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I Couldn't Save Her: Part One by ACM

"Odango atama!"

Usagi turned gracefully, hoping not to embarrass herself, and ran straight into a pole. Somewhere far away, Ami, Rei, and Luna sweatdropped.

Blushing profusely, Usagi pulled herself away from the pole and turned more slowly to see Mamorou across the street, laughing hysterically. Angry and hurt, Usagi tried to salvage her dignity.

"I'm fine, Mamorou. Thank you so much for caring!"

She gathered up her books and walked quickly away.

Mamorou chuckled to himself and walked in the opposite direction. His laughter turned to fear as he heard the screeching of tires, followed by a high pitched scream. He turned to see Usagi, lying on the pavement in a pool of her own blood.

Mamorou rushed over to her, dodging traffic, and just missing the sickly gray colored car which was stalled on the curb in front of the fallen girl. When he reached her, Mamorou was relieved to see that she was only unconscious, but he soon realized that she was still rapidly loosing blood. He had to act quickly.

Knowing that he shouldn't move her, he ran to the nearest pay phone, from which he could watch over her while calling an ambulance. He had nearly reached the phone, when he felt a sharp pain, like an electrical shock, and was suddenly flying away from it.

Behind him, Nephrite smiled and relaxed his hands. Smiling wickedly, he disappeared.