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Message in a Bottle

She sat on the edge of the beach with parchment and a quill, crying her eyes out. She was so hurt and all she wanted to do was walk into the ocean and drown herself but she couldn't. She had to keep living, for her friends. They would be distraught without her. Slowly, as to not hurt herself further, she lifted her quill and placed it on the parchment, beginning to write. To who, she wasn't quite sure.

To whomever finds this letter,

Someone once told me that life wasn't supposed to be fair. I always thought that was just something people said when trying to cheer you up but now I know that they were right. Nothing is fair and I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. I never expected anything like THIS to happen but I guess I wasn't supposed to expect it. Everything in life is so unexpected. But why did it have to happen to me? Why did she have to leave? Why did she leave me with him? Why did he have to become so cruel once she left?

It's my stepfather. My real dad... well I never knew him. My mum said he left her the moment she told him she was pregnant. So she got married to her 'best friend' because she didn't want to have a bastard child. But it wound up being a huge mistake because now she left me all alone with him and I'm miserable every day. I can't tell anyone what he does to me. It's too humiliating to even write but I can tell you that it's awful. Every day I go through the same exact thing. I wake up, I come out of my room, I do something wrong, and he 'punishes' me.

I just need someone to save me. Maybe my life can work out like that movie, Superman. Maybe someone that's already in my life is like Clark Kent and I'm like Lois Lane. And the next time I'm being 'punished' he'll come and save me only I won't know it's him because he'll be in his Superman disguise. And then we'll fall in love and fly off into the sunset. Of course, that only happens in the movies. And my life is NOTHING like the movies.

So it appears as though I am caught in this hellhole with no escape. Maybe one day, I'll be free.

But that day will only be when the angels come to bring me home. Until then,


She quickly put the parchment in a bottle and corked it. She stood up and ran to the rocks on the edge of the water. She walked her way to the end and threw the bottle as far as she could. At least someone would know her true life.

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