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Recap: Faintly out of the conner of her eye she saw maliki looking her way with a unmastakeable look of jelousy

'Yeah playa doesn't like to be played huh?' Kat asked mentaly while pretending to Ignore him and talk to Chenile and Snook.

Maliki POV

Maliki looked over as snooky put his arm around kats shoulders and had a sudden feeling of jelousy nobody touched HIS girl.

ch. 7 stepps pt. 2 :like a pimp

"Maliki what up baby?" asked Monica a girl maliki picked up on his way into the club.

"How 'bout we dance" asked Maliki with a smirk on his face. 'Bring it on kitty kat' he thought as David Banners song Like a Pimp came on.


'Let the games begin' Kat saw the smirk on his face and how he was dancing with the girl.

Bitch don't trip
Aint a damn thang changed
I still love my queen
But bitches keep me to the game
So if you gotta hoe
Shake em up and let em go yeah
And let them girls get down on the flo' on the flo'
Like a Pimp

Real girls get down on the flo'on the flo

Kat looked around and saw a hot guy from Malikis group eyeing her and decided to join his little game. He pissed her off and her mind was set. "hey you wanna dance" she asked inocently.

"Fo' sure baby" with that they went on the floor next to Maliki and Monica

All POV.

Kat looked at Monica and mouthed the words as the song played

Now don't you hate them ole'
Lying ass hoes
Smiling in your face
Wearing her best friends clothes

Monica gaped at her.

Maliki looked around when he herd a oohh.. and looked to find that everyone was watching Kat dancing with a Calub.He was past angry.

Kat had a huge smitk on her face at the part of the song she knew was comming up. She had her next moves planned.

We make em
Swallow the nut so
Follow the truck
Lil' Flip and David Banner
We got all of the bucks and
All of the sluts and
All of the hoes
So drop it like its hot girl
Touch yo fucking toes

At the right spot she bent down touched her the ground an came up slow as everyone cheered OOHH.along with the song and then just staredintoMaliki's eyesuntill the song ended a few seconds later.

Kats POV

She just looked into his eyes without even noticing what was happinig around her. "Kat!" Chenile yelled at her "Girl come on lets get you a drink" And with that she took one last glance at Maliki's jelous eyes before turning to who she just danced with.

"Hey its Calub right?" he nodded "Wanna get a drink" she asked over the next song lil' Kims, How Many Licks.

(too be cuntinued)

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