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Family Secret

Chapter 3

It was the last day of the first week, and to Harry, all of it was boring. He wondered why anyone would want to learn something as stupid as goblin rebellions, and how evil vampires are. Stupid prejudice humans. It was pathetic how they had to categorize everything as Dark or Light, Good or Evil.

If they met Kalutika, he wondered what the end result would be. But then he instantly got an answer. They would think what he was doing was right, and that they should allow him to do so. Just like the crazy Bishop Bernard, he met during the whole Vatican fiasco.

Today, he had Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Flying lessons, both with Slytherins. He wondered who the hell put the lesson plans together, they must have been either crazy or drunk. After Lunch, it would be Double Potions with the Slytherins.

His thoughts were interrupted as the bell rang. He, Hermione, and Draco walked together to class. "So, what do you think it's going to be like?" Harry asked his two friends. Over the week, they had formed a strong friendship.

Draco and Hermione were surprised. He rarely ever said much, but that didn't deter them from becoming friends with him. "I dunno," Draco said. "Haven't heard anything great about our teacher, Prof. Quirrell. They say he stutters a lot." Harry nodded.

Unbeknownst to them, Harry had started talking to get his mind off the need to feed. It had been five days since the unicorn had given him blood, and it was almost out of his system. He felt small urges for blood the day before, but now he really wanted some blood.

They entered the DADA classroom and Harry immediately caught the smell of garlic from the Professor's turban. He coughed slightly. Garlic was not as powerful as people believed. Silver was really the best compact and versatile weapon against a vampire or a werewolf. His thoughts drifted back to when he first got a wound from silver.


Harry and Deshwitat were fighting furiously against the hordes of priests. They were currently inside the Vatican, and since the seal didn't allow Dark Magic to be used, they were in a bind. Even if their martial art skills were easily overpowering the simple foot soldiers, it wouldn't be long before the elite came.

Harry's supernatural hearing suddenly heard the familiar sound of a gun being cocked. He turned to see the crazy Bishop Bernard aim at his father, Deshwitat. His eyes widened in surprised, as he turned towards Desh, who was currently standing still. The perfect target.

He ran as fast as he could, ignoring the random attacks against his body. He dived seconds after the old gun fired.

Deshwitat had turned towards the sound, only to see something blocking his view. He knew it was his son, Harry. His eyes widened as something hit Harry a glancing blow to the side. There was a yell of pain as the younger vampire hit the floor.

He turned to see Bishop Bernard, who was currently reloading his gun with another silver bullet. The vampire growled in anger before dashing to pick up his son. Luckily, he was coherent enough to get on the older vampire piggyback style. It would have been a cute looking father and son picture as Harry had a dozed look on his face. If the situation wasn't so serious.

Deshwitat's mind was in a furry. 'Lilith,' he thought. 'I'm sorry, before now my love for you sustained me. However, now I know that won't be enough. Hatred is now the driving force behind me now. Hatred at Kalutika for killing you. At the crazy bishop for hurting my son. I WILL GET MY REVENGE.'

With this thought, he became a flurry of limbs, decapitating everyone he fought. As he did so, he drank some of their blood to power him on. However, that was when he was confronted by four people. They were the Order of St. Michael, a special covert-ops group of exorcists.

Deshwitat thought on how to get out of this situation. He needed a hostage. That was for sure. Someone they wouldn't want to kill. One of these four would do nicely. The woman. She would be easier to carry, and since he had his son on his back the lighter the better.

He charged jumping out of the attacks from the man with the ball and chain and the guy with the staff. He powered on through what he thought was there leader and instantly grabbed hold of the girl. He put his hand by her neck, clearly threatening to kill her.

"Playtime is over. You lose." Silence reigned supreme as he cautiously walked to the exit. Before he disappeared from view, he slammed his hand into the stone pillars, causing a collapse.

#Flashback End#

He didn't really remember anything after that until the seal was thankfully lifted. Without the seal, his Dark Magic thankfully kicked in, healing the bullet wound. As he snapped out of his thoughts, he got a seat and listened to the stuttering teacher.

The teacher slurred his words so much, he couldn't even understand him. And so, Harry and his friends had to listen to him for the whole class.

The bell rang after what seemed like hours of Quirrell's stuttering. They went off to Flying Lessons. When they got there, they all grouped at the end, standing next to some brooms. The tardy bell rang after everyone got there.

Madam Hooch stood at the head of the two lines. "Alright, put your hand over the broom and say up!" There were a chorus of up! as the class said it together. Draco and Harry got it easy. Hermione was the only one out of the Trio who had trouble. Her broom wobbled up slightly before it finally got to her hand.

Once everyone had brooms in hand, Madam Hooch gave them their next instructions. "Now, mount your brooms!" She said sharply. They did so. "Okay, on the count of three, push off. One...Two...Thr..." She never finished her count as Neville Longbottom, nervous as he was, leapt off. "Get back down here!" The teacher yelled. However, before he could, a strong wind blew him off the broom.

He landed with a heavy thump, moaning, as he held his wrist. Madam Hooch hurried over to the poor boy. The rest of the class heard something about a broken wrist and Hospital Wing.

Ron laughed once the teacher was out of hearing range. "What a pathetic loser, that boy is." He said as he picked up something on the ground. "Well, well, well, it seems like Longbottom dropped his Remembrall. I think I'll keep it."

Suddenly, Harry started to chuckle. Ron went red, "what's so funny!" He gave off a snort. "When I thought you couldn't sink any lower than you already were, you proved me wrong. Stealing from your housemate, and you call him pathetic. Ha! Next time you look in the mirror, it'll show you someone who's lower than dirt."

Ron started to growl. "Fine then. If you want to give it to him so bad, then catch!" He threw the small crystal ball into the air hard. Harry just narrowed his eyes at it, watching if go slowly into the air.

He grabbed his broom, and started to run towards it, kicking up dust in his wake. "Woah! He's fast," said one of the Gryffindors. Harry leapt off with a powerful leap, letting the broom go under him and flying off after the crystal ball.

He wasn't fast enough as the ball started it's rapid decent. He dived after, not giving up. Harry just managed to grab the Remembrall before it hit the ground. He pulled up on the broom hard, narrowly missing becoming a pancake.

He flew over and landed by the rest of the class just in time to hear Professor McGonagall. "Mr. Potter-Rudbich, never, in all my life! Come with me." He looked over at Ron, who smirked happily. He heard Draco and Hermione voice their protests but he was lead away to a classroom.

She opened the door to speak to whoever was inside. "Prof. Flitwick, may I borrow Wood, please?" Harry instantly became suspicious. Were they going to beat him? If they were, hell would freeze over before he allowed it. Wood, however turned out to be a boy.

"Wood, I've found you a seeker," she said proudly. Wood ran an eye over Harry. "Hmm. Yes, small, light looking, just what we need." The new Seeker twitched slightly at his words, knowing them to be true. Back with Deshwitat, Rett always made fun of him being vertically challenged. Maybe it was a lasting effect of the Dursley's mistreatment, or it just ran in the family. He didn't know.


A little while later at lunch, Harry, Hermione, and Draco were talking. "So, what happened?" Asked the always-inquisitive Hermione. "They made me into something called a Seeker for Quidditch or something." Draco's eyes went wide. "Really?" Harry nodded. "They said they would explain the rules tomorrow at practice to see how good I am." Before they could talk any longer, the bell rang.

"Let's go," said Draco. "I wonder, how Snape will treat you now after the stunt you pulled on Monday. What did you say to him anyway? I've never seen him so pale before." Harry grimaced; he still couldn't believe he said what he said to the teacher. "I'll tell you later, right now we've got to get to class," he said.

The class went without a hitch, with Professor Snape avoiding him the time. It was currently the dark of night, and if anyone looked towards the Forbidden Forest, they would see, if they looked hard enough, the figure of a person.

Harry James Potter-Rudbich was currently in a bind. He didn't see the unicorn anywhere. He had visited her frequently since Monday. The unicorn he had learned was a young female who wandered the forest.

Thankfully, the unicorn had arrived. He still had no idea has to what to call her. "You need a name," he said. "Hmm... Would Fina do?" The unicorn thought about it for several moments before nodding happily.

"Fina, I really need more blood," he said before clutching his stomach and gasping for breath. "I know I really shouldn't be asking you, but I can't find anything else I can get enough magic from." Fina nuzzled him affectionately before cutting herself in the same place as before.

"I thank you. I don't know how I can repay you for this," he said before once again painting his hand with blood. He closed up her wound and before he was able to drink it he heard something.

"Harry?" He head twisted around to see Hermione. Harry's eyes widened. "What are you doing here?" He asked with surprise in his voice. "I-I woke up sometime ago and put my robe on. I went downstairs and saw you leaving the common room. I followed."

The son of Deshwitat was mentally bashing himself on the head for allowing himself to slip up. "What are you doing?" She asked tentatively. "I'm a vampire, Hermione, I need blood," he said before turning away from her to drink the blood on his hand.

He vaguely remembered the life of Deshwitat when he told him. The thought that really stuck out was when he met Lilith for the second time. About how he couldn't tell her. Desh said there was a feeling of shame about his curse at the time. Harry was currently feeling the same.

'Why? Why damnit!!!' He thought to himself. 'How could I have slipped up. She's human, my news of me being a vampire will spread quickly and soon everyone will know. Those humans and their prejudiced fools will most likely try to kill me by week's end.'

"So, are you going to spout it to the world?" He asked. She looked puzzled. "No, no I wouldn't. Why do you think so?" Harry look surprised. "I thought you would be just as prejudiced as all those other normal humans," he said.

She smiled. "Well I'm not normal. I'm your friend and I'm not about to turn my back on you!" He was now getting even more surprised. "Well then, lets go back inside."


Well that's chapter 3. Hope ya like it. I just had to add the fluff part between H/Hr. Since they are going to be a couple.

Some people might be wondering why I let his secret out so early, well, you'll understand in some later chapters.