Title: The Unexpected Guest

Author: Kimmy Malfoy

Summary: Minerva gets a visit from someone unexpected in St. Mungo's. Will continue to include her return to Hogwarts and such…

Paring: MMSS, maybe others

Disclaimer: So I don't own them, wish I did, but I don't! They are JK Rowling's property!

Author's Note: People seemed to like my first SSMM so I figured I'd try another… tell me what you think, just don't flame me that hurts! Enjoy this- if you like it I just may continue it…actually I'll continue even if you don't like it… J

Rating: PG

She grimaced as she turned over in her bed. The bandages restricted her movements as she attempted to sit up for her visitors. It had been a while since she'd seen anyone from Hogwarts, and she was glad to see the smiling faces of her colleagues. The face of Remus Lupin lingered over her on the left, and next to him stood Molly and Arthur Weasley, Fred and George was there too. As they exchanged kind words her eyes did not focus on her visitors, but rather on a lone figure that stood in the corner. He was enveloped in a cloud of black robes and shadows. She knew who it was, and she had been expecting him.

As the others said their goodbyes, one by one he moved closer toward her bedside. Remus knew he was there, and despite it all he still felt a pang a jealousy when he saw them together. The anger that always sparked an impassioned fight between them, the bitter rivalry, and the deep friendship was enough to drive him mad. Those two people were such enemies, and yet, such friends. Remus glowered as he walked closer to her, and followed close behind Molly Weasly with a disgruntled look on his face. He'd always hated him and always would.

"Minerva" he whispered, looking down at her, placing a flower beside her hand. She did not move, but glanced at the flower and proceeded to glare at him.

"If you think to pity me… or soften me up…"


"I do not want your pity or your niceties…"

"I am not here to give them"

"Very well, be seated" Her voice was terse as she looked at the man in black before her. She smiled as he gave her a rather disdainful look.

"I also did not venture out here to be ordered around…"

"You ventured out on your own stupidity…"

"Ah Minerva, I see you are quickly recovering." He smiled an all to rare grin as he sat on the edge of her bed.

"How are the students?"

"Fine, nosy, but fine…"


"Granger and Weasley…"

"They inquire about your health everyday…"

"How considerate…"

"Disgusting, but considerate yes."

"Severus!" she chastised him as he made another snide remark. She looked at him quizzically and proceeded to ask him why he came, she had never expected him.

"Umbridge has finally flipped her lid… she ordered yet another decree yesterday, and that is when I decided it was time to pay a visit to a dear friend…"

"Your sarcasm is not appreciated Severus…"

"It is not sarcasm; you are a dear friend…"

Her eyes widened at his confession. She always thought that he hated her, after all they always argued about the littlest things. It seemed to her that he was nothing more than a mean a foreboding man with the heart of a Slytherin through and through. But there was something beyond the mask, she could see it now. He was a kind man. Well that might be a bit of a stretch, her mind told her. But there was an element of compassion, intangible and faint, but there. The shrill call of the resident nurse interrupted her thoughts.

"Well Minerva, I best be off before that woman chews me to pieces for visiting past hours…" She was tempted to ask him to stay, but knew she could not.

"Goodnight Severus…" he reached down and picked up the flower that rested at the base of her bed. He gently placed it in her hand and whispered:

"This flower was expressly stolen from Professor Sprout; it's enchanted never to die, so you can always have…" The nurse called again.

"Out! Now Professor Snape!" And with that he retreated quickly.

"Goodnight Minerva"

"Goodnight Severus".

As he retreated out of the room she was lulled to sleep by the sounds of his shoes tapping against the cold floor.