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She closed her eyes against the world, trying to block it out-

The clinking of glasses, the loud laughs and sobs of homesick sailors. The melodic tunes drifting from the old wooden piano that sat smack in the middle of the tiny sea side tavern, 'Autumn Leaves'.

She wanted it all to go away-

The bare branches of the fall trees that scratched against the small glass windows of the pub; glowing eerily due to the warm candlelight which poured into the cool evening that lay outside. The long wooden tables that lined the vanilla plaster walls- the red oak floor that was shining thanks to its most recent coat of wax. The chatter of her friends and the leaking of the taps. The shuffling of dancing strangers as they filled into the tiny, empty square of floor near the piano, singing loudly (and badly) to the song that her black haired friend, Miroku, was exuberantly playing.

She could usually find her happiness in the happiness of her customers, but. .

Not tonight.

"Hey, Brandy. . . ?"

The girl slowly opened her eyes, turning away from her spot near the sticky bar and empty stools. Her ebony hair- which was pulled back in a loose braid- and her blue gray, storm colored orbs both shone in the honey-hued lamp light as she faced the speaker. "Yes, Sango. . . ?"

Her best friend cocked her head, her loose chestnut hair tickling her hips as her light magenta eyes bored into Kag's soul. "You feeling okay?" She wiped her hands on her long cotton apron, waiting for Kagome's answer. After a moment of silence she began listlessly poofing her frilly maroon dress. "You seem a little out of it tonight. . . ?"

". . . I'm fine," Kag sighed, painting a weak smile on her face as she smoothed down her own periwinkle dress and apron, feeling a little fidgety as more eyes fell upon her, all shining with looks of concern.

Great, now she was drawing attention to herself. . . !

"No, you is not!" a middle age, already toothless sailor called from one of the tables nearest to the wooden door. "You is lookin' all depressed like, Brandy darling! What's a'matter?"

"Nothing, nothing at all!" Kagome insisted with a wave of her hands, trying to back away- - -

But she felt herself run into another body instead of the door to the kitchens.

"Come on, Brandy," the third bartender urged gently, her pony-tailed, glossy, charcoal locks swaying rhythmically as she caught Kagome by the shoulders. "Tell us what's wrong! Don't be such a chicken." Her forest green dress and off-white apron ruffled as she pushed Kagome back to the front of the bar with a red serving tray, her steel colored eyes peering into her friend's flustered face.

"Kikyo, I'm serious! Nothing's- - -!"

"It's about him, isn't it, Brandy?" one man, who had taken an old stool near the tan-wood bar, voiced suddenly. His eyes fell upon Kagome's silver locket- the one that rested delicately on the bare skin of her square collared gown.

Kagome's eyes widened and her hand instantly shot up to her throat, as if to block the charm from view-

But only succeeded in confirming everyone's assumptions as she did so.

"Ahhhh," Sango and Kikyo nodded at one another, looks of wisdom and understanding on their pretty faces. Kag watched them quietly as they passed out a few mugs of liquor to awaiting sailors, scanning over the expressions on said men's faces as she did so. To her annoyance, some were sporting the same knowing look as her friends- however, many were looking nothing more that utterly nonplused.

"Who?" one cabin boy- a teenager with neat brown hair- called from the dance floor. "Who's 'him', Miss Brandy?"

"Yeah!" a group of unfamiliar males chorused from their seats near the piano. They must be new customers if they didn't know the story. . . "'Oo is he?"

"Tell us," one of the few females in the joint requested with a hiccup, making herself comfortable in the nearest sailor's lap- much to said sailor's embarrassment and pleasure.

"But- but people, please," Kagome laughed lightly- though it was obviously forced. "Most of you already know the story- and who really wants to be bored with MY tale, anyway?"

"ME!" chorused all the men- quite a few of whom were watching the young bartender with more then worry in their eyes.

"Please, Kagome," Miroku voiced from the piano, where his fingers had fallen silent. His short pony tail and large violet eyes glittered in the growing starlight that shone through the windows. "It will make you feel better to tell the story. I'll even play the song to move it along, if it will help. . ."

"Well. . ." the girl swallowed, subconsciously fiddling with the chain around her neck.

"Oh, come on," the man who had first figured out her problem spoke again. "Someone buy Brandy a brandy and lets hear her story."

"Well I- Oh, all right," Kagome gave in softly, accepting a heavy tankard full of alcohol as it was suddenly thrust at her. She nodded at Miroku, who, as if on cue, began keying out a rather sad tune- singing quietly along so as to lessen his friend's stage fright. "If you all really want to hear it.

It all started a few months ago, last summer- right after the last blossoms of spring had fallen from the sakura trees. . ."





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