A/N- Been a while, eh? Oops, yeah. Blame me Scott muse for that. he's been a bit distracted as of late. Kev muse should whip him into shape some time. Heh. Anyways; enough blabbing on with the writing. VERY short.

::This is set back 1999 - 2000 or whenever it was that Scott had his seizure::

Title: Not My Idea of a Good Time

Author: Hearts Desire

Rating: Pg

Disclaimer: Own no one. You know that already.

Kevin Nash shifted in his seat. Then again. And again. 'Damn plastic chairs' he cursed, moving his arm from the sticky plastic.

'They should invest money into better chairs with all the time people spend in them.'

He grumbled at the thought. He really didn't want to be here. He wanted to be in there; with Scott. But since he wasn't "family" he had to wait.

'Family my ass.'

He shifted again. He glanced down the hallway. He checked his watch. A door opened on his left and looked into it, but it wasn't for him.

He leaned back in the chair again and closed his eyes. This wasn't supossed to be happening. Not to him. Not to Scott. Scott was supossed to be better. He wasn't heavily drinking, ne wasn't smoking anything, taking any pills. Why was he sick now?

He jerked lightly as his phone rang and he answered it. It was Shawn. They talked for a bit before Kevin decided he wasn't up to talking and hung up on his friend. Shawn would understand.

Leaning back again with closed eyes, he must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew he was being awoken by a rough voice.

"Wake up, Chico."

He sat up quickly, bright eyes snapping open and he gathered his dark haired lover in his arms. Scott chuckles hoarsly.

"Did you miss me?"

"You could say that. Christ, Scotty, are you okay? Are you sure you can leave? Maybe two days here wasn't enough. Maybe you should--"

Scott chuckled again and placed a finger on Kevin's lips to silence him.

"Kev, I'm fine. They just wanted to make sure. They said no injuries."

"Are you--"

"I'm sure."

Unable to hold himself together anymore, Kevin immediatly caught Scott's lips in a heated kiss. Scott pulled close to his larger lover and wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck before breaking the kiss in a soft gasp.

"Hell! You must have missed me!"

Kevin sighed, "You have no idea. I was so worried."

"Well, no need anymore. Come on. I wanna go home and scrub down."

Scott held his hand out for Kevin who took it in his abd they left the hospital. Kevin nuzzled Scott's neck softly.

"Mind if I scrub you down?"

Scott chuckled, "Feel free."