The team immediately got to work, collecting the evidence to make an even stronger case against Chris so he would go to jail and stay there.

Warrick walked over to Grissom who was standing over the bed. In his mind he could picture Chris on top of Catherine he knew what she had been through just hours before on that very same bed. He felt sick to his stomach once more.

"You should be at the hospital with her, you know she needs you more then ever and I know that is where you want to be so go we are almost finished here." Warrick smiled at Grissom " How long do you want her to wait?"

Grissom looked back at Warrick

"Thanks, I will see you back at the lab."

Grissom left the hotel and raced over to the hospital.

When he arrived they had just taken Catherine out of surgery.

He went to the desk.

"Catherine Willows. She was brought in about three hours ago, suffering from several stab wounds"

The nurse looked at him

"Oh yes I remember, you must be Gil Grissom she has been asking for you since she got here, she was just brought out of surgery, she had several stab wounds but fortunately none of them were fatal to her organs, she will heal, now Catherine needs to go for the rape exam, we spoke to her about it, but is refusing so maybe you can talk to her."

Grissom smiled at the nurse

"I will see what I can do give me five"

Grissom walked into room 405


Catherine lifted her head and smiled

"Hey" she said weakly

Grissom walked over to her and sat in the chair by the bed

"This is a dumb question but how are you feeling?"

"I am… I am a lot better then I was earlier today' Catherine paused " I was so scared, that I was never going to see you or Lindsey again."

"Me too" He took his hand in hers

"I never want to come that close to losing you ever again" he leaned ain and kissed her forehead


She looked at him with tears in her eyes

"I love you" He squeezed her hand in his

"I love you so much"

He looked her in the eye and saw the tears fall down her face

"Cath can you do something for me? He smiled " I need you to take that exam, please if not for yourself or me then for Lindsey"

She looked over at him

"Okay" she smiled "Grissom… I love you too"

Grissom went out to the front desk and told the nurse they were ready.

The doctor came in and explained the exam to Catherine

"Will you stay with me Gil" she grabbed his hand

"Of course"

The doctor started the exam. Catherine squeezed his hand hard and closed her eyes. It hurt her but she felt safe.

When the doctor was finished he left the room and informed Grissom that Catherine would have to stay over night and they would have her test results in the morning before she leaves. Grissom thanked the doctor and walked back into the room.

"I have good news…you get to go home tomorrow if the night goes okay! So I ant you to come home with me or I will go home with you. Oh have a surprise."

Grissom looked over at the door as Lindsey ran through

"Mommy. I missed you so much, are you okay, can you come home soon?"

Lindsey jumped up on her mom's bed and hugged her

"Oh be careful Lindsey mommy still hurts"

"Mommy Gil took good care of me while you were away"

Catherine smiled at him

"Lindsey can I ask you something? How would you feel if Gil came to live with us for a while? Mommy got hurt real bad and Mommy is going to need a lot of help to get better so is that okay?"

Lindsey smiled at her mom and then at Grissom

"Of course it's okay, it will be like one happy family"