Chapter one.

Edward sat alone on his nest. The lonely man stared down at his hands. The once sharp scissor shards where blunt now, and they would not hurt anyone. He had pondered over if he should go down to the village again about it. No. He knew they would not accept him. He looked up the newspaper cuttings above his nest and the loneliness poured over him like ice cold water. He was alone in the world. Without anyone, without a mother, without his father, without a friend. Without Kim. He wasn't even a machine, he was flesh and blood, but not human, that's what people called him. He will a lot live longer than others, but he would stay beautiful. He never thought himself as a beautiful person, but he was. He was special too.

He heard a noise and his head shot up. He got scared and covered his face with his hands, hoping nobody would try and hurt him.


The girl of 14 stared up at the old castle. She was an orphan and had ran away from the home. They made her work hard and she was tired of it. She glanced around, before entering the gates. She gasped at the garden. Animal shapes, hand shapes and people shapes were made out of the bushes, it was well kept, unlike the rest of the house. She felt a small smile twitch on her lips,

''So this place wasn't a fairy tale. Mother was right! There is a man here.'' She whispered. She was the daughter of Kim's grand daughter. Sadly, they had both died and she had no family. She quickly opened the door of the house and ran up stairs.


The door of his attic creaked open.

''Hello? Edward?'' A soft voice called into the darkness. Edward raised his head a little, but still stayed hidden in the darkness.

''Edward? Are you here?'' The voice repeated. It sounded like Kim's. But it was softer and more quiet than hers. He didn't want this person to leave, so he risked it.

''I am here.'' His also soft voice whispered. He stood up, out of the fire place, and looked for the girl. She was there, at the door. Her hair was long and black, her skin pale, eyes brown and she was thin. Her clothes were black too, a tight tank top, long black jeans that flared at the bottom and white sneakers, she had a rucksack over her shoulder, SHE MIGHT STAY! She stepped forward, just a little and smiled,

'' Hello Edward. I'm Kim's great grand daughter. I've come to see you.'' She stepped forward a lot this time, she came right up to him, he backed away, just a little,

''My hands. They will hurt you.'' He said uneasily, holding them up. She smiled and looked at them, then she did something nobody ever had done before, she touched them, ran her fingers along them and held them.

''No they wont. They are blunt now.'' She smiled up at him, she had a beautiful smile, he thought.

''No, they wont. Who are you?'' Edward smiled back down at her.

''I'm Lilly.'' She replied, and looked down,

''I grow lilies in my garden, none look like you.'' He smiled, he made a joke for the first time to anybody. She laughed. She laughed at his joke!

''How long have you been alone?'' She whispered, sorrow in her eyes,

''95 years.'' He whispered. Her eyes stared up at his,

''That's a long time. Too long. My mother died when I was born. And I have no family. So they sent me to an orphanage. They locked me in closets and made me work.'' She managed a small smile,

''How did you get away? Where do you live now?'' Edward was all too keen to learn about her,

''I ran away a week ago. I managed to find my way here. I wanted to meet you.'' She said, blushing.

''Will you stay?'' He said after a small silence. She looked up and saw no lies or mockery in his eyes. She nodded,

''I will stay.''


''Are you hungry?'' Lilly asked, while they were sitting on the floor, talking.

''Yes.'' Edward nodded his head furiously. He has an apple tree outside and he had been living on them for too long now,

''Okay. I have tuna sandwiches.'' She pulled a box out of her rucksack and began to eat while handed feeding Edward. She looked around the attic, she noticed the roof was repaired,

''Grandmother, before she died, told me the roof caved in, how is it fixed?'' She asked,

Edward was puffed up with pride. He had fixed it,

''I fixed it, all by myself.'' He said through a mouthful of food,

''You are clever!'' She laughed, she felt something towards Edward, but she wasn't going to push it until she was sure.


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