Note: I'll continue this if you like it. Otherwise I'll just leave it like this since I didn't plan on writing this in the first place. I just felt writing and this is the result. I hope you like it though!

Watching Him

It was lunch break. Rukawa sighed as he tried to squeeze his way through the mass of students heading for tables in different directions. Can't believe I'm doing this. This was the fifth week he had gone to the school cafeteria. Before, he just ate his lunch in a secluded area, away from prying eyes and gossiping tongues. But five weeks ago he had realised that he loved a loud mouthed moron who liked to eat in the cafeteria. That had been the end of his lovely solitary lunches. Rukawa took his place at the end of the line and sighed again. The things I do for that do'aho.

After Rukawa got his lunch he eyed the room and easily spotted Sakuragi sitting near the window with his guntai. The good part of Sakuragi having such a loud voice, Rukawa thought as he made his way towards an empty table from which he could have a clear view of the do'aho, is that he is always easy to find. There was no mistaking the annoying laugh and the blazing red hair. And added to that was his guntai, making almost as much noice as Sakuragi himself. Well, Rukawa sat down and started to eat, that's just fine with me.

The annoying laugh boomed over the cafeteria. Several people twiched and shot angry looks at Sakuragi. Rukawa looked up to see what had made the red head so happy. Sakuragi was laughing with tears in his eyes and pointing at Noma. The boy was blushing so apparently Sakuragi had teased him about something. He is so beautiful when he laughs. I could watch him forever. Rukawa snapped out of his sappy thoughts. This is not like me. That do'aho! He's changing me. I don't want to change, damn it! I was perfect the way I was! But despite his thoughts Rukawa felt a smile curving his lips when he looked at Sakuragi again. He suppressed it quickly. He had to be careful since in a public, open place like this someone was sure to be watching his every move. No smiling here, Kaede. Save it for later.

Rukawa almost grimaced when he thought of his newly found hobby: smiling in front of the mirror. He couldn't help it. Every time he passed the mirror in his room or in the bathroom he stopped and smiled at his image. It wasn't for admiring his good looks but to figure out what kind of smile would have the best effect on Sakuragi. Was it the gentle one or the flirteous one or perhaps the seductive one? Rukawa was sure he had by now developed hundreds of variations of different kinds of smiles. I'm becoming a freaking expert on smiling for god's sake. Me! Smiling! Of course he hadn't actually smiled at Sakuragi yet. He didn't have the courage to do it. Every time he saw Sakuragi and was about smile he felt his legs weaken, his heart thumping and his hands shaking and he couldn't do it. Either that or then the do'aho started to insult him and fight with him. It was okay with Rukawa though, fighting meant that he got Sakuragi's attention all to himself. And if he was lucky he could even get some physical contact. I've become a pervert.

The part of becoming a pervert had actually dawned to Rukawa quite early on. It had been kind of obvious. He thought of attacking the other boy in the showers and during the practice and even during his classes. He had begun to enjoy the previously boring classes now that he could let his mind wonder to all the ecchi stuff he wanted to do to Sakuragi. The pool of drool on his desk grew wider and wider every day. Also, his laundry had increased dramatically. It was all Sakuragi's fault for being so adorable. It was only natural that the sheets got dirty after a bunch of wonderful dreams involving Sakuragi and no clothes.

"Teme!!!!" A loud cry snapped Rukawa out from his daydreams. He looked up and saw that Sakuragi was complaining to the lady behind the counter. "What is this? Are you trying to poison this tensai so that I wouldn't beat you!" Rukawa sweatdropped. What on earth is he going to beat her in? Do'aho!

The poor lady couldn't do anything but stare. She wished she knew what she had done in her previous life to get punished like this. Sakuragi Hanamichi came to complain almost every day. And it was always about the same thing.

"Look! Look at this!" Sakuragi held out a green thing that looked like a piece of cabbage to Rukawa but he couldn't be sure. Of course he too knew this routine by now. It's always about the vegetables. Rukawa smiled inwardly and leaned back to enjoy the show.

"What about it?" the lady asked.

"What about it, you ask! Is this the food that keeps this tensai in perfect condition? Tell me, how can I live up to my tensai name if I eat stuff like this." Sakuragi was fuming. Rukawa wondered if he would ever get tired of this 'what the hell is this green stuff' complaining. He hoped not. This was one of the moments Rukawa got to see Sakuragi in all his glory, radiating life around him. How can I not love him when he's like this?

"Okay, I'm sorry", the lady behind the counter said, "I'll take it and give you a new plate. Wait a moment."

Sakuragi handed his plate, beaming and waited happily while the lady went to get him another. When he got his new lunch, without the vegetables, he gave the lady the most beautiful smile and told her that she was the best. Then he trodded back to his table and continued eating. He looks so cute when he eats. Sakuragi stuffed the food to his mouth and didn't even notice that some of it went to his face. God! I want to lick it off. Why are you so adorable?

Suddenly Rukawa noticed that his own food was gone. He sighed heavily and got up. He wouldn't see Sakuragi again before practice. Oh well, there're always the classes. Many hours to dream about him. But when will my dreams come true? Rukawa exited the cafeteria.