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Chapter 1

It was a scorching day in Jump City. Heat waves shimmered down, melting the asphalt into gummy glue. Everyone was heading down to the coast for a day of relaxing at the beach. Well, almost everyone. Five teenagers looked longingly out of the window of the Titans Tower.

"Man, this sucks." Beastboy fanned himself with a rolled up newspaper. Sweat was pouring down his forehead. The five superheroes weren't exactly happy campers sitting in a stuffy tower with spandex suits. And to make matters worse, the air-conditioning had busted and Cyborg had run out of deodorant. The half-man half-machine sat near the window; giving off a stench so powerful it knocked Robin flat as he entered the main room.
"Good god Cyborg, what happened to the deodorant?? I thought you had a good supply."
"He used up all his, yours, Beastboy's and Star's supplies. And he still reeks."
Robin turned at the monotone drawl that came from Raven. The Goth chick had shed her long cloak and was sitting with a large book on her lap. Right about now she was wishing her bodysuit didn't have long sleeves. The dark spandex shone with sweat and her hair was damp.
Robin slumped miserably down by his friend. The Boy Wonder had left his gloves, his utility belt, and his cape in his room. His hair was slumping over his eyes, as his hair gel had melted. The cheap substance had leaked down the back of his neck and mixed with sweat, made him smell like a camel.
Raven scooted away from her sweaty friend to the other end of the couch, an expression of distain on her face. Robin noticed and smirked.
"Hey, you don't exactly smell like roses, you know."
Raven rolled her eyes and buried herself in her book.
"It's way too hot to fight."
Beastboy groaned from his spot on the floor and ripped off his gloves and belt.
"Too hot to change.... Too"
The Changeling made a scene of crawling on the floor, clutching at his throat for water.
"Need.... drink..."
Raven wrinkled her nose as Beastboy inched past the coffee table. As he made his way past her, she decided to place a well-aimed kick where it counts.
Beastboy's screams brought Starfire rushing into the front room. She looked at the writhing Beastboy with confusion.
"Beastboy! You squirm with the pain of a Knarglforp attack! Yet I do not see the little spotted creature anywhere around!"
Robin, amid his snickers, turned to Starfire and explained.
"No Star, Raven just beaned Beastboy in.... an uncomfortable place." Starfire looked at Raven.
"You mean Raven has turned Beastboy's uncomfortable place into a bean? Oh, that's horrible!"
Beastboy stood up angrily, clutching at his crotch.
"No, Starfire, there aren't any beans on me."
Cyborg pointed at Raven.
"Rae here decided to do some butt-kicking...literally."
Starfire examined Beastboy.
"I thought the kicking of the butt was only reserved for evil-doers! Has Beastboy turned evil?"
Beastboy and Robin sighed together. Explaining naughty actions to Starfire was something Robin would have to add onto his to-do list. Beastboy smiled at his Tameranian friend.
"Never mind Star. I feel a little bit better."
"But you are evidently in agony! I shall make a Tameranian pudding for the curing of beans!"
Robin sighed.
"Its too hot for pudding anyway."
Beastboy plunked down between Raven and Robin.
"Aw man Rae, you sure know how to kick."
A small smile played across the Goth's face, but it instantly disappeared when she noticed Beastboy was still rubbing his swollen area.

Starfire sighed.
"There must be some way too cool off in this unbearable Earth heat!"
Beastboy twiddled his thumbs.
"We could go to the beach...."
Robin stared at his green friend.
"And leave the city open to attack? I don't think so."
Raven glanced over to Cyborg.
"We could go while Cyborg keeps an eye on things here..."
Cyborg looked up from the window.
"Actually I don't swim that well. Tec might rust. I could fix the air-conditioning here while you guys go to the beach."
Robin looked over at Cyborg.
"Really Cy? You don't mind?"
Cyborg shook his head.
"Nah, I work better when people aren't bothering me. 'Specially BB."

Starfire leaped up and did a somersault in the air.
"Wonderful! I shall fetch the spandex bathing outfit!"
Starfire dashed from the front room in a streak of green. Robin and Beastboy followed closely behind. Suddenly, Beastboy screeched to a stop and turned to Raven.
"Rae? Aren't you coming?" Raven glared at him from behind her book.
"Sun and sand isn't my thing," she said, turning her back on the Changeling.
Beastboy walked toward his friend.
"But you have to come! Besides, what are you going to do in a stuffy tower all day anyway? Meditate?"
Raven remained silent. Beastboy crawled under the coffee table and put his hands on the Goth's knees. Sticking his face up under her book, the Changeling stuck out his lower lip and gave his friend big teary puppy eyes.
"You don't like me any more?" Raven snarled and pushed Beastboy off her. The green one grinned at her from the floor.
"Besides, it's the least you can do after giving my balls a joyride."

Raven groaned and rolled her eyes.
"Fine," she said slamming her book closed. The Goth chick stood up and walked off, mumbling curses under her breath.
Beastboy leaped up and danced out of the room. He had been waiting for this day for ages; the day he would finally see Raven in a swimsuit. The lust side of his brain was whispering "Hotness!" over and over, while the mischievous side was yelling "Blackmail!" He listened to the lust side most of all. Beastboy was seriously looking forward to seeing Raven in something else beside her bodysuit and depressing cloak.
"I wonder how she would look with a tan?" he thought.
The Changeling had reached his room and was rummaging through piles of junk. Finally, he produced a pair of moldy green swim trucks.
"I'm sure they still fit," he said pulling a cherry lollipop off them. Shucking off his clothes he pulled the trunks on. He leaped in front of his closet mirror, sucking up his fat into imaginary muscles.
"Oh, Beastboy, you look sooooo buff!" he said in a fake girly voice.

"Why thank you madam."
"Oh Beastboy, marry me!"
BB waved at the imaginary throngs of screaming girls.
"Please, ladies, call me BB."
Beastboy chuckled and grabbed some sunscreen.
"If seeing my hot bod in a swimsuit doesn't get Raven to like me, nothing will!" he thought as he skipped out of his room.

Meanwhile, in the garage, Cyborg was briefing Robin on the proper handling of the T-Car. Robin, however, was paying absolutely no attention to Cyborg. The Boy Wonder was completely captivated by Starfire. She was wearing a light purple low-cut (VERY low cut) tankini and bikini bottoms. While Robin was drooling over her, Starfire was trying to figure out the mystery of sunglasses.
"What fascinatingly colored face ornaments! But what on earth are they for?"
Starfire hung the purple sunglasses upside down on her ears. She admired her reflection in the T-Car's window.
"Gorgeous!" she said as she climbed into the passenger's side.
Beastboy skipped in wearing a huge grin.
"Hiya Ra...ven? Where's your suit?" Beastboy peered around the garage as if the swimsuit was hiding in the shadows.
The Goth smiled smugly.
"I said I'd go to the beach, not swim. Besides, you just get sand in that ridiculous suit anyway. Nice briefs, by the way."
Beastboy's happy smile had completely dissolved, leaving him with a dejected expression.
"Oh. Thanks," he said, shuffling into the T-Car, head and ears drooping. Raven, feeling no guilt, climbed in after him.
Cyborg continued to lecture Robin (who now had drool coming out of his mouth) about T-Car security. The half-man half-machine buckled Robin in the driver's seat and plugged the keys into the transmission.
"Ok Rob, that's about it. Just have fun with her, ok? Robin? Yo, Rob? Rooobbiiin..."
Cyborg waved his hand in front of Robin's. Robin tore his eyes off Starfire and shook his head.
"Huh? Oh, sorry." Robin wiped drool off his red trunks and immediately assumed leader mode.
"Ok, Titans, ready for a day of fun in the sun?"
A bright yay from Starfire, a dismal "Huzzah" from Raven, and a groan from now-depressed Beastboy issued.
Robin started the T-Car and backed onto the road, leaving Cyborg in the dust.
"Have a good time, y'all!" he waved.
"Come back alive!"

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