Beep beep beep... Jake arose to the sound of the alarm clock. It was the day before the start of her senior year, and she was anxious. This would be her first time back at Rawely in two years. She couldn't wait to see all her friends. She kept in touch with all of them, all but one. She shook her head "happy thoughts Jake happy thoughts"., she said to herself. She got out of bed and took a hot shower. This was her first year at Rawley girls and luckily she got a single room again. After her shower she called Bella.

"Hey Bella"

"Oh my god Jake is that you"

"Guilty as charged'

"When did you get in"

"Yesterday, I was thinking of coming down to the station today"

"Yea that would be great"

"Okay cool I'll see you soon"

Across the lake at the boys dorms Hamilton sat in Will and Scout's room as always.

"So what do you want to do today" asked Hamilton

"I guess we could go see if Bella wants to hang out'

"Sure anything to get out of this room you guys should really look for what is making that smell."

So will grabbed his keys and along with Hamilton headed to Friendlys. Jake stepped out of her brand new jeep her mother begged her to buy, Jake hated to say good bye to her motorcycle, but the jeep was worth it. She headed over to the gas station, Bella was busily working on a car. Jake walked up and deepened her voice.

'Excuse me miss I need so help over here.'

"Give me one second , please"

Bella slid from under the car saying 'How may I help you "

"By giving me a hug"

'Jake" Bella screamed "I can't believe its you, they embraced in a heartfelt hug

' So how's everything" Jake asked

'Everything's great scout and I have everything cleared up and we are happily together."

"So how's everything with you", Bella said raising an eyebrow

Jake gave her an confused look, 'What do you mean", questioned Jake

'Oh nothing, nothing at all"

"What's that suppose to mean'

"I was just wondering if there was maybe someone special in your life."

Jake smiled, 'There's been a few guys but none of them have ever compared to ... Jake trailed off.


Hamilton is in Jake's dorm room and they are fighting 'Who Jake who is he" "Does it really matter Hamilton its over between us just accept it" Jake said fighting back her tears. "Why Jake I thought you loved me' 'Hamilton I'm sorry but you have to leave now," she could not bear to look him in the eyes. "What, but I lo..." 'Hamilton please" Jake said cutting him off Hamilton open the door and with tears in his eyes he left. Jake broke down and sobbed, before retuning to her packing.

End Flashback

Bella gives Jake a knowing look.

"So how about some ice cream"

"Sounds great , you go ahead I'll catch up to you in a minuet"

Jake starts over to Friendlys , just as Bella finishes wipeing her face two hands come up over her eyes.

"Guess who" says a voice

' Ummmm let me think Brad Pitt"

"Enk enk" the voice made the sound of a buzzer , Bella laughed and tuned around to see both Will and Hamilton.

'We were bored and wanted to know if you wanted to hang out, at Freindlys ."

"Sure, just give me a sec"

They began walking over to Friendyls, when Bella realized what she did

"Oh wait Hamilton" he stoped and yelled "What'

"ummm, Friendlys is so boring lets go for a swim instead."

"Awww come on Bella you know how I am when it comes to food' so he continued on to Friendlys.

Bella sighed 'this is going to be one for the books'