Title: What If They Don't Come Back

Author: Rude's Mom

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Stargate. I wish I did. All characters will be returned the their proper owners when I finish playing with them.

Spoilers: Buffy through season two, then AU through season four, totally AU after that; Stargate through season six, then AU after that

Rating: R for language (PG-13), violence (PG-13/R), and sex (R)

Prologue — California, Late Summer 1998

She was back. It had taken more than three months but she had finally found herself. She was Buffy the Vampire Slayer and she was going home.

"Anne" would remain and give another girl a chance to find herself.

While Anne left went to collect her few possessions, Buffy put the last of her stuff in her knapsack. She took one last look at the small, dingy, one-room flat and headed for the door. A flash of light filled the room.

Buffy Summers never made it home.

Chapter 1 — Colorado, Summer 2009

Was it already ten years? According to the invitation that the lieutenant held in his hand it was indeed. He had been invited to the "Ten Year Reunion and Memorial Service for the Sunnydale High School Class of '99." Only in Sunnydale.

Sunnydale, California. One of the few places in California were the housing costs were really low. Officially it was because of the PCP gang problem and the unusual number of deaths attributed to packs of wild dogs and homicidal barbecue forks. The truth was much worse. Sunnydale was home to the world's most active hellmouth and to a lot of things that went bump in the night.

He found out about the truth at fifteen when a cute blonde from LA moved into town. He developed quite the crush on Buffy Anne Summers within minutes of meeting her. She disappeared during their junior year but for months he held on to the hope that she hadn't been another victim of the hellmouth. At first he and his friends comforted themselves with the idea that she had just taken sometime off to deal with the Angel/Angelus situation. They had been split as to whether she had killed Angelus or runoff with a resouled Angel. Giles had the Council searching for her and made numerous trips that first summer tracking down possible sitings. Two years later, the Sunnydale Police Department found the skeletal remains of young woman later identified as Buffy in an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town. But by then, they had already given up hope of finding Buffy. Most slayers didn't make it to eighteen. Kendra hadn't and Faith barely made it to nineteen.

Faith, the anti-Buffy, dark to her light, East Coast to her West. She was sent to Sunnydale during his senior year. Faith, the one he slept with, well sleep hadn't actually been involved... He allowed himself a small smile. He understood her better now. The need to feel, if only for a moment. She had been a good slayer. She stopped the Mayor's ascension and was one of the few to make it out alive from graduation. Even by Sunnydale's standards, it had been a massacre, almost eighty percent of the seniors had been killed in addition to their families. So many died that day, Cordelia, Harmony and the rest of the Cordettes, Larry, Jonathan. Even the junior watcher, Wesley hyphenated something, died.

The graduation had been the last straw for most of the survivors. As soon as he got out of the hospital, he headed for the nearest exit out of town. Willow had followed by the end of the summer. Faith and Giles stayed on the hellmouth.

Faith lasted one more year. She survived the mysterious strain of larengitis and the accompanying rash of murders. She took out a werewolf that was stalking the Sunnydale campus of the University of California. In the end though, it wasn't a vampire or demon that took out Faith. It wasn't even the pet project of an army black ops program that got her. She stopped its demon/cyborg creation and even saved some of the idiots that were part of the program — the Initiative if he remembered correctly. She had been badly injured in doing so, crippled in fact. The Council killed her, having no use for a disabled slayer. When the next slayer arrived, not even Giles remained.

Lieutenant Alexander Harris looked at the invitation one more time before crumbling it up and tossing it into a nearby trash can. He wondered if Willow had gone to the reunion. He figured he would have if the invitation hadn't arrived at the mountain a week after the event.

He looked up as a tall, sandy-haired captain entered the locker room. "Harris, get your ass in gear. We gate out in five minutes."