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A hand reached out from under the covers and hit the off switch on an alarm clock. A girl popped her head out from under the covers as well to look at the alarm clock. It read 6 o'clock....6... am... on a Saturday... "SATERDAY!?!?!?!" She shot up instantly with wide eyes. It was the 15th. of October. And that meant.......

"MMMMOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!" She jumped out of bed and quickly changed out of her clothes, and got dressed for the day. And what a day it was going to be! It was her 15 birthday, and that meant that she could get a slave of her own. Her mother and grand father already had one, and now it was her turn! Too bad for little Sota... He still had 6 years to go.

"What is it Kagome?" Yawned a half asleep woman at the door of her room. Kagome just shook her head answering her with another question, "Dont you know what day it is, mom?"


"ITS SATURDAY!!!!" Yelled her mother as she slapped herself no the for head for her stupidity. Kagome nodded her head very fast as she grabbed her mother by the arm and proceeded to drag he up the hall. "Get dressed quickly, mom! I really want to get there early!"

A few minutes later her mother came out of her room in a pair of silk pants and shirt. She looked like a every day business woman. Too bad she was ssssooooo much more important...

"Kagome sweety?"


"Would you like to get in to some real clothes? I don't think you'll want to go out dressed as a rock star..."

It took a few minuets to register, but it did. "AYHHHHHHHHH!!!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I WAS IN MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME?!?!?!?" And with that she was gone, leaving her mother to stand in the hallway shaking her head. Kids.......

Kagome came out of her room in a pair of pants with a blue T-shirt on. Her blue-gray eyes shone and her ravine black hair in a tight bun with a silver bun pin going through it. "OK MOM!" She called, "LETS GO!"

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