Chapter Eight: Wedding Days

Jack glared slightly when he noticed Will holding back a laugh. "Wha?" he demanded, eyes narrowed at the young blacksmith.

"I've just never seen you cleaned up before, Jack...." Will attempted.

Jack looked down at himself. True, he couldn't even remember the last time he'd worn something that didn't have the smell of the sea or was well worn in, but he couldn't look that different even with the beads out of his hair and his beard cut short, could he? "Tha' still doesn't answer why yer laughin', whelp," he mumbled.

"Jack's just upset we made him trim his beard," Ana Maria said from the doorway.

Jack turned to protest and stopped. She was wearing a beautiful gown with her hair pulled up like one of the women from London. The pirate captain couldn't help but stare.

Ana Maria shifted uncomfortably. "Yer mum took it upon 'erself to dress me up for this," she mumbled to Jack. "Nice lady, she is."

"She can't be," Jack responded, finally finding his voice. "You look beautiful."

Will grinned at the almost awkward conversation between the captain and his first mate. "Well, we'd better hurry or I'll be late for my own wedding." He paused on his way out. "Jack, you up to this?"

"I'm feelin' better," Jack assured him. He noticed Will's "I don't believe you" look and brought his hands up in a defensive movement. "'ave I ever given you reason not to trust me, lad?"

Will grinned. "Pirate," he said on his way out.

"Very true."


"You seem to be feeling better within barely a week," a voice said from behind Jack. The captain turned to see the commodore standing there, a small smile playing across his features. "And, of course, found the drinks as soon as the wedding was over."

"'course!" Jack answered with a grin. "I love weddings! Drinks all around!"

Norrington raised an eyebrow. "If I may have a word, Captain, I have a business proposition for you."

Jack cocked his head. "Doing business with a known pirate?"

"Helping Port Royal, I do believe," Norrington responded quickly. He took his own glass and took a sip, making a face at it but then returning to his neutral appearance. "We briefly discussed it aboard the Crimson Wave."

"I don' remember much of that conversation. I was already driftin' a bit."

"Understandable. I had mentioned that Port Royal has had a sudden lack of pirate ships that have been looting ships around here. Know anything of it, Captain Sparrow?"

"I may."

"Perhaps we could come to... an accord, hmm?" He paused, watching to see if Jack made any sort of movement to give him a hint at what the younger man was thinking. "The Pearl continues to keep other pirates out of this area – including not looting the ships yourselves – and you have a safe harbor to come to."

Jack raised his head a bit, thinking. "No tricks, Norrington."

"I'm not trying to trick you."

"And I know this 'ow?"

Norrington stopped a moment. The pirate was the one accusing him of misleading and lying? How did this come about? "I would write it out for you, but...."

"I can read," Jack responded as he took a sip of his drink.

Norrington raised an eyebrow at this. "You're an interesting man, Jack Sparrow."

"So I've been told, and it's 'captain,' Commodore."

Norrington could not hold back the smile. "Of course, Captain, my apologies."


"So James was planning on coming to an agreement with Jack?" Elizabeth asked her new husband.

"Aye," Will answered with a small smile. "He'll trop by more, that's for sure."

"Is he really all right?"

Will looked at his wife, pulling her into his arms. "He's Captain Jack Sparrow, of course he'll be all right. He needs time to heal, but he'll be fine."

"Good." Elizabeth looked out through the crowd. It was amazing in her eyes. Pirates were littered throughout well respected men and women – all disguised of course – and no gun shots had been heard as of yet. She smiled slightly. Things were going well. Life was perfect. "Will? Could we find some place more private?"

Will grinned. "Of course."


Jack turned to watch the newly weds walking off in the direction of privacy and a small grin spread across his face. "Guess the boy's not a eunuch after all," he chuckled.

"What on earth does that mean?" Ana Maria asked from behind.

Jack grinned at her and pulled her into his arms. "Nothin'. Just an ol' joke between us. I'll tell ya the story some time, savvy?"

Ana Maria smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, avoiding any injuries he still had. "Does it have any sea turtles or mermaids or anything of the sort in it?"

"It can if ya wan' it to, luv."

"I want to make our own adventure, Jack."

The pirate captain grinned roguishly. "'course, luv. Wouldn' 'ave it any other way."


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