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Hamilton sat with his head in his hands, his thoughts not only on Bella, but their daughter. What would here life be like, and if worst came to worst could he really handle being a single father. He shook the thoughts from his head, and silently prayed to god for the first time since Jake left.

"Please lord…. Not her don't take her for my sins. Please don't punish my daughter, she is such a great mother, I can't do it alone." Seeing Hamilton like this really hit Jake to the core. She walked over to him and placed a hand on his back, letting him know she was there for him, and wasn't planning to go any where any time soon. Hours passed and finally the doctor came out.

"Well it looks like the swelling went down and that she's going to pull through." Bella's father jumped up "That's my girl, she always was a fighter." He boasted with a huge smile on his face. "But…"

"Please no but" Hamilton cut in

"I'm sorry but we may be dealing with some serious side effects here." Everyone's smile quickly faded, and grace stood. "What do you mean side effects?" "Well most of the swelling went in her brain was located in the temporal lobe, which deals with her recognition of auditory stimuli and hippocampus." Grace stared at him with a confused express. "English please" Jake asked also confused. The doctor sighed, "When your friend does wake up, there's a chance she may have lost her hearing and her memory." Grace dropped back down in her seat and covered her face, while her father held on to her while she cried.


He was only 18, but at this point in his life Hamilton felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. Around 3 am the doctor thought it was best for everyone to go home and get some rest, but Charlie refused, and asked Hamilton to take care of Grace for the night. He also had the great job of telling Scott the news; the pain in his voice, made it clear he was breaking his heart for the second time now. After driving Jake home and making sure Grace was set up in the guest room, Hamilton made his way to Hailey's room. With pink walls and a castle scenery it was a room fit for a princess thanks to his mother, with ponies all around Hailey's new passion at the moment.

Hamilton walked over to her bed and kneeled at the side. She was so beautiful, he wanted to give her the world and protect her from it all at the same time. He ran a hand through her hand, which caused her to stir and open her eyes.

"Daddy why you cry?" She asked bringing her little hand up to poke his tear. Hamilton kissed her hand and replied. "Because I missed you so much baby." Hailey sat up and hugged his head, and then kissed his nose.

"A kiss on nose, bye-bye boo boo." Hamilton smiled at here remembering Bella teaching her a rhyme from when she scraped her knee. "A kiss on the nose, away the pain goes."

"Thank you angel" he said while wiping away tears. "Now let's get back to bed."

The next morning Kate woke up early to try and fix a nice breakfast before the day's burdens set in. She was a little surprised to see Grace but hugged her a welcomed her to the table.

"Dig in honey, you want to beat Hamilton the way that boy eats." She chuckled, trying to lighten the mood; Grace gave her a small smile and thanked her. Kate made her way upstairs to Hamilton's room, but was surprised to find it empty. She moved over to Hailey's bedroom and peeked in; she smiled at what she saw. Hamilton's large body was hanging off the bed with Hailey snuggled up on his chest. She went over to Hamilton much like he did with Hailey the night before, and ran a hand through his hair. He opened his eyes.

"You really should eat something honey. I know you have a big day ahead of you, and you might just want to hold it off for a little while longer, but Grace is waiting downstairs."

"I'm not hungry, and it is not just today. What about the day after that, and the day after that, or possibly Hailey's whole life."

"Munchie I'm not saying it is going to be easy, but you have to try. Not only for Grace, but for this little one right here." Hamilton looked down at Hailey and nodded his head. "Okay, just give us a couple of minutes."