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Catherine's cell phone rang.

"Grissom is that you? Where is everyone am I on my own?" she answered knowing very well it was him.

"No, I am on my way back to the lab. The guys and I are going to get some things together, I am going to come back."

Catherine hung up her phone. She walked to the Jim Brass who was at the scene already.

"So what do we have?"

Brass took her through the case. "Mr. Vansaren, a very important business man in the line of Casino's and night clubs.

His daughter had been kidnapped, reported her missing about a week ago. Tonight a couple checks into this room, 208 and finds her body, raped, tortured and beaten, the freaky part is that this, is her father's hotel and casino."

Catherine and entered the crime scene. Leaving Jim and the on duty officers outside and started to interview Mr. Vansaren.

"Hey Cath, you want me to come in with you? I heard it's pretty bad in there"

"NO Jim, I'll be fine"

Catherine made her way to the bedroom where the body was still lying.

It was really bad. Catherine had seen some pretty nasty, and gruesome things but this; this was by far the worst. Catherine automatically started taking evidence off the body so that they could remove it.

Poor girl she thought when she imagined the pain she had gone through.

This girl looked like she had fallen into lawnmower. She was all cut up with slashes all over he body. She was missing two fingers and both her ankles looked broken. The only thing that had not looked like she massacred by a butcher was her face, for some reason he or she had not felt the need to slice up her face.

Catherine continued to collect the evidence when she heard a noise coming from the other room.

She walked passed he open hotel room door here she saw brass standing. And opened the door. These were adjoining rooms, had no one bothered to check the other room. Catherine e knew she should stop and get brass but by the time she came to her senses to turn around, some one, something hit her, in the back of the head and she was out cold. A man dressed like an ambulance driver, picked up her up and laid her on a stretcher. Pulling the blanket over her head he wheeled her out of the room. Brass looked at him as he walked by he was still Mr Vansaren. The man pushed the stretcher to the elevator and walked in, almost knocking Grissom down while he was on his way out of the elevator.

The elevator door closed.

Grissom walked down the hall toward Jim.

"Catherine will fill you in"

Grissom walked into the hotel room. He knew something was wrong when he saw the DB still on the floor.

"Catherine" he called out

"Jim? Was there two DB's because I thought there was only one and I just saw the paramedic leave with a body and where's Catherine?"

It did not take Grissom long to put two and two together and he ran down the hallway taking the stairs instead of the elevator. He ran outside just in time to see the ambulance drive away and the numbers on the plates. Well partial numbers.

Brass ran up behind him

"Did you find Cath?"

"There she goes in that ambulance, I got the some plate numbers so get an APB out now"

Within a matter of seconds Bass was on the phone. And every cop in Las Vegas was looking for the vehicle.

An hour later Brass got a call. He turned to Grissom

"They found the ambulance, but no one was in it. The found Catherine's kit, and some blood but no other signs of her."

Hope it was okay, I don't think this could ever happen due to the high security at a crime scene but you know. Please R and R more to come.