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I Couldn't Save Her: Part Five by ACM

Author's Notes: Finally, teary-eyed Sailor Moon fans, you get your happy ending. By the way, to the person who said my story makes no sense, I hope this clears things up for you. Also, to all the people (and there are a lot!) who said that my chapters are too short, don't worry. I know how to write a proper chapter, but for dramatic effect in this story, I chose to break it up into "parts". If you read another story by me in the future, the chapters will not be so short. Anyway, here's the nice happy ending. Enjoy!

"Where are you taking me?" Endymion asked.

Selenity ignored him.

"We're here," she announced.

Selenity came to a stop in front of a marble door. It was extremely tall and decorated with lavender scroll work. With all her strength, Selenity pulled the door toward her, staggering backward a bit as it opened to reveal a dark room. Purple fog rose from the floor. A large gate stood in the center of the seemingly endless room and a Sailor Senshi in a black-trimmed uniform beside it.

"This is Sailor Pluto, the senshi of time. Pluto, I present to you Chiba Mamorou, though I suspect you knew he was coming," Selenity told them.

Sailor Pluto nodded and curtseyed to Endymion, who bowed.

"Well, Mamorou, I assume you have a few questions for me," Sailor Pluto said calmly.

"More than a few, but I guess the most important one is: how did I get here?"

"You tried to kill yourself. I stopped time before you died, so you just passed out and I brought you here to the future kingdom."

"Why did you stop me?"

This time Neo Queen Selenity answered.

"I know you felt responsible for Usagi's death and still do, but that doesn't mean you deserve to die."

"I do deserve it. I couldn't save her. If I hadn't let my guard down this wouldn't have happened. Actually, none of this would have happened if I hadn't made fun of her."

"Okay, that's true, but you were just flirting with her. You knew that and, though she's naive, part of her knows that too. She wouldn't blame you for this."

"Still, I don't want to live. Without her, I have no reason to live."

"Trust me, you do," Selenity assured him.

"That is the reason we brought you here," Sailor Pluto added.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you remember who I said I used to be? That's right, I said Usagi, and even though she's dead, I'm still standing. Do you know why? It's because this timeline works out in the end. This was meant to happen. You weren't meant to save her. We can take care of that part."

"I don't know..."

"What? You think I might be a fraud? Do you think I went to all this trouble, just to trip you up? Do you think that I created a false kingdom and claimed that you are the king and I am the queen, just to hurt you? Well, I'm sorry, the king is not here now, so I can't prove that you are the king," Selenity yelled, breaking out of her usually tranquil demeanor.

"Why is that?"

"It's because you can't exist twice in the same time. When I brought you here, I sent King Endymion in your place. Don't worry though, I didn't leave him in the street. He can go where he wants, as long as he stays in that time, so he was more than willing to do it," Sailor Pluto responded.

"However, doubtful Mamorou, since I can see that you are still unconvinced, I do have one final piece of evidence."

"Small Lady! Please come here for a moment," Selenity called softly.

Mamorou stared as a little girl in a white gown which matched Neo Queen Selenity's appeared. Her hair was hot pink and worn in a style similar to Usagi's odangoes.

"This is our daughter, Small Lady Selenity, the princess of Crystal Tokyo. Look into her eyes and you must know that I am telling the truth."

Mamorou looked into the little girl's eyes. Though they were red instead of Usagi's deep blue, they shone with the same delight and innocence as the girl that Mamorou secretly loved. Mamorou was overcome with emotion. She was his daughter.

"You love her already, don't you? You want to protect her and see her grow up," Selenity whispered.

"Now I have a reason. I've made a terrible mistake. If you can still save Usagi, I want to go home," Mamorou cried.

Before he could say another word, Sailor Pluto raised the staff she carried high in the air and the future world dissolved away.

Mamorou awoke in his own bed. He was sat up and looked at his surroundings as though they were foreign. Then he remembered.


Mamorou threw on the clothes closest to the door and sped off to Usagi's house.

He arrived out of breath and banged mercilessly on the door. The door opened a crack.

"Who's there?" asked a sleepy voice.

The door opened all the way to reveal Usagi with disheveled hair. She wore pink pajamas with little bunnies and carrots all over them. Mamorou was overjoyed to see her.

"It was all a dream. Oh, it's so good to see you, Usagi!"

Mamorou swept Usagi off her feet in a huge hug.

"Eww! Let me go. Get your hands off me!" Usagi screamed, writhing in his grasp.

Mamorou suddenly realized what he was doing and dropped her on the pavement of her front step. She landed squarely on her rear end and began to cry.

"Mamorou! Why are you always so mean to me? What are you doing here anyway? What gives you the right to barge in here and wake me up so early?"

"Whoa! Calm down, Odango. No need to wake up the whole neighborhood. It's not that early anyway, and maybe this morning you'll be on time for school for once, thanks to me."


Usagi glanced back at the clock in the kitchen.

"Oh no! I'm still going to be late! Go away Mamorou. I can't believe I'm going to be late again. Mom!"

Usagi slammed the door in Mamorou's face, but he hardly noticed, because he was laughing so hard.

From her perch on a tree behind him, Sailor Pluto whispered, "Only a dream."