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The morning was quite an odd affair to say the least. The first ones down in the morning were Robin and Starfire followed soon after by Cy. Robin was dressed in a pair of lounging pants and a white wife beater while Star just had a pair of shorts on under a large T-shirt. CY was just being his normal nude armor plated self.

Cyborg began too cook breakfast as the smell woke one of the other meat eaters in the tower. Wolf came down with a slight grin on his face and it was only widened by the smell of the delicious breakfast that was on the stove. Wolf wore his pair of baggy pants and a large black shirt but he didn't have any shoes or socks on.

"Smells good..." Wolf said as he looked at the meaty buffet. "Yeah I know dude." Cyborg said as he flipped the bacon. The next one down was Ryoko in a pair of pajama pants and a tank top. "Where did you go?" Ryoko said walking up to Wolf smiling with her hands on her hips. "My reaction to the smell of the cooking made me hungry...but you know all about my reaction to scents..." Wolf said grabbing Ryoko around that waist.

"God and I thought Robin and Starfire were the two horny ones in the tower..." Cyborg whispered to himself as he continued cooking. God this wasn't as bad as what was to come next...

This is when Raven and Beast Boy made their entrance. Raven, leading the two was the first to enter the kitchen with slightly mussed up hair...and she was smiling heavily. Everyone in the kitchen had their eyes almost burst out of their head as they watched the Cheshire like Raven walk into the room. Beast Boy followed soon after smiling also. Beast Boy...well he was only wearing a pair of pants...wondering where his shirt went?

Look at Raven. Yep she was clothed in BBs shirt and a pair of her own pajama pants. "Uh does any else see that besides me?" Robin asked obviously referring to the grinning Raven. "Yeah I see it...but I don't believe it." Cyborg commented as he shook his head rubbed his eyes and slowly returned to his cooking. Everyone went back to his or her usual business of the morning routine.

Wolf walked up to BB and said, "So that good huh?" Beast Boy ginned wider and said, "Yeah and then some...Oh crap did I just say that out loud?" Beast Boy said snapping out of his little euphoria. "Yeah but don't worry dude. I could tell already, you smell of Raven and she reeks of your scent too." Wolf said commonly. Beast Boy quirked and eyebrow and said, "You creep me out when you do that you know."

Wolf grinned and said, "Yeah that's why I do it." A thought then popped into Beast Boys head as he began to shape shift. Beast Boy turned into a dog and he began to sniff around the room He smelt Wolf and his dog form smiled. Beast Boy transformed back to his human state and he said, "Wow you too huh?" Wolf grinned and said, "Yep, the mood was floatin around last night dude."

"Well someone looks happy." Ryoko said walking up to the smiling Raven. "Very. You seem locked in a state of bliss too." Raven said looking at Ryoko, probing her mind. "Yes, yes I am." Ryoko said grinning.

"Dude my mind is saying this might not be a good question to ask but...details?" Wolf said leaning on the counter and looking out at Beast boy through the corner of his eyes. "You don't want to know man." Beast boy said blushing. Wolf nodded and looked away and said, "Yes I suppose so..." Nevertheless, Wolf didn't stop there he kept probing Beast boy for details but BB knew if he said anything, Raven would kill him. It grew to such an amped volume that Raven had to restrain Beast boy in a black orb and Ryoko had to hold Wolf in a fiery box.

Raven drew Beast Boy toward her and Ryoko did the same to Wolf. 'Raven let me go or I tell everyone why the kitchen was a mess!' Beast Boy screamed in his mind knowing Raven could hear him. Raven put a scowl on her face and she said, "You wouldn't dare." Beast Boy grinned and he took a big breath ready to spill the beans. Raven grabbed a washcloth from the sink with her powers and she plugged Beast Boys big mouth. "Fine..." She angrily whispered as she released him.

"Ryoko let me go or I tell every one why there are burn marks on the door." Wolf angrily whispered from inside his flaming cage. Ryoko looked at him with a glare that said 'you're bluffing' "Oh yeah watch me..." Wolf said as he read her face. Wolf opened his mouth but Ryoko ran her hand into the cage covering his mouth with her hand. "Ok, ok no need to get drastic!" She whispered/ yelled. Ryoko let Wolf go and he joined the recently released Beast Boy both of them quiet as mice.

The whole day went uneventful, as it was a normal lazy, no crime day. At the end of the day while dusk settled on the entire city Cyborg finally realized something. "Hey guys...we never shot off all the fire works!" "Yeah you're right Cyborg. After we launched Wolf off the tower we took everything inside." Robin said. "Shall we go and explode the remainder of the fireworks?" Starfire suggested.

Everyone agreed and the night was full of explosions and wondrous colors. Beast Boy and Raven were curled up together against the stairs while Ryoko and Wolf sat on the other side of the door from them. Robin and Starfire stood watching the wonderful spectacle as Cyborg planned all the fireworks timing to a 'T' creating a spectacular show. What a great way to end one odd adventure...

Slade peered out the window of his home where he sat forever incarcerated to his wheelchair. He saw the fireworks far away at Titans tower and he thought, 'Oh you have not heard the last of me Titans...no where near the end.' Slade then lifted a midnight black and blood red crystal in his hand. It was large enough to not fit between his fingers but it was small enough to fit in his hand. On one side, it held an ancient form of writing. There were three makings all the same. However, one seemed to be crossed out with a large scratch on the crystal.

"Titans I hold you death in my hand..." Slade said as he tightened his grip around the black and red crystal. It seemed to radiate and the red began to flicker like fire as it felt the evil vibrations Slade produced from his mind...

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