed it on top of her belly.

"Hey, what can I do? I'm not to blame for being a sexy man!" he grinned, forcing her to lay on her back and laid next to her, with their faces inches apart.

"What have I said about modesty, Draco? You don't have to speak so highly of yourself! I'm here for that, you sexy beast..." she smiled sexily.

"Sexy beast, uh? I think that's enough payment for having stopped your wandering fingers!" he smiled, kissing her hungrily. "I love you!"

"I love you too, darling... I'm just worried about our baby girl." Ginny sighed happily, kissing his lips gently, but Draco broke the kiss and stared at her worried.

"Why? What's wrong?" he asked.

"She's already promised to a gorgeous guy her father does not approve of!" Ginny explained, caressing his cheek.

"What? You promised our girl to some guy? Are you crazy, Ginny? Who is he?" Draco said, his face worried and his voice desperate.

"I didn't actually promised her, but I'm sure they'll be together no matter what... I'm talking about James Potter, of course!" Ginny giggled, watching his face fill with pure terror.

"No way... My daughter will not be Potter's girlfriend! Not even his friend! I don't want her to meet him, ever..." Draco said, sitting up on his towel, a cold look in his face. "We'll send her to Beauxbatons..."

"Oh Draco, you silly, you know she's going to Hogwarts and she's going to be best friends with James... Don't deny that you loved to hold the small guy last week!" Ginny smiled, sitting up and throwing her arms around her fiancée.

"Another Potter to torment my life..." Draco mumbled, his face relaxing again to an amused grin. "But, can I still menace him about our baby?"

"Sure, as soon as she turns old enough to have a boyfriend you can menace James..." Ginny chuckled and kissed his cheek. "I love you, Malfoy..."

"Love ya too, Gin..."

Together they sat on their towels, watching as Ron sat Thomas on his shoulders and Luna did the same with Sean, and they started a fight inside the water. Everything was perfect right then, and hopefully things would only get better as the time passed.

'And I see you standing there

Wanting more from me

And all I can do

Is try...'

With the same words I've started this story, I now finish it...

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to accomplish something, we never seem to be successful, feeling frustrated, a failure, incompetent, all kinds of negative emotions running through us. All we do is ask ourselves and others 'What have I done wrong?' and most times we come to the same conclusion 'Nothing!'.

But there's always a reason to each of our problems... You just need to search properly for that reason and try to fix it.

In Ginny's case, her relationship with Carlo wasn't very good, no matter how hard she tried to please him... So, why wasn't it working out? Probably because she was trying too hard to be someone he wanted, and not herself. Maybe she truly never loved him enough to enjoy what they had... There are several possible explanations, but in the end, all you need to know is that, sometimes trying is not enough. Sometimes all you need is to start all over again, and hope everything will be okay in the end.

Ginny started a whole new life with a new job and a new love. She faced several obstacles, but still, she tried to fix everything by listening Draco's confessions, by accepting them as true, and here she was... happier than ever.

Yes, you should try to be better, you should fight hard to overcome your problems and be happy, but sometimes, when things keep on not working, no matter how hard you try, you have to stop, take a deep breath and look around you, and inside of yourself as well. Is it really worth it, spending your time and energy on something that doesn't feel right and never seems to get on the right track? Or should you start all over again? The decision is up to you...

Each situation is unique, but Ginny's problem led her to the decision she thought was right for her, and in the end, it was worth it.

The End

This is the worst ending to a story I've ever done! I'm not happy with it, but right now, it's all my brain accomplishes...

Actually, I'm not pleased with this story at all! I could have done much better, but the plot didn't enthusiasm me as much as When the Angels Cry and His Little Healer.

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