I crouched down behind the tree stump, watching the scene unfold before my eyes. How had it come to this? Just an hour ago we'd all been happily sipping Butterbeers in the Leaky Cauldron, griping about Diviniation homework and gossiping about Nevile's latest Boggart of Snape wearing a tutu and Pansy Parkinson's latest beau. And now we were all facing the darkest wizard of all the ages. Harry had fallen to the ground; he wasn't moving. If he was dead- He couldn't be dead. He just couldn't. I didn't know what Voldemort had hit him with, but it hadn't been the killing curse. I could only hope that it hadn't been fatal. That he would be okay in the end... if this wasn't the end. The Death Eaters that had surrounded us when we'd first found our way onto the scene were long gone. I expected that whatever remained of them was halfway to China right now, after being showered with all the curses and hexes the three of us could have thought to throw at them. But four wizards, not even out of Hogwarts, couldn't face them and come out unscathed.

Ginny had fallen as well. Her hand was clutching her stomach, and I saw blood seeping through her shirt. I knew she wouldn't last long without help, she was losing too much blood too fast. Not even I could do anything. Hermione Granger, smartest witch of her time couldn't help someone who needed it. Fat load of good my books were doing me now. But what was Ron doing? I watched as Ron rose from where he'd been kneeling at Harry's side. He looked grim, but his face was lined with anger, furious anger and.. Was that a tear? Was Ron crying? Was Harry... He couldn't be, Ron would have told me if... Harry was dead. Merlin's Ghost, where were the Aurors? Where was Dumbledore? Lupin? Anyone who could help us, anyone who could get to Harry in time to save him.. Anyone who could stop Ron from being so stupid. Ron walked in front of the tree, holding his hand in a 'stop' motion so I wouldn't rise. And he looked Lord Voldemort in the face as Harry had done. "I don't care what you do to me, just let her go, and I'll come without a fight. Let Harry go, you've finally won. He's dead. You killed him; your bloody prophecy came true. Just let them go, they're of no use to you now. Take me." "I'd rather give Harry Potter my blessing of honor than let that mudblood walk out of here alive." As Voldemort raised his wand and pointed it at me, Ron screamed, terror lining his voice, "'MIONE!"

I woke with a start, drenched in sweat. Every night I had that nightmare. Every night for the past 4 months I dreamt of the night that Ron had told me that he loved me. Of the night that Voldemort had returned. Of the night that Harry was paralyzed, and Voldemort had been finally killed. Harry was still in St. Mungos, but the Medi-Witches had high expectations for his recovery. At least he'd stopped screaming whenever he awoke. Ginny was fine. She was a trooper, that one. A night in St. Mungos and she was good as new, and ready to go back to Hogwarts. She was a local legend these days- The 18 year old witch who helped destroy Lord Voldemort! Ron... He as another story all together. "'Mione!" A loud tenor called, lined with worry, interrupting my train of thought. "You okay? I heard you from the other room; I thought you were crying, are you okay?"

"I'm..." I stood, straightening my nightgown, "Fine." His red hair always made me laugh, it was tousled, that just-out-of-bed look that made even the most put together man look as though he was a child who didn't want to be awake. He crossed the room, and put a calloused hand on my shoulder "You sure, love?" I looked into his blue eyes, my heart breaking as I lied to him.
"Yes, don't worry, I'll be fine." I smiled. "How's the report for the Ministry going?"

"Great! The administration really respects all the work I've done abroad, now that LeBraun is well, they were more than happy to have me back." He laughed then, a musical sound of tinkling bells. "I think Fudge wants me as his personal assistant. Percy's ready to charm my desk, of course I'll never do that, it's such a thankless job."
"That's great, lovey. It's so important to further yourself within the ministry, though."
"So I've heard.. I can't imagine from who though..." He said, a grin playing at his lips.
"Oh! Hush, you! It's important! Look where I am!"
"Right, right, I know. Well, I'd better get going, Merlin forbid that I'm late for my 8:00 meeting with the minister."
I bit my lip as he gave me a chaste kiss on the forehead and left the room, humming as he walked down the hall to leave for work. My heart leapt for a second, as I let myself believe that it was Ron's voice. That he was here, calling my name, keeping me safe. But it wasn't. It wasn't Ron's voice. It wasn't ever going to be Ron's again.
I sat back down on the bed and looked out the window, watching Charlie's red hair glinting in the early morning's sunlight as he walked out onto the steps outside, waving back at me as I watched him walk down the driveway.

Look at the sky baby

What do you see?

Looks like the tears that I cry

Fallin' down like rain on the ground

Every time you say goodbye

Take a look around now

Why don't you feel

The way that cold wind stings and bites

And your words just are like arrows through my heart

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