Hi everyone, this is my first actual fan fiction story so please be nice about it. Set several years beyond the series, the gang is approximate 17/18 by now.

*Author's Note: To everyone new coming into this story for whatever reason, I would like you to take note that this story was first started in 2004 and finished in 2008. This is an old story; the formatting is wonky and the writing is admittedly immature. I was fourteen when I first started posting. So many years later, I have no intention of changing or editing this story. I have more important things to consider in life. Please keep this in mind while reading.

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Links in a Chain

Tomeada Apartments

Within the moderately large apartment, there was complete silence pierced only by the desperate shouts and cries of the sleeping occupant of the bedroom. The Chinese warrior tossed and turned amongst the green sheets of his bed and continually called out into the night.

"No! Don't you touch her!" Li Syaoran called out, "Sakura!" Sweat was breaking out all over his body; his bare chest rose and fell quickly with his rapid breathing. He tossed and turned with a sense of desperation, trying to wake from whatever nightmare that held him.

In Syaoran's dream

He was in a clearing that seemed so familiar; green grass padded the ground, and trees thick with glossy leaves encased the clearing. From what Syaoran could see of the sky it was night and the moon was completely full. He glanced around at this beautiful forest clearing with a slight feeling of familiarity, when something pink caught his eye.

"Sakura? What are you doing here, shouldn't you be at home?" Syaoran questioned. She didn't answer though. On closer inspection to see if she had heard him, Syaoran noticed she was unconscious and chained to the trunk of a towering tree. Sakura appeared fine besides the fact that she was tied up. She wore only a light pink pyjama t-shirt that barely reached her knees to cover her lithe form. Her pale skin shone with the reflected moonlight and her auburn hair came to just above her shoulders framing her angelic face.

"Hey Sakura! Wake up!" Syaoran shouted, again Sakura didn't answer.

That's when they came.

First more chains slithered out of the forest and began to coil around her tightly; Syaoran could see the red welts that the harsh metal bindings were leaving on Sakura's flesh. He tried to move forward to remove the chains and found that he was bound to the spot by an unseen force.

Then people began to emerge from the dark forest behind Sakura. There were four of them; Syaoran could see that two of them were male and two were female. But at the distance that Syaoran was at, he could not make out any of their faces. Their magical auras though were clearly tainted with dark magic.

Syaoran's body tensed as the unknown people drew nearer to his precious Sakura. One of them, a male, reached out his hand and stroked the side of Sakura's face. She stirred slightly in a disturbed sort of way. The group of people hissed excitedly to one another in low voices.

To Syaoran's horror the females of the group stepped back as the males stepped forward and began to run their hand over Sakura's body. They touched her where no one should ever touch her letting their hands roam as the two females laughed and pointed. Wherever their hands went, more red welts appeared and Sakura cried out in pain.

"No! Don't touch her!" Syaoran shouted out of fury. They were hurting his Sakura, his beautiful angel. Anyone who was willing to do anything like that, Syaoran hated and was willing to tear these strangers to pieces for the pain that they caused her. He struggled in vain against the binding spell the held him in place. "Sakura!"

At the sound of her name being called, Sakura's eyes snapped open and took in her surroundings and situation. The men who were feeling her never stopped their movement they continued as if she were still unconscious. Fear was visible within Sakura's astonishing emerald eyes.

"Syaoran?" her voice quivered, then she cried out in a combination of fear and pain as one of the men moved his hand to her breast, burning her with his touch.

"Sakura!" Syaoran rush forward, but his bonds held him back. 'No, I will not let them do this to you my beautiful Sakura!'

The two females who had been laughing through Sakura's pain finally took his struggle. Their eyes watched him with interest, whispering to each other and pointing.

"Is your Sakura that important to you that you fight your bindings? Risking your own bodily safety for her, she doesn't appear that special?" One woman taunted, her voice spiked with deadly mischief.

'Bodily safety?' he wondered what they meant. As if hearing his thoughts both of them cackled and advanced toward him. Their twin smiles had an evil taint two them. The one who spoke before ran her long fingered hand up his arm, suddenly like an illusion lifted deep red welts appeared on Syaoran's arms identical to Sakura's marks.

"Don't you get it? The spell that holds you isn't really a spell."


"Look down at yourself and see how our Master and Mistress has held you from your love." One woman stated.

Syaoran looked down quickly and gasped. Identical chains that held Sakura were bound tightly around his body. With his desperate struggles Syaoran forgot to notice the pain that he was causing himself when he tried to get to his Sakura.

"Will you stop your futile struggles for the girl now?" The other asked.

At the moment Sakura gave a horrible scream, Syaoran saw that both of the men's hands were beginning to snake up her legs and under her t-shirt. Trails of red skin followed their hands and Sakura moaned and twisted in agony. This only made him struggle more to save her.

"Please help me Syaoran, I need you..." Her voice trembled. Syaoran began to thrash desperately, tearing his skin letting blood creep down his body.

"Get your hands off her!" Syaoran bellowed.

As if all four off them were burned, the two men and two women jumped back from the furious Chinese Warrior, and the half conscious Card Mistress. They circled around to the middle of the clearing, forming a tight group to have all their sides guarded. All of them hissed and clawed at the air in Syaoran and Sakura's direction.

"Nasty human, you wait! Our power reaches far beyond what mere magic you posses!"

"Lovely Cherry blossom you will suffer at our hands!"

"Curse you, Warrior!"

"Damn your weak magic!" They all curse and swore at the both of them, until a screeching noise came from the surrounding forest. This stopped all voices and movement, the chains binding Sakura and Syaoran were ripped away from them like lightning. The strangers had an odd fear surface among them.

"The Master has found us!"

"The Mistress does not sound pleased!

"We shall flee and spare more torture for these mortals later."

"I hope the Master and Mistress kill them before they kill us!" With that they fled in a blink of an eye.

Without any chains to support her battered half conscious body, Sakura fell in a crumpled heap on the ground. Syaoran ran forward, ignoring the shocks of his wounds that still seemed to trickle blood. Sakura's wounds looked way worse up close and her half closed eyes reflected pain, confusion, and sadness.

"Syao-ran?" Her breathing was shallow.

Syaoran flung himself to the ground next to Sakura, and pulled her weak form into his lap holding her close. "Shh it's alright Sakura. I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you from them." He ran his hands slowly through Sakura's auburn tresses try to sooth her shaking body.

"They were touching me." She whispered, Syaoran growled at the thought. He brought Sakura as close to him as he could with out crushing her. "Promise you won't let them do that again? Every time they touched me it burned like fire-oh Syaoran!" Sakura broke down into tears and curled into a ball on Syaoran's lap hugging him fiercely.

"Sakura as long as I live I promise I'll make sure those people will never touch you like that again." He whispered into her hair.

"Thanks Syaoran."

At that moment the chains returned, moving like they had a mind of their own towards the two teens sharing a moment. Syaoran got into a defensive position ready to fight despite his injuries. Strangely the chains stopped short of the two, allowing the two to see that there were two sets of chains; one gold set of chains and one silver set of chains.

Their eyes followed the chains to their source, being attached to thick manacles that were locked around the wrists of two figures shrouded in the darkness of the forest. These were new people, not the ones that they had just encountered. Both of them walked like royalty, intimidating and graceful, demanding respect from those around them despite the hulking chains that dragged at their wrists and ankles.

One of them kneeled before Syaoran its face still unseen, "As compensation for your pain, we shall personally see that those four are punished." The figure that spoke had a deep even man's voice. The golden chains attached to him shook slightly at his words.

The silver chains of the other figure rose to Sakura's face; she saw this and quickly turned away. Syaoran drew his arms around her and let her hide against his chest. The chains lowered to the ground immediately after.

"My pardons, I merely wished to observe your face, I often forget that some are frightened by our chains." The second person's voice belonged to a woman; a silky elegance was laced within her voice. Sakura cautiously looked around at the woman. "You are a beauty all on your own young Clow Mistress." The lady stroked the side of Sakura's face. "It is a pity what they have done to you Cherry Blossom, but you are strongest with your warrior by your side." Sakura and Syaoran's cheeks tinted light pink at the comment.

"This the best warning that I can give you, stick close to each other. They will come again and you must face them with all you have. We can punish them for what they just did, but it is up to you to capture them." The Man patted Syaoran on the shoulder in an encouraging way.

"Capture them? Were those people Clow Cards?" Sakura asked

"Maybe...maybe not." The Woman teased, her chains jingled.

Syaoran growled, "Will you please give a straight answer. Why would those 'Clow Cards' hurt Sakura like that!?"

"They used our chains to tie you up and torture you for FUN! They wanted to hurt the both of you for their own amusement! They'll do it again if they get the chance, you are lucky we noticed what they were doing or they would have done much worse." The Man spat.

"They are out there in reality, and there are more than just those four you met, each one of them waiting to test you to your limits. Be ready. Together you can do anything."

"We shall be off. Good night." Both turned and faded. Just as they were almost gone Sakura's hand brushed against the woman's silver chain. A shock ran through out both of their bodies, and the woman turned to face Sakura.

"Good luck." She whispered.

The moment that they disappeared, two magical beings were ripped from their dreams.

Somewhere in a dark park

"You see! I knew it, they're the ones!" It was she, the woman from the dream. She had dropped her regal act and was now whispering excitedly to the man beside her. The branch they sat on was bouncing slightly with their movement.

"Calm down woman! We don't know if it's them." The man answered.

"Not them! My silver chains it's not them! Look where the Clow Mistress touched me, my chains are cracked! No one is supposed to be able to even chip the chains and she cracked them!" The woman shrieked.

"We can not trust them to help us! The only thing they can do is capture these bakas before they cause any more damage."

The woman sighed, "Yes you're right it was probably a fluke that she cracked my chain..."

"There now, we still get to punish these four for attacking before those two had a proper warning." A smile played on the mysterious man's lips as golden chains lifted to the branch revealing four captives that squirmed within the extremely tight hold. Fear was obvious on each of their faces.

"Yes, Sakura and Syaoran deserve to be compensated."

"Please Mistress we only wanted to have fun!"

"Don't hurt us!"

"They were so vulnerable in their sleep we had to do it!"

"It is in our nature to cause fear and pain, don't punish us for that!"

The four protesting cries fell on deaf ears as the woman gathered her chains into her hands. "We are aware of your nature Sorrow, but it was clearly stated that the Li Warrior and Clow Mistress would be forewarned of your coming before you did anything." The Mistress's voice had a sharp edge to it that made the four captives flinch.

The Master cleared his throat and spoke in a loud clear voice, "You other spirits of the Clow we shall make examples of your brothers and sisters so you can see what happens when you do not follow orders!"

Hissing came from the surrounding forest as an answer.

"Now for your punishment" The Master and Mistress turned to the unlucky four: Chains raised and expressions grim.

And screams lit the air.

End dream sequence.

Ripped from his dreams roughly, Syaoran barely registered that he was back inside his own apartment, when these searing pains shot through his body. 'What the!' Quickly taking a look at him self, Syaoran saw horrible lash marks slashed through his tanned skin. 'But these are the same cuts I got in the dream! How can they be real?'

That's when the image of Sakura shoot through his mind. "No Sakura was in that dream to!" unaware that he said it out aloud, Syaoran rushed to slip a pair of pants over his green silk boxers. 'What if the wounds traveled to her through the dream, if she is hurt I swear that I'll kill those bastards for doing this!'

Anger was now boiling his blood at the thought of his Cherry Blossom being hurt. Opening the balcony glass doors, Syaoran leapt right off the railing of the top floor five stories up. It was good that he had received such excellent training when he was young, for now the jump was nothing to him.

Syaoran moved from rooftop to rooftop picking up speed as he went. The idea of using his aura to check on Sakura struck him, easily reaching out with his magical senses he felt his way to Sakura's aura. He found the beautiful pink aura fairly easy, but the state he found it in was most disturbing. Instead of the normally bouncing happy aura was now flickering and very distressed, everything about Sakura's aura screamed fear and confusion. 'Hold on I'm coming!'

After what seemed like hours of running and jumping, Syaoran finally made it to the source of the distressed pink aura. Hopping up to the tree branch that was set perfectly outside Sakura's window, he peered in at his secret love. What Syaoran saw nearly shattered his heart...