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Family Secret

Two people sat in a cargo hold for a plane flying to England. "You sure you're going to be alright, Father?" Asked the younger of the two.

He was dressed in dark colored pants with boots. He wore a dark blue long sleeved shirt with a dark red vest. He had black hair that fell all the way down to his hip. His skin was tanner than that of his pale companion, however, one startling trait was very similar. Their eyes. The older one had red eyes with needle slits for pupils. The younger had the same, only his eyes were green tinted with red.

The other simply smiled. The young one knew that this was rare; he did not smile often. "Yes, I will be fine." The younger one gave off a soft snort, "somehow, I doubt that very much. So, I guess I'll see you later?" He asked with some hope in his voice. "Maybe," said his father. The plane had landed; they shared a hug between father and son.

Hours later the young boy arrived at Platform 9 ¾. He boarded the train, ignoring the questioning glances he was receiving by both the parents and students. He chose a compartment near the back, easily carrying his luggage and his owl.

He sat down, crossing his arms as he did so, hoping to catch a few hours of sleep. That was when the door opened. He heard the shuffling of feet as someone entered and sat down on the opposite side. "Is this seat taken?" The person asked.

Before he answered he sniffed the air, however she, he knew it was a she by the sound of her voice and smell she gave off, did not hear it. "No," he answered back slowly. He then opened his eyes and looked at his guest. She had brown hair and seemed a bit on the bookish side. He could tell with all the books she had crammed into her luggage and the several books in her arms.

"Who are you?" He asked. "Uh? Oh! I'm Hermione Granger, pleased to meet you... ah... sorry; I don't know your name." Hermione said. "My name is H..." He was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. He turned to see a boy with silver hair enter the compartment.

He stowed his luggage away and flopped down in a seat. "And you are?" Asked Hermione. "I'm Draco Malfoy. Pleasure." Said the silver haired boy. "You?" She smiled, "I'm Hermione Granger, pleasure to meet you, Draco." They both turned to the other occupant in the compartment. "My name is Harry Potter- Rudbich." Draco's and Hermione's eyes widened in surprise. "You mean THE Harry Potter!?!" Then she stopped. "Wait, what's with the second surname?" Draco too, was interested in that little fact. "It is the surname of my Guardian. He got custody of me." He heard quiet "ohs" from both of them.

"Now that introductions have been concluded, I'm catching up on some sleep." He gave off a grunt and positioned himself the way he was when he first got there. Jetlag was a pain in the ass today...

Several hours later, he was awoken by a little shove. He blinked and he looked up to see Hermione. "What?" He asked, fully awake. "You should change, we're almost at Hogwarts." She said. He nodded, not in the mood to talk. The truth was he didn't have a robe. Sighing, he was glad he brought the cape his father gave him. He shuffled through his trunk to find it. "Where's Draco?" Harry asked; he hadn't seen him in the compartment.

"Right here." Said the voice he had immediately pegged with Draco. He turned to see the silver-haired boy walk into the compartment. Harry pulled out the cape and dramatically draped it over him, fastening the delicate looking gold clasp. "No robes?" Draco said. "No, I only got my other school supplies, we were only a rushed time limit. We had more important things to do." Hermione looked over at him. "What could be more important than school?!" She practically yelled. Although Harry didn't say it very loud, the other two occupants could have sworn he said "Saving the world" under his breath.

The train then slowly screeched to a stop. They had arrived. "Let's go." Harry silently opened the door and stepped out. The three then got off the train and they got onto the same boat heading towards Hogwarts.

A little while later the three stood with the other group of First Years. As Harry stood waiting a young red head came up to him. "Hey you." The boy said. "What do you want?" The red head extended his hand. "I'm Ron, Ron Weasley. You look new around here, so I'll give you a hint. Stay away from Malfoy; he's the wrong sort if you know what I mean. Some families are better than others, and you need some help in that department, if you know what I mean." Harry's eyes narrowed a fraction. 'The nerve of this arrogant asshole.' He thought angrily, 'he should stay out of my business.'

Outwardly however, he showed no anger, he batted the hand away without a second thought. "Leave me alone. I do not need you help. You're a power- hungry hypocrite who only cares about himself. Stay out of my way and you will not find my destructive temper aimed at you. Understood?" Harry said all of this with slightly narrowed eyes. Thankfully, for the red head, someone opened the door just then.

"First years, please follow me for your sorting." The person who said this was a tall black haired witch with green eyes. They were lead into the Great Hall, which had five long tables. Four of them sat students, each looking at the new group expectantly. The fifth one sat entirely full of teachers. At the center of this was a stool with a worn out hat.

Harry waited patiently at silence settled over the hall. That was when the hat's tear opened and it began to sing.

"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep you bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There's nothing hidden in you head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friend,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends,
So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!" (1)

The hat finished off and the Great Hall exploded with applause. Harry droned out what the Professor said after the instructions and only looked around once every new House was called so he could figure out where to go. He waited patiently, subconsciously noting where Hermione and Draco went.

"Potter, Harry!" Said Professor McGonagall. He looked up and waited several moments after his name (sort of) was called, noticing the expressions on the teachers carefully. The old man with white hair had his eyes twinkling. The others had shock clearly written on their faces, even the man with the turban.

He stopped at the Professor before putting on the Sorting Hat. "Before I get sorted, there is one correction I must make." He said calmly, expressionlessly. "Since the fact that I successfully disappeared from view when I was five-years-old, you clearly haven't got notice at what has happened. To put it simply I have been shifted from guardianship from my aunt and uncle to someone else. In addition, by my request and permission from my new guardian, got his surname added on to my. My name is not Harry Potter, but Harry Potter-Rudbich, and I would like it if you remember that. That is all." Harry then put on the Sorting Hat and sat on the stool.

During all his life, Albus Dumbledore had never received a bigger shock in his life. He hadn't even known that Harry had disappeared. 'What had happened?' He thought, 'and who is his new guardian?' He was shaken out of his thoughts as the Sorting Hat made its decision.

Harry waited patiently as he sat on the stool with the hat over his head. That was then he heard a voice. 'Ah... Mr. Potter-Rudbich. I've been expecting you, ever since you were born. Of course, I didn't know you would've changed you name. Tell me now, do you want to make your heredity known, or not?' Harry immediately knew it was the Hat. 'No, I don't. Well, are you going to make your decision or not?' He said (thought) impatiently. 'Hmm... You have qualities of all four houses, however, the dominant ones are Gryffindor and Slytherin. With your dark heritage, one might assume you would go into Slytherin. However, you have valor and courage rivaling Gryffindor himself. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

'Hmm... the best place to put you issss...' the Hat trailed off for dramatic purposes. (Drum roll) "GRYFFINDOR!!!" A table exploded, figuratively of course, into applause. He took off the Hat set in on the stool and sat on the far end of the table, furthest from anyone except Hermione who was next to him. He once again droned out the stupid speech given by the self introduced Albus Dumbledore. He waited as the food appeared in the bowls and on the platters.

He sighed eating only a few bites. He had gotten a large meal before coming over here. Besides, he didn't need to eat much. He waited well over several hours until the feast ended. He droned out the old man's words once again, until he heard his last names being called out.

"Mr. Potter-Rudbich," said Dumbledore, "please come with me." Instantly whispers spread out like wildfire as the said person got up and walked over to the Professors' table. "What do you want?" He said simply. "Please wait down that hallway over there as I dismiss these students, we have much to talk about." Harry's eyes narrowed immediately. "Last I checked, I take orders from no one. What makes you think I will allow you to order me around like some pawn in you little game? You should be thankful I do not want to make a scene." He whispered these words dangerously, only Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape heard him.

Several moments later, Harry and the three Professors sat in the Headmaster's Office. "What do you want?" Harry demanded from the older man. "I would like to know when and why you left your relatives Harry." Albus said calmly. "And what happened afterwards." Harry gave off a low inhuman growl. "Fine. I left when I was five because they beat me. Understood old man?" Dumbledore received the second biggest shock in his life.

"T-they beat you?" McGonagall said unsteadily. "Yes they did. After I left, I ended up in the U.S. and stayed there till I was nine. I traveled and reached a secluded part of Romania when I was 10 ½. That was what? Eight months ago? Over that time, I have been to China, and Vatican City, Rome. Is that all?" Harry said all this calmly without so much as blinking the entire time. The Professors didn't think he even breathed at all.

"Ah...no. Tell me, who is your guardian?" He asked. "His name... is Deshwitat Livid Rudbich, Lord of Rudbich castle." (Saw that commin' didn't you?) "Tell more about this... Deshwitat." Harry's eyes narrowed as he felt his mind being probed. Thankfully, Master Tae had taught him about mental defenses. "Two things. One: I think I have said enough. Two: I do not like those with prying eyes trying to enter my mind without permission. Get out or be destroyed." (Zero tact, just like his dad ) Dumbledore felt as his mind was being surrounded by the defence of Harry's mind. "You know about siege do you not Headmaster. That one surrounds his enemy cutting off their food supplies while degrading them to the point they give up. Because, that is exactly what I will do to you," he said, voice dangerously low "and I will not hold back. In the end you will be nothing more than a pathetic vegetable."

As he had talked, two things happened. One, Dumbledore's breathing had quickened significantly in pace, and two, Snape had pulled out his wand and pointed it at the boy. "What are you doing to him Potter?" Said Severus. Harry looked at him calmly. "He tried to enter my mind. My defenses have only three functions: Ensnare, Wall, and Annihilation. It is currently set on Ensnare, my mind has surrounded his and is laying siege to it. The only reason he is like this is because he won't give up. He's to prideful for his own good. Understand?"

"Then why don't you lower your defenses or something?" Asked McGonagall. "I will most certainly not do such a thing. I will not let anyone I deem untrustworthy to enter my mind. And this just proves my point. Expel me or whatever if you wish. This has, just as I feared, become a waste of my time. I have better things to do." Dumbledore then became calmer. "Finally given up old man?" Harry snorted in contempt.

"I think that is all Mr. Potter-Rudbich. Thank you for your time." The Headmaster said shakily. Harry had used his own memories to attack him.

(What happened when he tried to invade Harry's mind)

Dumbledore look in front of him to see a very large wall spanning the length of the place. He took a step back but found that he couldn't. He turned to see a wall behind him. His eyes widened as he was now surrounded, the walls forming a box to keep him inside. Then a voice spoke.

"Thought you could invade my mind didn't you? Well let's see how well you hold up to this." Everything shifted around himself and he now felt considerably smaller than what he really was. He felt as his head was turned by an invisible force to see a pudgy man staring over him in a rage.

"You ungrateful worthless piece of trash! How dare you talk back to me you freak! That's right, that's all you are, a worthless freak. Probably got it from your whore of a mother!" The man as he could tell was Harry's previous guardian then kicked him in the stomach. And he finally understood what was going on. Harry had put him in place of himself in this memory.

He felt as he was hit again and again, being degraded at the same time. He felt as the body tried to get up but was backhanded back down again. "Did I say you could get up?! You're a worthless piece of trash understand me? The only reason we took you in was because of those freaks would probably check up on us to see if you were here." Once Vernon had said that last sentence, Albus felt a pang of guilt.

They never checked up on him. Never. They left him with his abusive relatives for four years. After seeing this, Dumbledore wouldn't be surprised if he killed him. But at that moment, he had forgotten where he was. "So, you think I should kill you? Hah! You humans are stupid old fools. Why kill you if I could run you through every memory I have that pertains to these beatings?" Harry said.

"You could fell all my pain that I had to deal with alone for four years. I had at least two beatings a day. You do the math." Harry was not in a mood to be played with right now. However, Harry felt Dumbledore relax, a sign of defeat; he certainly didn't want to stay in here anymore. He snorted, pathetic.


Harry walked down the halls, smelling the residual magic energy that came off from the students and found himself in front of the portrait of some lady. "Hello dear, Dumbledore sent ahead that a student would be late and didn't know the password. Come on in, and the password is Lion Heart. Welcome to Gryffindor."

1: Sorting hat song from Book I.

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