Chapter Four -- The Plan

Hope was what Angel had now.  Something he didn't have just moments before.  Wes was still there, fighting on.  Cordy too.  Fred was floating who knew where.  "Gunn?"

A knock at his door finished his sentence.  Gunn opened the door, slowly walking in.

"Don't say anything.  I hurt, bad.  Got some good pain meds and came over as soon as Ms. Bother-Me-While-I-Die came and kicked my behind into action.  So what's the plan?"

"Not Plan Boy this time.  She's Plan Girl."  Angel pointed to Cordelia.

"Oh, no.  Not me.  I'm Ms. Kick-the-Guys-In-the-Behind Woman.  I don't make the plans.  Wes is working on that.  We need to find Feganbaum.  I think that's how you say it.  Something to transfer the soul to once we harness it."

"It should be in her things.  Where are they?" Gunn answered.

"What is it?  This Feganbaum thing?" Angel asked.

"A stuffed animal.  A stuffed bunny." Gunn told him, laughing.

Angel, Gunn and Cordelia walked down to the lobby, ready to do battle again.  Spike saw them coming down the stairs and pointed to each of them.

"I had nothing to do with any of it.  Isn't Gunn supposed to be in a coma?  And aren't you dead?  Wait.  I was poof at one point too."

Cordelia stared at Spike's head.  "Oh my God, what happened to your hair?"

Spike ran his hand through his newly shorn hair.  It was dark underneath.  Then he winced as he touched the stitches on the back.  "Had to put stitches in, love.  Hair was in the way.  Needed a new look, I did."

"It looks cute," Cordy answered.

"Me, cute.  Not exactly a word I would use to describe me.  It'll grow."

"I like it.  Makes you look even more bad-ass."

"Cordy, we need to find the stuffed animal.  What else do we do?"  Angel wanted her on topic.

"We have to wait for Wes.  And find out where your goddess went."

"Uh, excuse me.  Wes is dead now.  You can't wait for him.  Got gutted by that demon thingy."  Everyone looked at him and pointed to Cordy.  "Right.  I'll shut up now."

"Finally.  Spike, go with Gunn to Wes's place.  See if he has Feganbaum in one of the boxes he took from Fred's office.  We'll be here, doing more research until Wes arrives or whatever he'll do now.  I just hope he's corporeal."

"He hates ghosts," Spike pointed out to Cordelia.

"Don't know.  Not in charge.  PTBs do their own thing," she answered.

"Including making a person talk to a giant hamburger, but we'll let that slide."  They all turned around to see Wesley standing by the entryway.  Thank God he had changed, Cordelia thought.  Gross, was all she could think.  She was so glad she hadn't had any fatal wound that had killed her.  To have her entrails out for everyone to see.

Wesley looked and sounded better.  He had even shaved.  Although she didn't know how one did that in their dimension.  She had always just thought something and it happened.  He must be feeling a little better.  Still, he was a hottie when he was all scruffy and forlorn.  They didn't need that on the team right now.  They needed the old Wes.  Book Man was what they needed.

Gunn looked like he was ready to drop, but Cordy knew he would hold together.  He had always held them together.  That's why he fit so well with the rest of them.  He had no power other than himself.  She needed that right then.

Angel looked as if someone had tortured him for days.  Cuts, slices and bruises everywhere.  The man who was a vampire had held up well during the battle, but he was fading.  If she didn't do something fast, he'd hole up in his room and never come out again.  He needed to make a difference.  They all needed to make a difference.  They needed their family back.  Together.  And damn the Powers That Be for putting them through this.

"Uh, Wes.  How are you?"  Leave it to Mr. I-Don't-Ever-Know-What-to-Say to speak first.

"He's here, Angel.  Let's work with that, shall we," Cordy cut him off.

Wes didn't look like he wanted to kill Angel for getting him killed, but give him time.  "I brought some volumes I thought would help.  That library you gave me access to is amazing." 

Wes actually smiled and it warmed Cordelia's heart.

"Well, let's get crackin', English.  Move Spike.  And you might want to help me a little, since I should be in a coma right about now."  Spike and Gunn moved slowly out the door to find their prize.  "The hair, Spike.  Oh, the stitches.  We'll compare later," Gunn started as they walked out the door.

Wesley, Cordelia and Angel stared at each other for a moment.  They had often looked at each other like this for moments like this, right when they had to go to work.  The three of them knew that the bond they shared would never be broken, even in death.  Something that Gunn, Fred, or even Spike would never know.

"Let's get to work," Angel said, breaking the spell.

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