Title: Eifersucht (Jealousy)
Author: CannibaljelloATyahoo.com
Rating: PG-13.

Warning: Mild yaoi/Shounen-ai (nothing graphic)
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The air was pungent with anxiety.

Two men felt restless for two differing reasons, yet both revolved around one individual.

Someone was coming. An old friend to one man, a new enemy to the other. A third person stood in the matter – one female who was concerned with the present tense more than anything. She knew that if the question squirming deep in her gut wasn't asked, nor answered correctly, neither man would meet this two faced individual.

Alyssa Ashcroft finally spoke up after an eternity of boredom. "Kevin, are you sure this is the right terminal?" Her quick, sharp eyes looked up from a brochure airport directory, as the jets of airliners outside shook the ground.

Kevin shook for other reasons. "Yes, for the millionth time I'm sure!" the officer assured, though mostly to calm his own doubts. He still couldn't stop the pacing – back and forth, with his hangs dug deep in his jean pockets. With each thump of his boots against the bland carpet, David's apathy grew. Kevin was a pathetically disheveled man.

Forget Tootsie Pops. Geez, it's more like 'how many laps does it take for Kevin to run a path through the floor?' Poor, poor Kev.

David had to admit that Kevin seemed a tad bit over-reactant. When compared to David he was, for the plumber simply stood with his arms crossed, body leaned against a wall. Then again, David wasn't about to be reintroduced to a friend who had been believed to be dead – a friend who had survived a nightmare all his own. And since David hadn't met Leon for himself, he didn't know much a miracle it had taken for the rookie cop to have escaped alive.

Hell, he can't be that extraordinary. I'm a plumber, for Christ's sake, and I'm still here.

From what David had gathered on Leon, he seemed quite impressive – though David didn't know whether Kevin had exaggerated for the sake of his friend, or if the mans abilities were trustworthy. In Kevin's own words, Leon's reputation as a rookie deceived him.

Leon was young – in his twenties, Kevin had said, though he was never sure – and had been fresh from the academy. He even graduated with honors. Other than that, Leon was a crack shot and had a sharp mind to boot. Whatever else he'd done, Leon had obviously earned Kevin's up-most respect. Shouldn't he be good enough for David's praise, as well?

After all, Kevin and I share a lot in common. Our innermost personalities get along pretty well. Hell, we even share the same likings in music, and the same types of alcohol. David allowed himself a small flush of pride. We even share the same bed.

David continued to watch Kevin's compulsive back and forth stride. From David's vantage point, he could see ever detail of Kevin's face, from his tightly clenched jaw to his rigid stance, as well as the fact that the man had neglected to shave for the past couple days. Also, his roguish hair was even wilder than usual. Sure, Kevin had never been known to be a morning person by any means – unless he greeted the day with insistent hard-on – but the man had been up since 3 AM.

You'd think by now he'd be exhausted, but no. He just keeps goin' and goin' like a cracked-out Energizer bunny. Hell, if you gave the man a drum he'd wear it out to dust in a matter of minutes.

David uncurled his arms to glance at his watch. It was 7:02…Kennedy's flight was due sometime in the next three minutes. No, David hadn't memorized this from obsessively reading over the flight schedule as Kevin had, but listening to Kevin repeat it over and over again like a chant during the car ride had engraved the three digits 7, 0, and 5 into David's mind.

Alyssa undoubtedly knew, as well. The blond journalist had insisted that she tagged along. Why, exactly? David guessed she was either bored out of her mind with her daily routine and was looking for entertainment, or perhaps she was simply curious about meeting the brave, famous Mr. Kennedy. David would have liked to assume that she was but a friend concerned over his wellbeing – better yet, his sanity. Someone needed to be there to calm David when his lover - who seemed to be as agitated as a teething puppy worrying over a leather shoe - rubbed a raw spot in the plumber's patience.

Thank you, Alyssa! If it wasn't for you, I would have gagged and hog-tied him hours ago. He'd been this was since the moment he caught word from Kennedy.

Supposedly Kennedy had hooked himself a job with the CIA or some other underground organization – David wasn't sure what, exactly – and had gained enough access to the United States personnel files to track down Kevin Ryman. What drove him to do this, what Leon's motives were was a mystery. David simply assumed that Leon was concerned in the wellbeing of an old friend.

So we get a phone call at 2 AM. Kevin and I had spent the entire day at work, so we got home late. Things had been that way for a while – difficult hours, rarely seeing each other despite sharing an apartment. So we'd decided to take advantage of finally being awake together after God knows how long. Pent up emotions and sexual frustration eventually pay off.

David and Kevin were still breathing like sprinters when the phone began to ring on the nightstand besides the bed. Both men, limp from exertion, had nearly dismissed it entirely. David had been genuinely surprised when Kevin lifted himself from their sticky embrace to snatch the receiver. Catatonic, David had weakly murmured in disappointment as Kevin's comforting weight moved towards the edge of the bed, causing the mattress to sink beneath his mass.

Too tired to really care, David felt himself begin to drift towards oblivion when Kevin's voice shot loudly through the air.

"Leon?!" he had gasped, tensing upright like an arrow armed bow. David had frowned slightly, running one of his heavy hands over the coiled muscle shoulders and back of his lover. Kevin, blind to his caress, leapt from bed. Bare feet and body padded out of the room as Kevin was deeply involved in his telephone conversation.

Whatever, the plumber's mind mumbled, figuring that if it was anything of importance, he'd hear about it eventually. Besides, he was tired – having worked the entire week straight leeched what energy he had, not to mention the hours of lacked sleep. Thank God for days off. Tomorrow, I can sleep until the late afternoon – a 24 hour hibernation…

Numb hands pulled the beds warm duvet up to David's shoulders as his eyes fell closed. They would open soon enough, though David was unaware at the time. David was teetering on the edge of a deep, comatose sleep when Kevin returned.

The bed shook erratically as Kevin jumped onto the mattress, stirring David from his rest. Not only did the plumber protest but the springs did, as well, squeaking loudly beneath the sudden weight.

"You will not believe who just called!" Kevin breathed excitedly, looming over David on hands and knees.

David grunted and managed to ask, "Who?"

Kevin began to bounce again, shaking the two men. "Leon!" he chirped.

"You're right, I'd never believe it," David grumbled as Kevin straddled his wearied body. "Who's Leon?"

"Leon's an old friend," Kevin murmured as his stubble lips leaned to graze and suckle at the soft skin of David's throat. Obviously, whatever the call had been about excited Kevin. On the other hand, David – who felt worn to the bone – weakly protested Kevin's fervor.

"Sleep?" David begged.

Kevin chuckled at his lover's lethargy. "Later," he said. Familiar hands clasped David's hips as Kevin began to gently grind their two bodies together, pressing insistently. Kevin slid further downwards, settling himself between the others lanky thighs. There was a chuckle, then a moan as Davids gasp met the air.

Later I heard about the whole thing in detail. Leon Kennedy - an ol' academy friend - had escaped Raccoon's viral spill just as we had. Now Leon wanted to reunite with Kevin. 'Don't come to me, I'll fly to you', he had said. After all, the government was footing his bills…

So there they were – Alyssa, David, and Kevin, stuck at MDW (Chicago, Midway IL) airport, awaiting flight 187. By his anxiety, David wondered if Kevin would survive to greet Leon at the gate. The plumber had never seen his friend so uneasy before.

David forced himself from the wall at his back and stepped towards his pacing lover. One hand came to rest on Kevin's thick shoulder reassuringly. Kevin, too lost in whatever contemplative thoughts that plagued his mind, jumped at the touch. Brown radical hair fluttered as Kevin jerked his head from its tilt towards the ground. As bright blue eyes rested on David, Kevin relaxed. His trademark smirk was born from his mouths grim line. Strong arms sought David's waist, wrapping loosely around the lithe body as Kevin pulled him close. Despite the publicity, David couldn't deny the soft kiss he was given.

"Calm down, Kev," the plumber said as they pulled apart. "You don't want to have a stroke before he arrives, do you?"

A deep rumble was born from the maw of Kevin's chest. "I know. Then all this worrying would've been for nothin'."

One of Kevin's hands snuck up to stroke David's tied-back hair. The gentle petting lulled the plumber into a daze. David was putty beneath Kevin's touch. Months ago, he would have pushed the other away in embarrassment. Now, after what seemed like an eternity of patience and coaxing, David found himself wrapped around the cops finger. David allowed himself to be pulled even closer to that hard body. The fact that David knew that eyes other than Alyssa's were on them didn't fluster him a bit.

"You guys," both men heard Alyssa sigh in exasperation, though they knew she found their romance adorable. Cindy did, too, and made a much bigger deal out of it than the journalist. But Cindy wasn't there to flutter her eyelashes or to coo and clasp her hands daintily to her chest.

All that mattered was that Kevin was there, with his lips parting in invitation as David leaned closer in expectation, eyelids falling –

Their lips never met. David blinked in confusion as the warm arms disappeared, as did the rest of the man – seemingly into thin air.

No, there was Kevin in a full on sprint towards the growing crowds of people flooding from terminal #17. Towards Leon.

"What the fuck?" David spat as Alyssa started to laugh from the chair she lounged in.

"David's been stood up for another guy!"

Grayish eyes shot daggers at the heaving journalist before David turned to follow Kevin with them. A spark of jealousy tinted the plumber's cheeks.

The two stood in a deep embrace, oblivious to the carry-on case abandoned at their feet which sat. forgotten by clutching hands. There was laughter and an exchange of words that David couldn't make out – reduced to a mere murmur amongst the loitering of a hundred other people. It was easy to assume the men were pleased because of the excited hands ruffling hair and giving hard pats on the back.

They just can't keep their hands off each other, David's mind attempted to joke, but it only darkened his mood. Somehow he managed to collect himself as the two men walked towards the rest of their party.

Leon Kennedy was a couple inches shorter and lightweight than his fellow officer, and looked quite a few years younger, too. David had never been good at estimating a persons age, but he'd place a bet on 25 years. From what David could see, Leon was well groomed, trimmed, and shaved. He wore a pair of Tommy Hillfiger jeans and a white polo shirt – reminding David of the types of men he despised.

Face it, you're only dissecting and focusing on every little detail that wouldn't normally bother you, just because he stole Kevin's attention away. But Geez, how could Kevin toss me away like that? And for that? Oh knock it off, Dave. They're just friends, Kevin said so, and they've always been just that – friends. So that should make Leon a friend of mine, too. Still, a question was eating away at David's mind. Just how good of friends were they – are they?

David's frustration towards himself grew. Don't jump to conclusions. Just because you never hugged a friend like that doesn't mean it's so unusual for Kevin. It's not like they're fucking, for Christ's sake! So Kevin's a friendly, open guy. You could have been too, Dave, if you hadn't grown up in the slums. Back then, you learned not to get too close unless you were on lunging for attack. Hell, the only hugs we gave were to distract our foes while a swift upward plunge of the knife was made into their gut. No one walked away from hugging then, with the knife perfectly angled to pierce the soft intestinal tissue and shred apart the pancreas. If you were lucky, your blade was just long enough to bite into their liver, or perhaps the heart for a quick kill…

David clamped down on the viral thoughts pulsing through his mind. Instead, he focused on appearing stoic as Kevin and Leon joined Alyssa and himself, with their arms draped around each others shoulders.

"Leon Kennedy, this is Alyssa Ashcroft," Kevin introduced, nodding towards the composed journalist. She stood up from her chair and the two shook hands. Meanwhile, Kevin smiled at David. "And this is David King."

When David shook Leon's hand for himself, he noticed the smooth palm beneath his rough labor-chafed paw.

So he's an uptight pretty boy. I bet he lotions his hands every night and pushes back his cuticles when he gives himself a manicure. Perhaps a pedicure, too.

"It's nice to meet you," Leon said with a bashful smile. David mentally groaned as he caught sight of the intent stare Alyssa gave the young officer. Don't tell me she finds this pubescent boy attractive!

"The pleasure's all ours," she purred, confirming David's suspicions. David had the sudden urge to throw his hands up and stomp away in defeat. I've lost them both!

"So, now that everyone's been introduced, I guess we can think about what to do next," Kevin said. "I was thinkin' we'd track down some lunch. Have ya eaten, Leon?"

"I managed to choke down a packet of peanuts half way through the flight." Leon smiled, exposing his perfect teeth. "I was afraid to try anything else. You know how airline food is, nowadays."

Kevin laughed. "I hear ya!" His arm's hold around Leon's narrow shoulders tightened, pulling the young man closer as the other hand snatched up the overlooked carry-on case. Kevin eyed his other two friends. "How about you guys, you comin'?"

Do I go or do I stay? Lets weigh the pros and cons, shall we? Damn, the cons sure out weight the pros, 'cause face it, the only reason you'd go is to stop Leon from laying a hand on your man. As for the cons….well, I could torture myself listening to past reminiscent, inside jokes, and just….anything that comes out of Leon's mouth…

David settled for a shake of his head and an excuse. "Not hungry."

Alyssa reached over to give David a pat on the shoulder. "I'm not much of a breakfast person, either. Besides, someones gotta take care of this wild child and make sure he doesn't run off into trouble." Alyssa gave David a wink, sensing his bewilderment. "But first, I gotta visit the ladies room. Do ya think you can restrain your ambitions until then, Dave?"

"Somehow I'll manage," the plumber grunted. He wasn't really in the mood to play around, and Alyssa's efforts to cheer him up were falling short. Short like little Leon there…

Kevin jerked his head towards a sign hung on the wall. "You lucky gal, you can walk with us for a bit. It looks like the bathrooms are near the food court." Then he flashed David a look of concern. "You sure you'd rather stay here?"

David ran a hand idly through his ponytail. "Yeah, for now. I'll track you guys down in 15 minutes or something."

Kevin opened his mouth to say something, but Leon cut him off. "But Kev, what about my bags? I've gotta pick them up."

Whatever Kevin had meant to say before was forgotten, instead replaced by a question. "Hey Dave, do you think you could…?"

I should have know that was coming. Yes David, be our guests personal slave! Carry his baggage, polish his shoes, surrender your boyfriend!

Still, David couldn't say no to Kevin. It took all pure will do force out a "sure." He tried even harder to deny the devil lounging on one shoulder, who swung his tail with one clawed hand. Ignore the bags, lose them! Just do something to shatter little Kennedy's priceless smile, the red face cackled demonically.

"Shut up," David told himself, watching the others backs dissolve into the gathering crowds of passengers.

If Kennedy knew anything, he'd know better than to turn his back to the enemy.

There was one thing David was certain of - he wouldn't dare turn his back on Leon.

Gonna be watchin' you, 'friend'.