#.#.#.#.# Being 'Marooned' #.#.#.#.#

Story by: AllDay,IDreamAboutFics

Chapter One: . . . The Color That Is




Serenity Wheeler was very afraid. She thought of herself as a brave girl, had been told enough times, but now all her courage slipped off her as sheets of rain stuck to her skin. She felt horribly wet, lonely, even though she was wearing a heavy coat, she was soaked to the skin. Even though she was with others, her stomach hurt and ached, like it does with disunion. The boat rocked hard, causing her to slip on the deck, as the shouts of the others rose over the crashing, breaking thunder.

"Look! A water spout!" a warm, masculine voice said, pointing.

"Big brother!" Serenity tried to get up, to go to him, wanting his arms to be around her and to be comforted. But her bare leg twisted out under her and she fell flat on her face, if she didn't put outher arms to break her fall. How did this 'birthday party' get so out of hand?!

The water spout -- which is really just a tornado, except on water -- was as thick as if to have it's own zip code, neared ominously towards the already-sinking Kaiba Boat 3, and Serenity's dark, hazel eyes widened to show the whites at the mere sight of it. She stood, transfixed,as there was an earsplitting, deafening KRAK of lightning, blinding her. She couldn't hear anymore. She couldn't see anymore.

I'm. Dead! she thought as "SERENIIIITYYY!" Joey shouted heart-wrenchingly, as the air filled with weird whooshing sounds, whining soundsof high-speed wind, and the screaming cries of her friends.

The water spout, lifted the tiny boat with Serenity on it, and threw it around like an overused rag doll. Serenity felt herself actually being lifted, in mid air, as if she were 'Peter Pan' about to fly, screaming her throat out for someone to help her. She saw Tristan, Tea and Yugi spinning around flat, like frisbees and then, blackness.


Serenity groaned as she struggled to open her eyes. She felt cold as memories flooded through her mind, incoherent and unlasting. She felt hot, as if the sun were cooking her, alive! Cannibals! I'm being made into soup! Caught between sensations, she shivered in indecision.

Something stuck to the back of her legs and she felt something sift through her fingers. Sand. A roar. The ocean? Serenity instantly acquired another phobia: the ocean.

Her mouth felt dry, and her stomach was rumbling loudly andhungrily; it shook her entire, tiny frame. At five feet, three inches, Serenity Wheeler had been tossed way overboard. Water…..n-no water . . .need . . w . . . water . . .Serenity wasn't sure if she'd meant that there was no water, or that she didn't want any because of her new phobia.

"Too tired ……to go look……" she murmured under her breath, taking a short rest. Quickly, her mind functions scanned what must've happened. And where she was? Sand meant a beach. A beach meant an island, or a seashore. Obviously. Serenity crawled to the shade so she wouldn't fry in the scorching sum to think some more. Joey!!! Where JOEY?!

Just as obviously, something bad must've happened to him, or else he would be with her. . .right now. Serenity let out a string of dry sobs. Her slender shoulders shook from the racking, she clutched at her now freezing, chilledbare arms.

She felt a footstep. Didn't hear it, but felt it through her left buttock, a vibration of the ground and a puff of air, like a reptile does as it crawls along dunes. "Who's there?!" No answer. "If someone's there, please help me find my brother!"

"Stupid girl. If I were a tiger, your screaming would've made him your next meal."

But to Serenity, the sarcasm of the words were slurred together and in a deep mumble, sounding much like the rumbling of the ocean. "What?" she said loudly, so the other person could speak up. She raised her hand to her cheek and snapped her fingers. No sound. "Why can't I see?!" she hollered, panicking.

"Because your eyes are shut!" That, she heard.

"T-they are?" Touching her face and eyes, she found out it was true. Somehow, they were firmly shut, no matter how much she willed them open.

Serenity, as a last resort, tried to probe them open with her fingers physically, while trying to place the voice, scanning her jumbled memories that seemed to have been put in disarray. It was deep, and masculine…..obviously, a boy's. It sounded friendly. Friendly and rough, even though her ears weren't working well because of lightning crashing. It's JOEY!! H-he's here!

The thought excited her so much, that she gave a sudden start, a quick movement, and then she was on her hands and knees. Forgetting that she couldn't see or hear, forgetting that she had no food, water, was stuck in the wilderness probably forever, Serenity clung to the ray of hope that God had bestown on her. Literally clung, since she took an accurate guess at where the person was kneeling, and leapt, throwing her arms around to embrace. Her arms closed around a tall masculine body, who for some reason stiffened underneath her touch, on target on the first try.

"Big brother! You're all right!" Tears formed in her dry eyes, stinging them harshly, but the lubrication helped them to open finally. Slowly. Time seemed to slow down as she realized why they had been reluctant to open.

One: the sun was so blinding bright, reflecting on the white sand, bouncing from the glittering turquoise sea, to the puffy white clouds overhead on the sky blue sky.

Two: The body she held was NOT her brother's. Instead of sandy blond hair, cut messily longish, she saw neat short, straight brown hair, dark as the shade she was under. Skin, and lots of it, a different shade than her brother's. Muchly different.

"!?!?!? What the $#?" Her first curse word erupted out, but she thought it was highly appropriate, considering the volitile and confused situation. She saw him raise a chestnut-coloured brow out her language, and appropriatly so, since she was well known as to have Wheelers' 'sweet' genes.

Highly embarrassed beyond any more words, Serenity backed away, slowly, as if walking on eggs. Or more appropriately to his expression, thin ice. As if walking away from a ticking time bomb, expect it was his eyelid that was twitching. A mixed feeling of disappointment and shame clouded her vision for a moment, then it focused on a pair of sky blue eyes, the same hue and color as the sky behind him, narrowed, looking intently at her. She took it for anger, though in fact, he was curious.

Seto Kaiba…..my brother's rival and enemy! I want to sink into the floor….. right now..... ohhhh.... Why can't this sand underneath us be bottomless quicksand so the ground can swallow me up?! She pounded a fist, accidentally hitting him in the process in the shoulder.


To Be Continued Soon.




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