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Final Chapter Twenty: Isle of Serenity

"Hey ya Sis, didja hear? Yer boyfriend bought an island." The newspaper thunked down before her. "Ah, it feels so great ta hear dat sound an' not think deliverin' newspapers." Joey grinned upside-down as she scanned the article. He was still mad about the "'monkey-boy" joke, but had decided that it was pretty likely to want to be together after such a survival ordeal. Plus Serenity had said it wasn't a big deal.

"'KaibaCorp. buys new island for land for its theme parks chain, 'KaibaLand' naming it 'SerenityIsle.' " She read, going slower and slower throughout her sentence. Feeling her neck burn and cheeks tingle, she thought, Oh my Lord, Joey is so never going to elt me hear the end of it, with his teasing . . .

For Joey, like any older brother, any annoying older brother that is, had taken to calling her names - now, "SerenityIsle." He was still mad, as it was said, at Kaiba and her for collaborating against him. Joey was very theatrical. "He named it WHA! 'SerenityIsle?' " He said as her Mom and Dad came in with the maid and groceries. They had ordered a nanny because Mrs. Wheeler was pregnant.

"Who is named 'SerenityIsle'?" Mrs. Wheeler said mildly looking at her daughter and son. Joey's mouth was hanging. "Close your mouth, son, a fly might come in and lay eggs."

"Yeah!" Serenity said to take the subject off of her. She was red-faced still.

"Check dis out, Ma . . . dis Mr. Moneybags buys an island fer sis-" Joey began, throwing the article.

"He didn't buy it for me!" Serenity corrected.

"-And names it afta her. 'SerenityI-' " He was stopped as Serenity clapped her hand. Over his face. "Mmph!"

"Joey, stop teasing yer sista." Mr. Wheeler said automatically going upstairs.


"Oh my, why we all must go and see this island," Mrs. Wheeler said slyly.

"Sure, I'd love to show you around, Mom-"

"No, I mean to the Great Big Gala Opening this Saturday," Mrs. Wheeler pointed towards the paper. Serenity seized it and began reading again. This left Joey time to talk.

"I'm gonna go invite Yuge!" He raced upstairs. "He's gonna go and the rest of the gang too!"

"Use the other line!" called Mrs. Wheeler.

"Thanks, Mom," Serenity said as she was handed the phone. She dialed a certain number with slightly shaking fingers. At Joey's protesting, she yelled, "Mom, didn't you tell Joey to use the other line?"

"Tattler." Joey said from within the phone, "Pop's talkin'. I'm usin' it first Sis!"

"No, I am!"

"Who're you gonna call?" Together they said, "Ghostbusters!" Then, "No, seriously sis. Gonna call Mr. Dime-A-Dozen Kaiba?"

"None of your beeswax!" she said, blushing despite her coolness.

"I'm listenin' in. I gotta few things ta say to him." Joey said in a spooky, dangerous voice.

"No, you don't!"

"Yeah. I, like, DO."

"Joey, if you don't hang up - Oh! so help me - " The phone was already ringing. "Yes, front office please." Serenity continued to rant angrily as she was put on hold, "I am SO going to tell Téa!"

"Tell Téa. . . . what?"

"You kNOW."

"You . . . wouldn't!"

"Wheeler, why are you calling me?" A deeper more masculine voice cut in unprecedented.

"He's not-!" Serenity started to say, while Mrs. Wheeler rolled her eyes and thought, Kids with a pat on her stomach. "Hi, Seto."

"Hiiii, Seto," Joey copied, making her so embarassed that she couldn't speak; Kaiba was silent, amused. Perhaps feeling Serenity's anger through the telephone line, Joey went on, "Ahem. So. Naming an ISLAND afta my SIS, eh?"

"How IS the lap of luxury, Joey?" Kaiba deterred.

"Fine, thank ya fer askin'. Now. About the island. What's the DEAL?"

"What do you mean, 'What's the deal.' "

" ' SerenityIsle' is such a lame name. Why didn't ya name it after ME instead?" Joey said brightly, while Serenity snucked into his room and grabbed his cell phone. He could've just used it to call Yugi, but he was being such an argh! about it . . . She dialed another number.

"You're right. 'Monkey-boyIsle' has such a ring to it." Kaiba said, deadpan. "In fact, it's already been taken. It's off the coast of Thailand. I'll send a helicopter."

"Verrrry funny, Kaiba-boy. Ha ha."

"What's that? You want to go right now?"

A whirr of beating helicopter blades sounded over the Wheeler house. Joey looked up in disbelief. He didn't. . . .

"Here, Joey, Téa SO wants to talk to you," Serenity said breathlessly, stuffing the phone into his hand and pushing him in his room where he couldn't bother her. She could hear Téa yelling even through the closed door. "Seto? Did you really send a helicopter?"

"No, of course not."

"Oh, it's from Channel 5 News . . . "


"Is there really a MonkeyBoy Island?" she said coyly.

"What do you think?"

"I think . . . you're making it up."

"I'm not making it up. Though, it would be nice to send Joey away to it, eh."

"You are SO right! He's being such a- " She groaned in frustration dramatically.

He suppressed a smile.

"You didn't really name our, I mean, your island after me, did you . . . ?"

"Of course so. You'll see when you come to it. The Great Big Gala Opening. Of my new theme park." He smirked to himself, was she in for a surprise. "You are coming?"

"Of course so." She spent the next few minutes letting herself turn red tip to toe. Aw! I have an island named after me-e! I have an island named after me-ee!

"You're going off on a tangent in that little head of yours, aren't you."

It was a statement, not a question, and in a knowing voice at that.

"Uh? What do you - I am not - " she sputtered, the blush fading and twirling the cord around her fingers.

"Mm-hm," he said like really sarcastically. "Well, I've got other stuff do now. I'll see you then. And Serenity?"


He gave her a riddle:

"You were right, the first time. . ."

Her hand froze, there was a quiet click, his voice still vibrating in her ear. I wonder if I can ask him to say that tone again, into a tape recorder this time? Then she'd play in again, over and over, but if Joey were to find it . . . She shuddered at the consequence of that. He'd . . . probably play it in the auditorium of our private school, on the loudspeaker during lunch! Soooooooooooooo embarrassing . . .

Joey must miss his friends . . . maybe that's why he was being such a pain in the butt. Oh well, he's seeing them tomorrow, maybe that would let him loosen up a bit. Serenity nodded to herself a multitude of times, before she heard her Mom and the maid calling them to dinner. They had kept the old house and the old kitchen despite their newfound wealth, just added some new appliances, that was it. The phone was making that "ERR, ERR," sound when its left too long off the hook, and she hung it up neatly and carefully, surprised she didn't hear it before.

She made a mental note to carry a tape recorder on Saturday, just in case. If she lost her nerve or Seto asked, she would say that she forgot it there. Joey, the same goes for him. She doubted her mother would let her go back to "That Place" alone by herself, and indeed at dinner Mrs. Wheeler reminded Joey to keep an eye out for her on Saturday. Like she was some little kid, Serenity thought mutely. But I guess if I were Mom, I'd do to same I guess . . .

Sometimes I wish I were an orphan like Seto . . . The next morning, she packed her bags, purse and laid out her clothes - after much deliberating - that she was going to wear, and spent all day washing her hair. For once, Joey wasn't there to tease her mercilessly, he was out. Kayla, Serenity's best friend who also had gotten herself transferred to her new school, helped her out. She kept saying how lucky she thought Serenity was, having a "boyfriend" like Kaiba, and having Joey for a brother. She had a crush on the both of them.

"I'd switch with you," Serenity said, talking about Joey, but only joking.

"Deal, girl! I wish I could go too, but Mom says no. Bleah."

"Ha, ha," Serenity teased her friend, being glad their was someone there to do it to. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm trying to set Joey up on a date, with Téa . . . I asked her to go out with him, but she said no . . . I tried flattering her to coax her, but she ran away!"

"Tee hee . . . " Since Kayla herself was too young, she suggested, "Didn't he like, like, like that Mai?"

"Oh . . . yeah . . . " Serenity quit blow-drying her hair, deeply thinking. "Did he, I think?" And did she most importantly . . . ?

"She must like him now, now that he's rich," Kayla said reading her mind like all best friends did. "sigh . .. "

"Maybe YOU could go out with Mokuba; you guys could be twins! He does seem to think highly of himself." She was only kidding, but they entertained that idea for the rest of the night, and Joey interrupted them by crashing their sleepover. Serenity giggled as he best friend turned beet-red, as they were in their underwear, and Tristan who had come along to visit, too, turned red. Serenity heard Joey tease him about it all night long through the wall.

I'll just stay out of Joey's love life and hope that he stays out of mine, she thought hopefully. As the next day came, it was Saturday morning, the sky was out from a good early morning rain. Serenity had a shiver of a feeling - a feeling that could only be described as dé jà vu.

She sat up in bed, looking bleakly out the window, remembering her just-had nightmare. Surprisingly, she wasn't thrashing around in bed, or sweating and screaming like she usually did after a nightmare. Maybe . . . I'm getting braver. And it was a really vivid one too, about getting sucked up, vaccuum-like, in an eminent endless tornado. She could still hear echoing screaming in her head.

With a small shrug, she yanked off the covers and took stock, feeling very grown-up. Of course, she was nearly fifteen, actually 3:00 p.m. today, she was. She checked her red-digital clock. Five more hours till.

"Happy birthday, Sis!" Joey called as he rushed by, up for once. She was brushing her hair, again, already dressed. She murmured a thanks and a nod, because her mouth was full of toothbrush. The boat was taking off at noon.

As they waited for it by the pier, she thought about how ironic this all was. Nearly eighteen days before, it was Seto's birthday, and Mokuba had invited them to a party on his yacht . . . unbeknownst to him . . . She saw that she wasn't the only one getting dé jà vu.

"Wow, this seems just like the first time when that tornado hit us," Téa whispered, hugging her windbreaker closer tighter.

"Yeah," said Yugi. "Except, there's a blue sky today. Remember? That last time, it was cloudy."

"Let's not think about that!" said Tristan. "Blue sky, schmoo sky, who cares?" They all nodded.

"You okay?" Téa said to Serenity, who like Joey, was unusually silent. "It must be hard . . . to remember . . . since you're the only one who didn't make it back like the rest of us."

Serenity opened her mouth then changed her mind. "Mm hm." Truthfully, she was kind of nervous, but she didn't want to seem timid - anymore.

They all exchanged glances when the boat arrived, it seemed so much like the yacht, now-destroyed, piece of it somewhere in the South Pacific. Here and there. Except for the great big sign, 'Great Big Gala Opening' and S E R E N I T Y I S L E written below that. She felt her face turn red, causing everyone to turn and gawk at her; she was sure that they all knew who that was.

She half-expected Kaiba or maybe Mokuba to be there, but he wasn't. They made it there okay, with no problem. Joey seemed a little eseasick. Mokuba - who in fact was there, he was just so short you couldn't see, announced into a loudspeaker microphone:


He added, to SerenityIsle, but luckily it was drowned off - not literally - by the cheering of the other people who saw the ad and wanted to come. Serenity heard them chant Kaiba, Kaiba, as they boarded onto the island, like a million-footed centipede. My, I didn't know that he had such a fan club . . . She was relieved to notice that most of them were boys.

She smoothed her clothes down as she looked around with the rest of her brother's friends. She hadn't known what to wear - usually her clother were kind of tomboyish - but she had wanted to look nice, at least nicer than usual. So she'd settled for a crisp-white jeans and a dark vest with no shirt underneath, and with her hair freshly-washed and burnished, hanging in copper layers down and around, she looked very grown-up and pretty. She could see some of the older boys looking at her, nearly toppling over one another. Of course, they were so tightly packed in, that could dbe the reason, but she couldn't help throwing out chest out as she walked behind the others towards the front gate.

It was exquiste. A rolling front gate, with the shouting and laughter from within, it looked just like any other theme park. Trees shone like deep-emerald-green bushes, so bright it nearly hurt the eyes. She wished she had thought to bring sunglasses, like Joey, or maybe not; he wore a really goofy-looking pair. She saw Téa laughing at him and him grinning boyishly, and smiled to herself in secret.

As they moved in line to pay, Serenity got out her birthday money that her Dad had given her that morning, since Joey had "accidentally" forgot, and Mokuba popped up behind the bored and harried looking woman. "No, no, you three are VIP," he said, ushering them like sheep around the counter through the gate. "VIP! VIP!" he kept screaming. Yugi gave Serenity a look.

"Grandpa didn't give him any sugar," he said. Or else he would act like this! was the implied part of the statement. She grinned.

"Wow, a spa and a theme park!" exclaimed Téa, who looked right and left at a fork. There was a white street sign pointing into two different directions, one left and the other, right. One said in loopy cursive, 'Health Treatment Spa: Get Yourself Pampered' and the other said, 'KaibaLand: Daycare Available.' "Wow," Téa went on, brushing her own sunglasses onto the top of her head, "I don't know about you, but I'm getting myself pam-pered!"

"Look, Joey, 'Daycare Available'," grinned Tristan pointing.

"And WHY should I care 'bout dat?" Joey said menancingly, as Tristan smirked and grinned. They got in a wrestling fight. Serenity gawked, but Yugi and the others seemed unconcerned. Maybe they saw it all the time to care.

"Sound fun Téa," Yugi said, and it was obvious he was just being nice, "But I wanna go to the KaibaLand Theme Park. Look, roller coaster rides."

"Super scary," Téa declared. "Me and Serenity'll go, and Yugi, you babysit Joey, okayies?"

"Hey!" said Joey, unperturbed. "I'm olda than him, ya know-! Téa, take care of my Sis."

They were just about to go - Serenity thought she'd much rather go to the theme park first, and then get a spa treatment - when Mokuba ordered:

"No! Seto has big plans for ALL of you. You all have to stick together."

"When did we hear this before?" Joey muttered to Tristan.

"Don't worry, afterwards, you can all go wherever you want, it on us!" Mokuba said enthusiastically, leading the way, nearly getting lost in the crowd because he was so short.

They followed him - barely - and went inside a tall building. Serenity noted that she didn't even recognize the island from before, save the shorefront. Maybe. What if he was in here, to present the girl he'd named the island for? She'd have to make a speech. In front of everyone. It was all very flattering, but . . .

But he didn't do that. She felt a heart-lift at the sight of him, dressed similarly like in the Motou's when he'd gone to pick up his brother: a dark grey coat that reached the floor, looking all-fine and neat. She fancied that she could even smell freshly-pressed and ironed clothes. Joey continued to look suspicious, as if Kaiba were to attack them all with a gun.

But of course, he didn't. He said something to the effect of, "Welcome and I'm glad you could make it. This'll be a test of my new idea, and I want you to tell me what you think. You are all my guinea pigs!"

"Yer what?" Joey said. Kaiba ignored him.

"This way." He gestured through a dark door, and as she passed him, she gave him a look that said, What is going on? and to which his look said back, You'll see - a knowing smile.

As they stood in the dark, Serenity recalled the riddle he had given earlier. Could this have something to do with it. As the group shuffled nervously, she thought about how much it had changed. The island. Of course, she was happy, but it all seemed so sad . . . she wasn't sure that she liked it all changed like this . . . It seemed like a holy sacred place to her now, a very special place. She stared at the concrete floor.

When she looked up again, she saw that the scene had changed. No longer was it pitch-black darkness, but obviously fake bushes were about, like cardboard cutouts. Illuminated by light, it gave a very spooky atmosphere. "This is my game," he said, "Survivor." By their terrified expressions, one would think that they were going through Death-T again, but it was more like the TV show. An RPG.

Joey got a snakebite, and Téa got the flu, so it was a little bit like the Oregon Trail, and Seto got mauled by a bear, which looked very real, and Serenity couldn't help noticed he in-place he looked. This was his home. Virtual reality.

At least, that was what Joey said. He kept complaining; "I dot ya wouldn't like VR afta all da stuff we'd been troo wit it," he said, limping slightly, fron his snakebite.

"Uh, Joey, according to this, you died," Yugi said, looking up at the stats screen glowing. Joey immediately collasped. Fakely, of course.

"It is NOT VR system; at least, not all of it. I'm not going to fool around with that anymore," Kaiba declared, and everyone else rolled their eyes or exchanged "Yeah, right!" looks. Despite her earlier musing about the island, Serenity thought the game was very . . . . interesting.

"I liked it," she said, sticking up for him and earning a smiling glance. "How about the rest of you guys?"

She glowered at them all without Seto seeing, the hiding lights helped. They quickly murmured agreeing assent.

"But you know Kaiba, you could do this . . . " Yugi went on to describe how he could make it look less scarier, so little kids could enjoy it too, and Kaiba said the 'little kids' need some backbone, and but he'll think about it. Something about the way he said it made Serenity get the impression that he was keeping something still from them, or else he just didn't care what Yugi said and he'd do it the way he wanted.

That's probably it, she thought with a sweatdrop, apparently Téa was thinking among the same line because a sweatdrop was hanging from her hair too. "Pretty scary, more like creepy," she murmured under her breath. "Oh yeah, Serenity! Sorry I forgot, to wish you a happy birthday earlier."

They stepped into the brilliant blue sunshine. "I agree, I think it was cool!" Mokuba was saying, looking at Serenity with instant like, since she'd stuck up for him. "After all the hours you've put into it. . . ." He gave a very Serenity-like, or was it Kaiba-like? glower at the rest, they shuffled their feet and mumbled something about not knowing how many hours that Kaiba had put into it.

"Birthday, hm . . . " Kaiba said in an undertone, and, louder, "Well, you all can go and enjoy the rest of my theme park. Free of charge today. Except you Wheeler." He grinned, refusing to give Joey a neon pass.

"Verrrry funny." Joey snatched one from his hand, and told Téa again to watch out for his Sis.

Téa didn't know exactly what he'd meant by that, until she was walking behind Kaiba with Mokuba on one of his sides, and Serenity on the other. Serenity was saying, "You seemed kind of like a dad . . . " Kaiba replied something that Téa didn't catch.

"Hey! Wait for me!" she said. "You all are going to the spa . . . ?" Téa glanced incredulous first at Kaiba, then back at Serenity.

"I wanna go to the theme park," rathered Mokuba.

"You have to stay and give out the tickets, make sure no one sneaks in and make sure that Joey doesn't uh, destroyed anything!" Kaiba said.

Téa had to agree, but only secretly.

"Joey wouldn't!" Serenity said to him. "Sure he is a klutz . . . but so is everyone . . .one time or another."

Mokuba scampered away, disappearing into the swallowing crowd. As they neared the building with the flat tops on a white sandy beach, Kaiba told Téa to buzz off. Well, not in those exact words - he gave her a ticket to one building and he and Serenity went into another building. Téa was only too happy to leave them be. Since they were still building under construction, they had to be at the same massage building at the same time, but Téa stayed far away as if she knew they wanted their space. The treatment was heavenly. A lot of the moms and dad who sent their children off to play were there, looking like they were in nirvana or something.

After a good four hours of being masssage into jelly, Téa went off to try 'mudbaths' - she told Serenity just for a few minutes where she was headed off - and Serenity got and buttoned her vest on. "Why are you smirking like that?" she questioned.

"Wait until she see what 'mudbaths' are," he laughed.

" . . . I don't wanna know. I don't wanna know!" Serenity declared, going into the towel room. What he'd meant by that. At fifteen - she checked her watch - one more hour. Till I'm fifteen. Wonder how old he is. I think that he told me. I forgot.

"Who are you waiting for?" She kept checking her watch and he was puzzled by it.

"Uh, no one. Oh, what the hey, I'm going into the sauna." She started to open the door to it, which was full of blissful-looking women and men, and he stopped her, looking very rumpled.

"You can't. Not after a massage. Don't you know. You could faint in there." He said all-knowingly and superior-like. She fought the urge to roll her eyes at it and instead worked on looking sad. "Tell you what," he said, whispering as he came in closer, "All my situations are in check, so . . . pst, pst pst . . . "

"Okay," she said after a minute. He grinned at her and she grinned back. He left then and she felt nervous. It was getting hot in here . . . "So take off all my clothes!" she sang quietly, to herself, once in the women's locker room. An old lady gave her a weird glance, causing her to giggle nervously. "I can't believe I'm doing this; I must be out of my mind!" she yelled at the lady softly, and the old lady's face cleared.

"Just say no, dearie," she advised, hobbling off with her cane. Serenity stared after her for a moment. The woman was right, wasn't she? Oh well. She trusted Seto. He seemed to be in a good mood today. Today. Besides, she wasn't a little kid anymore. She felt wild. It was her birthday, and she was going to enjoy it, she thought determindedly. I bet that the old woman, when SHE was fifteen, went . . . and . . . did . . . this . . .!

In the 1950's or something . . . Serenity took off her clothes to the bathing suit, and started to take off her watch, but decided not to. I trust him, really really do. With my life. Hasn't he saved my life from that man, and before that, the quicksand on this very island? Didn't he, Serenity? It was waterproof. I am not afraid anymore of anything.

Surprising how poignant the simple sentence - 7 words only - felt. Of anything. Especially the last couple. It kind of put her, she fancied, in a dreamlike state as she went through the double doors. It was so fogged up that she could barely see anything, then she saw a couple of distracting kids running around through the haze.

"I didn't think you would come." He said simply. She shivered, from nervousness and the way the words seem to roll right over her skin, like a physical touch. She didn't say anything, probably a squeak would emuse if she tried as he took her by one hand and helped her into the whirlpool. Then, just like that, as if a switch, her nervousness faded.

It was no big deal . . . really . . . the hazy dream, however, stayed. They had to pool all to themselves.

"Why not?" she said, with her voice so softly put it wasn't heard over the sounds of the jets. But he read her mouth. Even though, he didn't know how to.

"I don't know. Who knows?" he said, "So what did you really think?" From so close, she could see his face, his expression, but not from far away, she couldn't.

She assumed he meant about this island. "The game I liked, but I don't think . . . I like this whole theme park." He looked mildly surprised.

"Why not?" he asked. She looked down, bemusedly. ". . . ."

"I would have thought that you would wear that coat here."

"What? Why would I?" he said as she laughed a little bit, covering her mouth. "Don't you like it?"

"Not really. I liked you better they way you were . . . on the island together." She pictured him, laying back her head on his arm which was around her. "Shorts and T-shirt. Aah."

"Are you . . . having pictures of me?"

He said it so . . . knowingly that she pinkened, and it wasn't because of the hot water. "Well, you do . . . look better . . . in regular clothes. Just a suggestion!" she said.

I do wear regular clothes . . . . when I sleep. He lay his head back as well, straing up at the tiled blue-and-white pattern of the ceiling. "Why didn't you like it?"

"Oh . . . the theme park . . .well, it's not that I don't like it . . ." she hedged.

"You're stall-ing."

"But! But . . . I just kind of wish that this would be just the way it was, like all nature and stuff." She moved the bubbles from the water around, remembering when he had tried to cook her alive. I would be suspectful NOW, but except he's in here with me. "We had a great adventure, don't you think?"

He looked indulugent. "But it has a lot of bad memories. For you. And me."

"All of them?"

"Well, not all."

"There were some," she grinned gently.

"Mmm . . . I guess you're right." He said like as if she'd asked him a favor, buy only just pretending. Instead, in fact - he was looking at her like she were a big plump juicy piece of meat, and he was starving. Only not creepy as it sounds.

Next thing she knew, she was drawn in. Climbing, she said, "You DO have something under there, right?" I can't see from all the bubbles . . .

"Of course!" he scoffed, "What, do you think you'd get lucky? Again?"

She turned the color of her hair. "It didn't see anything that time, you know . . . I only saw up to your waist. Nothing . . . below; honest." She held up two fingers; it seemed important that he believed her, because that was what started the whole was on the island they had had. He relaxed. She got indignant again. "Meanwhile, YOU . . "

"Yes, me . . . " he said, leaning forward, dodging her splash. "I got to see the whole thing." She might've smacked him, sounding all victorious, except he was using that husky-grinding voice again. Oh man . . . and me with no tape recorder . . . He stopped his face millicentimeters away.

Oh well, she thought shakily, he's probably think I was mentally challenged.

"You're lucky I like you," she sassed, looking at him through her dark eyelashes. He saw that she was wearing just a bit of makeup, on those beautiful eyes of hers, but her lips were naked and pearly-pink

" 'Like'?" His azurite eyes surveyed her.

"Okay, I love you. If it was just like, I would've smacked you by then," she admitted, on his lap, him draping whisper-soft aganist her jawline. She tiltled her head to one side, reaching for the back off his neck. "It's true, you know. I don't know exactly, precisely, why, but I do . . . "She put her face up to his so their foreheads banged together and the sides of their noses were brushing, "love you."

There was a short silence; he thought that she could look at him like that and he would believe anything she had to say, no matter how farfetched, unlikely, improbable it was, but he'd believe it because of the color of her hair, or her eyes. It was a strange feeling, to fall in love, for him, it was rather like being detached from your own body and watching from above. Like it was happening to someone else, but not him kind-of-feeling.

She was looking at him kind of hopefully, at his lips rather that up at his eyes. They were so close. And neither was pulling away. Unsing that rumbly tone again, he said, "Well, I can't promise you that I'll close down this theme park - it makes too good a money - but I do hear it's your birthday today . . . ?"

She bit her lip softly and didn't answer, for a good ten minutes. Disappointment was bitter taste. "Oh. Yeah." She had almost forgotten, she moved one of her wrists up to check her watch behind his head. "3:00 on the dot." She stared at it hapharzardly. "Wow."

"That was when you were born?"


"Seems ironic that SerenityIsle opened up on your birthday, and we were marooned to MY birthday, eh . . . ?"

She flinched at 'SerenityIsle'. "Guess so."

"What's the matter? You don't like the name?"

"Er . . . " She didn't, but it WAS kind of flattering, so . . . "It'll . . . grow on me. Like you, I suppose." He supressed a smile; it was SO obvious that she was disappointed. Because . . .

"You suppose. You think you would be sure, if I told you I loved you?" He said, finally bridging the gap, kissing her fervently.

"M . . . maybe . . . " She wrapped her arms around him with all her heart and soul. "Maybe," she said again, pulling back; Seto took her hand and kissed it, looking and holding her eye as he said it.

"I do, love you. But, I know why: You're so sweet . . . beautiful, clothed or no . . . ." He earned a well-deserved swat, ". . . and sweet." He nuzzled her neck sensually; she nuzzled him back, feeling lightheaded and as starving as they were starving, back eighteen days ago. "Especially . . . here and there . . . " He whispered. She shivered at the tingling of her skin, his breath felt icy, contrasting with the hot wetness . . .

It's true, I am! she conceded; throughout all the good fortune she had had recently, she felt the happiest now. I'm glad I bought a brand-new bikini, one of those designer ones . . . She climbed on his lap, still feeling hungry. It was getting so hot, the temperature . . . the water was boiling, just like in the . . . 'Serenity' stew . . .

And ate him up . . .

(Yum and . . .he was sweet, too . . .)

The END!

A/n: . . . .

Okay, if anyone says that that's a bad ending, I'll eat them! She didn't really eat him up, it's just an expression? cliche? phrase? saying? of mine . . . the point is, don't take it seriously. It amused me. (points pointedly to humor genre)

Laugh. I did ! (points to self) BTW, If anyone got it, SerenityIsle was supposed to pertain to the fact that Kaiba opened up a new spa center, get it? Serenity? Spa? I think he oughta consider it ! Seriously. Lol

Also amuses me to picture my readers' faces, when they read that last line . . . ok, two last lines . . . boy am I tired, I wrote this all in seven hours. Straight. How many does it take usually for other writers. (Curious)

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