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May awoke in the pouring rain, being carried on a stretcher into a building with white walls. Her head throbbed. Where was she? She moaned, wanting to go back to sleep. She remembered what happened as soon as she closed her eyes. She attempted to sit up, but a sharp pain in her chest stopped her. A few broken ribs at the least. She took deep breaths. And she let darkness tinge her vision once again.

            When she woke up again, Max was sitting next to her in the chair asleep. She gingerly got up, being sure to tug down the annoying hospital gown so it went to her knees. She walked over to the other bed, her feet making no noise against the cold tile floor. She gasped when she saw Ash, which sent a jolting pain through her ribs. Ash was there alright, albeit hooked up to quite a few machines. He was pale as a ghost.

"May," sighed Brock in relief, "You're awake! I was getting worried."

"What--" her mouth was dry. She pointed a trembling finger at Ash.

"Ash… when he fell, his head was the first thing that made contact with the ground. That branch was ridiculously high… What was Ash thinking…?" Brock shook his head.

"He was showing me the meteor shower… This all happened because my stupid little fibblet…" May bit her lip.

"It's not your fault, May."

"Hasn't he woken up yet?"

"No. I… I'll go get some coffee. I'll be back soon."

Brock got up and left the room. He had obviously sensed long ago how Ash and May had felt. She appreciated how he had never said anything about it. May lowered herself carefully into the cushioned chair and reached over to touch Ash's hand. It was cool. Cool and limp.

"Ash?" she whispered. "I'm here. Please wake up. Please?"

No response.

"I'm so sorry this is all my fault and I didn't mean for this to happen and I really didn't want you to get hurt I promise so please wake up!" the words came pouring out, and she stared expectantly at him. The room was as still as a room in a funeral home. As still, May imagined, as the gates of Hell. Ash didn't even twitch.

"WAKE UP WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU I CAN'T HELP YOU!" she suddenly sobbed, causing Max to awaken with a jolt. He walked over to her, rubbing his eyes.

"May, you okay?" he said through a yawn.

"Yeah." May wiped the tears away quickly.

"Okay…. If you're sure… Now, what happened? When Brock heard you scream he ran there and Ash was in real bad shape and a lot of the branch had fallen on you. He used Ash's pokegear and called 9-1-1. So what were you two doing?"
"We were watching the meteor shower… Ash took me up there. He took me because I lied to you and told a fiblet and we went into the woods. He decided to show it to me because we had time to kill and he thought I would like it. If I hadn't told that lie, then Ash would be okay. Max, this is all my fault!"


"ASH!" shrieked May.

"What's going on?!"

Brock ran in, streaming about two pages worth of obscenities. One of Ash's machine's had started beeping frantically. Brock sighed, and then grinned as Ash groaned and opened his eyes slowly, everything sliding into focus. He winced, and his eyes looked blank. May squealed and clutched his hand. He gazed up at her.

"Who are you?" he whispered, and gently pulled his hand away.