Ok I am about to do something completely out of my character...I am, for now, postponing my Inuyasha fics to focus on this Teen Titans fic. For the very few of you that have reviewed my Inuyasha fics and found them enjoyable I hope that you can find it in your hearts to wait until I return to Inuyasha fics. Sorry about babbling on about Inuyasha for all of you who came for the Teen Titans fic so without further ado may I present the fic!

Pairings: R/BB, uh...I'll have to think the rest over but this is one for sure (holds out a lighter) KEEP THE FAITH!

It was a normal day in Titans Tower, Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing the newest edition of a racing game on their Gamestation, Robin was explaining more earth terms to Starfire, and being the isolationist she is, Raven was in a corner reading a novel. In a flash, a heap of pixilated parts was shown on the screen where the Boys were playing their video game. Then a message reading 'GAME OVER: CYBORG WINS' was shown in bright red. Beast Boy sat there with his mouth open while Cyborg was celebrating his victory with Boo'yahs! And other such taunts. Beast Boy stared at the screen before him for a whole five minutes before he erupted saying "No Way You Cheated! I was so close..." at that Beast Boy began to mock weep as Cyborg did a small victory dance...ok a large victory dance.

"I'm sorry Star but mustard is not a drink." Robin said a little frustrated. This is how the conversation had gone for the past hour. Star kept asking robin if they had any of that 'yellow, tangy, drink'. Robin corrected her saying it was mustard and said it was not a drink. She however said that it had to be. This conversation had continued for an hour and Robin was getting very frustrated with all of it. "But Robin..." Star started but before she could finish Robin interrupted by saying. "Ok Star lets make a bet. I say we take a vote by asking every one here if Mustard is a drink. If it they say it is, then you get to chose what we do tonight. If they say mustard is not a drink then I get to chose...ok?" Star shook her head vigorously sure, that she would win...boy did she have it right.

"Ok every one who thinks mustard is a drink speak now!" Robin Yelled. Cyborg, and Beast Boy were so enthralled with their game they did not even hear the question they just responded by merely shouting "yeah sure uh huh!" Raven on the other hand heard everything so she decided to have a little fun by saying "Yes it is." Smirking she returned to her book as Robin stared dumbfounded at the lot of them. Meanwhile Starfire was dancing and she seemed to be on cloud nine. "Oh what joy I was right!" she exclaimed happily. "I will make the pudding of happiness!" she said which got EVERYBODY'S attention. All of a sudden, everyone had a place to go or someone to see. Except Robin who was left alone with Starfire and the pudding of happiness. (Pray for Robin...pray)

Eventually nightfall came and all of the Teen Titans gathered in the living room. Starfire had decided to just have a movie at Titans Tower. In the living room the group was listening to Beast Boy, give his usual "All work and no flicks makes for one dull Beast Boy' routine. And after the usual jabbering Star chose...a romance movie, she and Robin had rented earlier in the day after finishing the happiness pudding. Cyborg groaned along with Beast Boy. But when Robin gave the promise for some action, they decided to give it a shot...and for some odd unbeknownst reason Raven stayed. Moreover, she sat right next to Beast Boy. Cyborg left after the first few minutes of the movie making gagging noises and claiming that he had to install new Shocks and Nitro's to the T-car. Back to the seating arrangements, Starfire sat awfully close to Robin and uh...that's it.

About the middle of the movie, it was pouring out sap worse than a maple tree in season. And the whole room was feeling it Starfire had gotten very comfortable with Robins arm over her shoulders while she rested her head on his left shoulder. However, Raven and BB were still about a foot apart. That did not last for long though as Raven scooted closer To BB in a matter of seconds. BB thought to himself as he looked at Raven 'Ok she's sitting right there...man does she look beautiful. The way her skin seems to glow with the faintest light on it...NO, NO Bad Beast Boy! You know you shouldn't be thinking about her that way! Besides it's not like she will ever like you.' BB thought to himself. His ears slightly drooped and he let out a sigh, which caught the attention of Raven. She looked over at him and she began to stare. 'He's sitting right there. He kinda looks cute with the single fang sticking up from his bottom lip and his ears drooped...NO, stop there Raven! You know you can't show any emotion or something's gonna blow up! Besides he'll never think of you as more of a friend.' Raven thought as her normally blank face took a turn for the depressed side. Unfortunately, for Raven, Beast Boy caught her staring out of the corner of his eye and he turned to look at her. Their eyes met for a brief moment as she blushed and turned quickly to watch the movie.

'Oh good job Raven! He just caught you staring! Not that I meant anything by it but uh...he might get the wrong idea! Yeah that's it!' Raven thought to her self as her blush stayed on her cheeks like a red stain on a white sheet. While this was happening, Beast Boy was having thoughts of his own. 'Was she staring at me and...?DID SHE JUST BLUSH!? Ok BB get a hold of yourself...she probably meant nothing by it...' Beast Boy thought as his depression worsened. Then a thought crossed his mind and before he had time to react, his hand acted on a will of its own as it positioned itself on top of Ravens hand. In the distance, you could hear a lamp exploded but Raven ignored it in favor of looking down at her hand and Beast Boys on top of it. She looked surprised as she raised her head to look at Beast Boy who now had a very large blush on his face. Ravens eyes began to return to normal but now there was a softer look in them and for a millisecond Beast Boy swore he saw her smile. They both turned back to the movie as their hands stayed on top of on another and this continued the whole movie until much to Beast Boys enjoyment Raven got just a 'little' bit tired and she leaned over onto his shoulder asleep. The movie ended and Beast Boy found that Raven had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He shook his head and he bid a good night to Robin and Starfire who had gone to bed when the movie ended. Beast Boy picked Raven up and carried her to her room. 'No offense to Raven but she's heavy!' Beast Boy thought to himself as he laid her on her bed. He covered her with her sheets and was about to leave when... he stopped and looked at her one more time admiring her before he went off to bed.

The next morning Raven woke at about 7:00 AM and looked around. 'How did I get in my room?' she thought to herself. 'I don't remember walking here so how did I get here?' She dismissed the thoughts and walked to her own private bathroom the do the usual wakeup and shower routine. After the shower, she got dressed and decided to get some herbal tea. She walked from her room into the kitchen to find that only one person was awake at 7:30 in the morning. Beast Boy was up and awake making his tofu breakfast that usually consisted of tofu eggs, tofu waffles, and tofu milk to drink. "Mornin' Raven you sleep well?" Beast Boy asked as he was scrambling his Tofu eggs while watching Raven. "Fine." Ravens single word answer was. "Well you want any breakfast?" Beast Boy asked trying to get on her good side this morning. "Herbal Tea." Was Ravens reply. "Com-on it's good for you." He said holding out a plate. "I'm fine with my Herbal Tea Beast Boy." Raven said in a monotone yet strangely agitated voice. "Ok If you're sure." Beast Boy said backing off because of the last time; he tried to get her to eat tofu. "I'm sure." Raven said as she began to leave. "Beast Boy?" she said just remembering her earlier question that was plaguing her mind. "Yes?" he replied wondering what she had to say. "How did I get in my room last night?" she asked point blank. 'Uh oh, you're dead meat on a stick now Beast Boy!' Beast Boy thought to himself as he began to sweat. "Uh well the thing about that is uh..." Beast Boy stumbled over his own words but lucky for him the alarm went off that woke the remaining Titans and it got Beast Boy out of questioning. 'Saved by the bell.' He thought as Raven and himself went to the prep-room to see what villains were out this early in the morning.

It appeared to be that, with Cinderblocks help, the HIVE had successfully broken out of jail and were running amok downtown. "Well it looks like we have our hands full today." Robin exclaimed as the left the tower. As Raven and Beast Boy were about to leave Raven looked at Beast Boy and said, "I am going to find out how I got to my bed last night." BB just did and Anime sweat drop and they were on their way. When they arrived, Gizmo was breaking into a jewelry store, Mammoth and Cinderblock were just destroying random things for fun, and Jinx was aiding Gizmo. "You know you shouldn't take things that don't belong to you...it could be hazardous to your health." Robin said as he and the other Titans came to the scene. "Hey look it's the stupid pit sniffers." Gizmo said in a mocking tone. "They're about to have some bad luck." Jinx cackled. "They're in for some big trouble." Mammoth said as he cracked his knuckles. "Titans Go!" Robin shouted as the team behind him sprung forth.

Cyborg and Beast Boy met Mammoth in battle as Jinx and Raven fought. Starfire and Gizmo were fighting, as were Robin and Cinderblock. Cyborg and Mammoth were grappling trying to push the other back and Beast Boy took this distraction to advantage by shape shifting into a crocodile and sweeping Mammoths feet out from under him. Cyborg then let one of Mammoths hands go and used both his hands to grab one of Mammoths. He then used has advantage and flipped Mammoth over his shoulder sending him flying.

Meanwhile Raven was sending random Objects soaring at Jinx but she just dodged them easily. Jinx then used her powers to make the bricks on top of one of the buildings next to Raven loosen making them fall. Raven had missed Jinx do this and the Bricks were about to hit her but Beast Boy rushed over and saved her by pushing her to the side. Jinx began to laugh and she said "Oh the boyfriend comes to save little Raven?" Raven and Beast Boy both blushed profusely and yelled together "He/She Is Not My Boyfriend/Girlfriend!" Jinx was about to taunt some more but a recently tossed Mammoth plowed her into the side of a building. "Ow..." was all she had to say as she and Mammoth passed out.

Starfire was locked in an aerial battle with Gizmo as he was chasing her and firing random missiles. Starfire shot every one of the missiles down, she made a 180 degree turn, and as she flew over Gizmo, she ripped off his wings. "Crud!" he yelled as he fell. He deployed his parachute and when he was in range of the ground, he deployed his mechanical spider legs Robin was having an unusually tough time fighting Cinderblock it seemed as if Cinderblock had improved his fighting ability as of late. Eventually the rest of the Titans minus Raven and Beast Boy had joined Robin and they easily overpowered Cinderblock.

Back with Raven and Beast Boy, he was fretting over Raven making sure she was ok. After the thousandth, "I'm Fine Beast Boy." Beast Boy finally agreed with her and they went to join the others. Gizmo on the other hand had plans for the two and he snuck up behind them. Using his mechanical spider legs as weapons, he aimed for both Beast Boy and Raven in one shot. He carefully came behind the two and prepared for their immediate impaling. "Hey wait Gizmos missing." Cyborg said as he looked at the tied up villains. They turned to see Raven and Beast Boy walking up and Gizmo standing behind them with his Mechanical spider legs ready to fire. "Look Out!" Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg yelled to Raven and Beast Boy. They turned just in time to see Gizmos legs shoot out at them...

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