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"WELL? GET ON!" He snapped.

"Um... ok." She got on his back with Shippo on her shoulder, they left. I have to remember to call the police... I don't think it's a good idea to leave dead bodies just lying around... Kagome sighed as they took off.


On the way back to the house Inuyasha asked "Why where they even after you, huh? I mean I know their just ass holes, but even they have to have SOME kind of reason!" He waited for an answer but none came. "HAY! ARE YOU LISS…" He stopped short. Kagome was asleep! Not even 5 minuets ago she was wide awake! Stupid wench.. How come she didn't tell me that some one was going to attack her!? Women…

He landed softly in front of Kagome's house and sighed. How was he going to explain this to her mom?! Shippo opened the door and the three of them entered the home.

"MRS. HIGUROSHI?! MIYOGA?! SOME ONE?!?!" Inuyasha sighed. "Shippo, go see if you can find someone would ya'?" And with that Shippo ran off calling out names at random. "MIOGA? SANGO? SOTA? Exc."

Up stairs half an hour earlier…

Sango sat on her bad doing home work. What bugged Miroku so much? I guess I should be grateful that he hasn't grabbed me all day, but that's just it! He seemed to have a certain spark before we went to school, but right before first period…

"THAT'S IT!!!" Sango said out loud. She looked at Miroku and smiled. She knew what happened now. It was the same thing with that stupid demon named Yura. She didn't know how to leave peoples hair alone until she brought her to school!

"Hay Miroku?" She asked.

He looked up. "Yes Sango?" "

Did you have to watch that movie before first period?" She asked sweetly.

Miroku blinked. "Um, yes?" He looked confused

"HA! I KNEW IT! Miroku, you don't need to pay attention to it! Its just some stupid thing the school board set up." Miroku looked up at her still seemingly unconvinced.

Sango frowned. "Miroku…" She sighed. "If, IF, I free you, will you be yourself again?" She asked hopefully.

He smiled. "Of course." "Good. Then I guess we got to go. The slave trade closes at 6, so lets get moving!"

Sango stood up and walked to the door…she stopped and looked at Miroku who was waving innocently. "No touchy…"


They got into the red mini Van and drove past the school on the way there. "Is that Kagome?" Sango asked as they passed two boys from history class and a girl.

They got to the slave building and Sango parallel parked. "Come on." She said undoing her seat belt.

Miroku blinked. "Y-Your serious?" he asked slightly shocked.

"Ya I'm serious! And I'm going to be seriously mad if you don't move it!" Sango said impatiently. They entered the building and 10 min. later left.

"So?" Sango asked. "How do you feel?"

"Feel?" He asked. Sangos face turned beat red. "NO TUCHY!!!"

They got out in front of the house just as Inuyasha went in with Kagome and Shippo.

"Hum… Wonder what's up…" They walked up behind Inuyasha. "BOO!"

Inuyasha nearly jumped out of his skin. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!?!" He yelled

Sango and Miroku both started to crack up. "PRICE LESS!!!!" Sango cried out.

Inuyasha growled as he put Kagome down. "Oh Sango!" he sang/said threateningly.

"EEP!" She ran out of the house closely fallowed by a mad dog demon. "INUYASHA! IT WAS ONLY A JOKE!!!!"





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