Magical Trench-Coat Emporium

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Yami no Yugi: ...I wonder if there's anything good on the television.

:: after a few channels, mysterious person COUGHSARAHCOUGH appears on the TV ::

:: TV infomercial ::

Are you tired of not having a trench-coat?

Have you ever bought one, but find it...lacking something?

Have you ever been made fun of by your peers because your trench-coat is second-rate?


YES! We at the newly established Magical Trench-Coat Emporium have what you're looking for. We have EVERY style known to mankind and some that mankind DOESN'T know about.

Here at the MTCE, we can take dull, unexciting trench-coats and make them GRAVITY DEFYING!

Don't believe us?

Don't take our word for it, listen to these well-satisfied customers!

:: Seto Kaiba appears ::

Kaiba: I used to have stupid trench-coats that all the poor and miserable had. It's true. Not even my vast amounts of wealth deterred people from my lack of fashion sense. Then, I saw the add for the Magical Trench-Coat Emporium, and my LIFE WAS CHANGED! Now, my coats all defy gravity! Even when there's absolutely NO BREEZE AT ALL, my coats stick out dramatically when I'm dueling my arch rival Yami no Yugi! It's also great for attracting girls....or guys....whichever! That and my vast amounts of wealth make me IRRESISTABLE TO ALL!!!! :: insert cackling ::

And if that wasn't enough, just hear another satisfied customer!

:: camera now focuses on Yami no Bakura ::

Yami no Bakura: What? OH YEA! I used to have my trademark blue jacket that defied gravity...BUT NO!! NO ONE TOOK ME SERIOUSLY!!!! That's when I had this great idea to get a trench-coat like Kaiba because people look up to villains with great attire. So, I flipped through the paper and saw the Magical Trench-Coat Emporium add taking up three pages of space. I was GOING to call and complain that Dilbert was moved to another page, but they soon convinced me to come and try their newest model coat. It was CRAZY! CRAZY-ER THAN EVEN MYSELF AND YAMI NO MALIK PUT TOGETHER! They had EVERY coat EVER MADE! That's where I got my new spiffy black trench-coat and had the new found confidence to duel Kaiba. WHO'S THE BETTER VILLAIN NOW, HUH??!! :: insert EVIL cackling ::

So, if you need a trench-coat for dueling, villainy or something else that we haven't mentioned, come on down to the Magical Trench-Coat Emporium! Where happiness is just a new trench-coat away!

:: end TV infomercial::

Yami no Yugi: :: clicks off TV, turns to Yugi :: DRIVE ME SOMEWHERE!

Yugi: Why?

Yami no Yugi: I have a sudden urge to buy a trench-coat....





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