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May sat on a log, gazing intently up at the sky. It was a huge expanse of black velvet, dappled by tiny diamond-like stars. The crescent moon smiled down on her. She thought about everything that had happened… about the Millennium Comet, Ash, Brock, Max, and Jirachi… she sighed. I never got to make my wish. Ah well… I've wished the same wish for months now, and where has it got me yet? Sitting alone on a log….

"May!" Ash exclaimed. May jumped and turned around, blushing furiously.

"What's the big idea?!" May yelled.

"I was just gonna ask you a question."

"Well? Fire away."

"I was going to ask what you wished for. I mean, you never got to make your last wish, y'know, and I was wondering if I could… well, if I could help."

More than you know, Ash… More than you know. May smiled sadly.

"Nah, you can't help. Besides, why would I tell you?" She said teasingly.

"Because you're my friend."

"Ah… good point! Well, I'll tell ya, but if I do then I'll hafta kill ya. Do ya really wanna know?"

"Er… no."

"S'what I thought!" May said triumphantly.








Ash laughed and gazed into the dying embers of the fire before him, growing silent. May smiled, enjoying the sound of Ash's laughter; he didn't laugh often enough anymore. May looked at her intently, observing him. Sparkling eyes, messy black hair… wonderful personality… she had never met anyone quite like him. He looked up at her, catching her staring at him, and her face turned red. Ash smiled gently.

"If you insist." Sighed May, and there was a tight, knotted feeling in her stomach as if she were jumping off a cliff… she could never look back after this... "My wish was…"

"I don't insist, May, because your secrets are yours forever. It wouldn't mean anything to me if you told me because you had to. I wanted you to tell me because you wanted to." Ash saw she was about to speak and put his finger to her lips. "So for now hold your tongue until you're ready to tell me, sound like a plan?"

May nodded and Ash got up and stretched, walking off. May looked after him helplessly, then called after him.

"Wait! I want to tell you what I wished for."

Ash turned around, looking at her expectantly yet patiently.

"I wished for you to love me like I love you. I know, it was selfish! But that's what I wished."

There. She's said it. She sighed, turning away, afraid he would be mad at her. She closed her eyes. Ash walked back over to her and there was a sudden warmth on her cheek. Her eyes snapped open wide. Ash had embraced her in a hug, and he was about four inches from her face.

"You just---!" warmth rose to her face and she gently touched the spot on her cheek.

"Yeah." Ash smiled sheepishly.

"And y'know what?"


"I didn't mind it at all."

"I love you, May." Ash laughed, ruffling her hair before kissing her again. So that... was May's Wish.